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Breast milk is the best food mums can give to their newborn babies. However, breastfeeding can be a struggle for many mothers out there. Here come the electric breast pumps to the rescue! Read this review on the best breast pumps and find out how these devices can solve your breastfeeding woes.

Top 4 Best Electric Breast Pumps in Australia for 2024

Compared with formula milk, breast milk contains better nutrients, protects babies from diseases and is friendlier to their tummies. It doesn’t cost us any, too. But breastfeeding can be challenging for mums of twins or premature babies, working mums or mums concerned about their milk supply. Good thing electric breast pumps are now available to help mums feed their bubs.

An electric breast pump usually comes with a breast shield and an electric pump motor for the suction. There are single or double electric breast pumps. However, aside from these options, mums will also have to think about the different features of an electric breast pump, making decision-making tricky. To help you out, here are top 5 electric breast pumps in Australia for 2024 that you may consider.

ImageModelTypePowerBest ForWhere to Buy

Medela Freestyle Flex Double Electric Breast Pump

DoubleAC power or rechargeable batteryMums on the goCheck on Amazon AU

Philips Avent Single Electric Breast Pump

SingleAC power or AA batteries (x4)Mums who prioritise comfortable pumpingCheck on Amazon AU

Unimom Minuet LCD Portable Double Electric Breast Pump

DoubleAC power and rechargeable batteryMums who like a highly customised suction rangeCheck on Amazon AU

CAADOR Portable Electric Breast Pump Kit

SingleAC power and rechargeable battery (for USB and car lighter ports)New mums looking for an affordable all-in setCheck on Amazon AU

Medela Freestyle Flex Double Electric Breast Pump

  • Well-designed and easy to use
  • Compact and easy to set up and hold
  • Good battery life
  • Double pumping system with two-phase expression technology
  • App-enabled with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Has PersonalFit Flex breast shield for comfort
  • Wide range of adjustable features and useful accessories included
  • Expensive
  • Makes quite a noise when in use
  • Not as easy to clean and reuse

The double electric breast pump Medela Freestyle Flex is an ideal option for working or travelling mums. It’s lightweight and about the size of your palm, making it easy to slip into your purse or desk drawer. It can be plugged in or recharged through a USB port. When fully charged, the unit works for up to 2 days with eight pumping sessions.

Mums will have no trouble figuring this gadget out either, from assembly to actual use. Compared with similar double electric breast pumps, Medela’s has fewer parts. So, you’ll spend less time reading the manual and can start pumping immediately. The illuminated digital display also means you can easily use the device even during night-time. It also has a timer and memory function to schedule and save your pumping sessions with ease.

Medela breast pump excels when it comes to milk expression. Its double pump system, for instance, works with a two-phase expression technology that simulates babies’ natural sucking motion, similar to how a hospital grade breast pump works. This feature stimulate milk flow and produces 18% more milk volume than a single breast pump. This pump also has a closed system to protect against milk backflow and dishwasher-safe individual parts. Need to record your pumping sessions and progress? Just download the MyMedela app and connect your smart unit to start tracking.

Optimum comfort is one of the best features of this electric breast pump. The device comes with two sizes of breast shield, so mums can use the right cup that fits best. The breast shields can also be rotated 360° and have an extra-wide opening for a more secure fit and better milk flow. The product also includes a tote for storage or transport. It even comes with ice packs and a cooler bag to keep your milk fresh, in case you’re on the road. You can also pair your unit with other optional accessories. One that I find rather useful is the Easy Expression Bustier for hands-free pumping, perfect for super busy or active mums!

The whole Medela set, while exceptional, is also a high-end product. Most electric models are noisy when in use, and this one is no different. You have to dry it thoroughly as well after washing, or its suction level may be affected.

Check on Amazon AU

Philips Avent Single Electric Breast Pump  

  • Comfortable angled pump design
  • With 3 pump settings plus a petal-cushioned breast shield
  • Closed system for hygienic pumping
  • Has multiple power options for optimum portability
  • Includes a unique nipple bottle design to allow natural latching
  • Low suction pressure
  • Noisy
  • No built-in rechargeable battery

If you feel pain when breastfeeding or not producing enough milk, the Philips Avent Single Electric Breast Pump is your next best solution. This unit has well-designed features to ensure that you stay comfy while pumping. Breast pumps usually work with mums leaning forward, which can be painful at the back after some time. Philips solved this problem by designing the device at an ideal angle, so you can express milk even while sitting up straight. Being in a more comfortable pumping position keeps mums relaxed, resulting in better and more natural milk expression.

The unit’s petal-cushioned breast shield and three-expression settings further enhance comfort and milk expression. The velvet-like texture of the suction cup feels warm on the breast while gently compressing it to make milk flow. It starts on a gentle mode to stimulate let-down reflex. Mums can then set it to low, medium or high, depending on their comfort level.

Sanitary pumping is also one of the highlights of this electric breast pump. For instance, it has a closed system that prevents the milk from going through the suction tube. With this design, the milk directly goes from the suction cup to the bottle, lessening the chances of contamination or difficult clean-up. The cup and bottle can also be disassembled and are dishwasher safe. Philips Avent also includes a Natural Bottle, specially shaped to simulate actual breastfeeding.

While this unit is AC-powered, you can also use four AA batteries to keep it working even on the road. It’s, however, unfortunate that this doesn’t come with a rechargeable battery. The unit can also be quite noisy, enough to rouse your sleeping baby. So, try to use a breast pump somewhere secluded. Also, comfortable pumping means low suction for this breast pump. Milk takes a while to flow out with gentler pumping, so it may not be favourable for mums who want to save time.

Check on Amazon AU

Unimom Minuet LCD Portable Double Electric Breast Pump

  • Compact, quiet and lightweight
  • With several adjustable features plus massager cups
  • Illuminated LCD display with USB port for charging
  • Has a 360° swivel top and closed system
  • Compatible with other optional accessories
  • Low pump pressure and vacuum
  • Massage inserts need to be removed for better milk expression
  • No AA battery mode option and short battery life

Being a portable breast pump, the Unimom Minuet Double Electric Breast Pump is best for working or travelling mums. This unit is one of the lightest and most compact pumps you can buy. You can slip the motor in your pocket and do tasks around the house to pump remotely. The illuminated display is also easy to read, day or night. And if you cannot plug the unit, you can use its USB port to charge its built-in lithium battery. It is also one of the quietest units available. With its super quiet feature, this portable pump is safe to use beside your sleeping baby.

Aside from its portability, Unimom Minuet also has a wide selection of adjustable features that let you expressing milk based on your preferred comfort and suction levels. The unit has seven massage and nine expression modes that work with unique silicone massager cups for extra stimulation and let down. Its two feeding modes also stimulate let-down reflex and closely mimic a baby’s suckling motion.

Health safety is one of the notable features of this electric breast pump. Aside from its BPA-free parts, the Minuet also has a closed system to let mums pump without backflow. This smart design prevents mould growth and keeps breast milk safe from contaminants. Its top also has a 360° swivel top to properly position the cup and prevent bent tubes or loss of suction. And while the product already comes with the necessary accessories for pumping and milk storage, Unimom also offers an optional kit for this product, so you can easily convert the breast shield into a manual breast pump.

This double breast pump has the portable and flexible features mums need, but it still has a few drawbacks. The Minuet works with gentle compression, which also means low suction power and longer pumping sessions. The massage insert also seems to hamper milk expression. So, you might need to take them out when you’re ready to pump. The device doesn’t work with regular AA batteries and can only last 2.5 hours when fully charged. Make sure you have power access or a power bank ready, in case you are doing multiple pumping sessions in a day.

Check on Amazon AU

CAADOR Portable Electric Breast Pump Kit

  • Very affordable
  • Portable unit with user-friendly LCD display
  • Quiet and rechargeable
  • Equipped with multiple adjustable pumping modes
  • Has bottle conversion interface to fit other bottle types
  • No AA battery mode option and short battery life

New mums will surely like this CAADOR unit and its all-in electric breast pump accessories. With everything in one package at a very affordable price, mums can start an organised and worry-free breast pumping habit! This baby pink electric breast pump is super charming, too, that they’ll have no trouble showing it off to friends at work. Its chic appeal extends to its compact design and informative LCD screen, which make the unit portable and easy to use.

If you prefer discreet pumping or need to pump while watching your baby sleep, this ultra-quiet unit is just what you need. Its nine-level stimulation and nine-level expression modes also give you control for optimum comfort and breast milk flow. I especially like this unit’s unique three-level nipple correction mode. This feature supports first-time mums gives the confidence they need when pumping. Its bottle adapter also makes it easy to pump milk using other plastic feeding bottles.

The unit is flexible when it comes to power source options. You can plug it in using the AC adapter or use the USB cable or car lighter charger if you’re on the road. Just make sure to recharge it if you plan to use it on the go as it doesn’t work with AA batteries and its built-in battery can only last 1 hour of continuous pumping.

Check on Amazon AU

Things to Consider When Buying an Electric Breast Pump

Ready to buy an electric breast pump? While you can always purchase based on your preferred brand or manufacturer, it’s best to choose a product that meets your exact needs. Here are some things to add to your checklist while looking for the best breast pump.


Bisphenol A (BPA), commonly found in plastic, is a chemical that can affect hormones and cause health issues. Effects of prolonged BPA exposure are unknown, but to be safe and sure, look for electric breast pumps that are BPA-free. Make sure to check that the BPA-free parts include everything that comes into contact with your breast milk.

Breast pump type

Breast pumps can be manual or electric, double or single. And while this review features electric breast pumps, it may not always be the smartest choice for you, depending on your budget, lifestyle and purpose. For instance, electric breast pumps are more expensive than manual types. However, manual breast pumps are slower and, at times, require more effort and skill to use.

If you can squeeze in multiple pumping sessions to your work schedule, a low-cost single electric breast pump is best. But, for extra busy mums who also need to rest, a double electric breast pump can cut your pumping time in half. Also, if you plan to pump exclusively for a long time, a double electric breast pump is ideal as it stimulates your prolactin hormone more to produce more milk.

Power source

Stay-at-home mums can easily plug their breast pump or do manual pumping whenever necessary. But, for working or travelling mums, electric or battery-operated breast pumps are more suitable. Some can even be connected to your car to recharge. If you prefer versatility as I do, look for breast pumps that work with both electricity and batteries.

Size or weight

If you’re bringing your electric breast pump to work, you do not want to be lugging a heavy, bulky machine around. So, purchase a compact breast pump that is lightweight yet durable. Some product packages include a carry tote, which is also excellent if you plan to organise you breast pumping accessories in one place rather than in your office bag.

Ease of use

When you already have a set of breast pump choices, try doing in-depth research of each. Search for demo videos or online instruction manuals to help you decide whether the product is easy to use or not. Here are some factors that you may want to note.

  • Assembly. An all-in breast pump kit is excellent, but not when it has so many complicated parts that make use and reuse frustrating. Keep breast pumping simple with accessories that you’ll be using.
  • Control panel. Illuminated LCD screens are ideal, so you can easily set your machine even at night. Look for units with sufficient adjustable suction and expression modes to ensure comfort and better milk flow. A memory function also comes in handy to easily retrieve your pumping history and preferred settings.
  • Cleaning and care. Breast pumps can be cleaned by regular handwashing, boiling, steam sterilising or dishwasher. Check if your chosen breast pump offers cleaning options that you prefer. Make sure that the parts are easy to take apart for thorough cleaning and drying. Also, breast pumps with a closed system have milk backflow protection and are generally easier to clean.

Milk storage and feeding options

Most breast pumps include matching bottles to transfer and store your breast milk. Some even include storage bags so you can freeze and thaw out your breast milk in the fridge. However, other pumps have narrower nozzles or openings that won’t work with standard bottles. So, if you have spare plastic feeding bottles at home that you want to use with your breast pump, double-check if it has a bottle adapter.  

Suction control

These controls or modes allow you to adjust the strength and pattern of sucking motion to ensure let down occurs. Mums’ bodies can smartly detect the difference between a baby and a pump. And so, it’s best to look for electric breast pumps that closely mimic babies’ suckling movement. The best ones are those with a two-phase setting, where the breast pump starts with quick suction then changes to slow compression. Choose electric breast pumps that allow suction flexibility for efficient milk expression and optimum comfort.

Breast shield fit

Too small or too big breast shield can lead to slower milk expression, painful pumping and breast tissue damage. Most breast pumps include a one-size-fits-all breast shield. However, not all standard-sized suction cups work for all mums. So, look for products with breast shield options. A rotating 360° breast shield is also an excellent feature that makes the cup adjust to your body, not the other way around. Other manufacturers also offer custom-made breast shields or nipple correction modes to ensure comfort and perfect fit.

Product support

Your breast pump will be used and washed frequently. So, warranty protection is essential. You may also want to check out how to contact customer service in case you need assistance troubleshooting your unit. Some parts may need to be replaced after several uses, too. Make sure to browse the manufacturer’s shop online first before buying the unit and see if replacement parts are readily available.


While electric breast pumps are useful and essential to mums, their purpose expires when your baby starts eating food other than breast milk. And so, I recommend investing in a unit that is durable and high-quality enough to last that period yet not too expensive. With the many options available in the market, there’s an electric breast pump which offers excellent value for money.

FAQs About Electric Breast Pumps

If you’re still not sure whether or not you need to get an electric breast pump, here are some FAQs of concerned mums like you that may help you decide.

Do electric breast pumps get more milk?

Mums produce breast milk based on demand. By pumping, you are emptying your breasts and encouraging your body to produce more milk. So, make sure to breast pump often or set a pumping habit. Here are some strategies you can try with your electric breast pump:

  • Cluster pumping. This technique works by pumping every 5 or 10 minutes (with 20-minute rest in between) for 2 to 3 hours. Prepare your station with a fully charged pump, towels, bottles or collection kits and snacks. Also, remember to keep yourself hydrated at all times. Mums can do this for 2 to 3 days.
  • Power pumping. This technique is similar to cluster pumping. Do this for 1 to 2 hours (with 10-minute rest in between). It’s better to power pump late at night or early morning, where prolactin level is high. This strategy works best for working mums.
  • Double pumping. This strategy leads to better-drained breast and faster milk expression. It works even better when paired with cluster pumping.
  • Pump after nursing. Your breasts may still be full after feeding your baby. Use your electric breast pump after breastfeeding to make sure they’re empty, so your body can produce more milk.

Is electric breast pump painful?

The first few seconds of pumping may cause you to feel slight discomfort and tenderness around the breast. But the whole duration of the pumping session should not hurt at all. If it does, check if you’re experiencing one of these probable causes:

  • Incorrect breast pump use or settings. Make sure to follow the instructions of your electric breast pump. Set the device on a low suction level, then gradually increase it to medium or high when your breast starts releasing milk.
  • Incorrect breast shield size. There should be sufficient space around your nipple and the breast shield tunnel. This way, your nipple can move in and out of the shield without scraping or rubbing. If your breast shield is too small, it may cause blisters on the nipple. If it’s too large, your areola may be irritated. Make sure your breast shield fits perfectly or contact your supplier for custom-sized cups.
  • Engorged breasts. If you do not empty your breast regularly, it may feel firm and tender. Make sure to pump continually to avoid pain.

If you still feel pain after trying these suggestions, consult your doctor or lactation specialist for advice.

What are the disadvantages of a breast pump?

Using electric breast pumps has some side effects, but here are ways to resolve them:

  • Depletes breast milk supply and nutrients

Pumping is different from newborn latching. And if you continuously pump without letting your baby latch on, your milk supply is reduced rather quickly. Freezing, thawing and reheating your breast milk can also deplete essential nutrients. And using a bottle to feed your baby makes his teeth prone to decay, especially when he falls asleep with the bottle still in his mouth.

Solution: Solve this by breastfeeding your baby for the first six months, or combine it with pumping. Holding and breastfeeding your baby can increase the oxytocin hormone that encourages your body to release more milk.

  • Increases chances of milk contamination

Breast pumps have valves and tubes with hard-to-reach corners. Over time, dirt can accumulate and lead to mould or bacterial growth. These pathogens can come into contact with breast milk and infect your baby.

Solution: Choose breast pumps with removable parts instead to allow thorough cleaning and drying. Follow the manual for proper cleaning and sterilising procedures. Old breast pumps are likely to be contaminated, so make sure not to use those and replace them when necessary.

  • Damages nipple and breast tissue

Improper suction settings and ill-fitting breast shields can cause nipple or breast pain when pumping. Manual pumps can also hurt if not executed properly. Excessive pumping can also lead to increased hormones and high milk production that can make your breast feel swollen or engorged.

Solution: To prevent breast damage and pain, purchase an electric breast pump with the proper accessories. Follow the instructions and set it on low before gradually increasing the suction strength level. Finally, seek your doctor’s help and follow their advice on how to maintain your milk supply without overdoing breast pumping or hurting your body.

Final Thoughts

Breast milk, as they say, is best for babies. And thanks to electric breast pumps, even busy mums can provide this nutrient-rich food to their little ones. While there’s no such thing as the best electric breast pump, there’s always one that perfectly matches their needs. In this case, I think the Medela Freestyle Flex ticks all the right boxes. It has the right set of features that make it appealing to most mums.

Among other breast pumps reviewed, this unit is the only one with Bluetooth connectivity, which modern mums will surely appreciate. It works with a matching app so new mums can easily keep track of their pumping sessions and progress. And speaking of new mums, they can cast their breast pumping worries away with this machine, thanks to its specialised breast shields.

Working mums, on the other hand, can save pumping time with its efficient double pump system. It’s super light and compact for daily transport, too. The best part is, it’s from a world-renowned Swiss brand for breastfeeding products, so you know you’re in good hands.

Finding the best electric breast pump is easy when you know what’s best for you and your baby. So, do your research and choose the breast pump that meets your high standards. After all, less stress and worries mean better milk flow and happier bubs!