Best Stand Mixer Australia 2024 Reviews


Every dedicated home baker has one dream: to be a proud owner of a beautiful stand mixer! It makes dough kneading so easy. It whips up cake batters in a flash.

And with the right attachments, it lets us do more than mix and bake. Yes, it’s a little bulky, heavy and pricey. But if you’re choosing among the best stand mixers in Australia, the space they take and the investment are 100% worth it.

Top 5 Stand Mixers in Australia for 2024

Bakers, both pro and beginners, would agree that stand mixers are a kitchen must-have. Baking requires elbow grease, technique and consistency – exact science as they say. But thanks to these machines’ speed and mixing power, baking a big batch of café-like cookies or loaves of bread at home is possible. Even trying out an experimental baking recipe doesn’t seem so scary anymore with a kitchen mixer around.

But stand mixers in the market are as different as cupcakes and muffins. Some are made of plastic, while others boast an all-metal gearing. They come with various mixing options and add-ons that make choosing quite a challenge.

The key is to study their key features and match them with your specific cooking needs. Life is what you bake it, after all. So, to help you choose the right appliance, I’ve reviewed some of the best stand mixers in Australia. And when you’ve finally decided to take the baking plunge, our stand mixer buying guide with factors to look out for should be useful!

ImageModelSize & WeightPowerCapacitySpeed OptionsWhere to Buy

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer KSM160

35.8 x 22.1 x 35.3cm
300W4.8L + 2.8L bowls10Check on Amazon AU

Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer KMX754

38.5 x 24 x 35.5cm
1000W5L bowl 6 + Min, Max and FoldCheck on Amazon AU

Sage the Bakery Boss Stand Food Mixer BEM825BAL

38.1 x 27.9 x 38.1cm
1200W4.7L + 3.8L bowls12Check on Amazon AU

Tower Stand Mixer T12033

31.2 x 15.7 x 30.5cm
1000W5L bowl6 + Pulse optionCheck on Amazon AU

AEG UltraMix Stand Mixer KM5560-U

37 x 21 x 36cm
1200W4.8L and 2.9L bowls10 + Pulse optionCheck on Amazon AU

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer KSM160

kitchenaid artisan stand mixer - best stand mixer australia

  • Heavy-duty model from an established maker
  • Includes stainless-steel bowls in two sizes
  • Can handle mixtures in small quantities
  • Quiet and user-friendly
  • Easy-wipe exterior and dishwasher-safe parts
  • With pouring shield and a soft-start feature
  • Stable when mixing heavy mixtures
  • Highly customisable in all sorts of colours
  • Very heavy model
  • Nylon beaters are prone to chipping
  • Pricey optional attachments
  • Low motor power than other mixers
  • Lacks a timer or overload protection

If you’re after the best stand mixers in Australia, the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer takes the top spot as the best stand mixer. Not only is this appliance a dream among baking enthusiasts, but it’s practically a household name. A common sight in almost every baking or cooking show, KitchenAid has also recently celebrated its 100th year last 2019. And among its many mixer models, the KitchenAid KSM160 is the veteran kitchen star.

This Kitchenaid stand mixer has the essentials you need to start and master most baking recipes. I especially like that it comes with stainless bowls in two sizes (with and without handle). This way, you can make a cake batter and frosting without having to wash in between mixing. Their brushed insides also mean no sticking when working on bread dough. While glass bowls are great, I prefer the durability and lightweight properties of stainless steel.

Ease of use and performance-wise, this planetary Kitchenaid mixer is ready to impress. Beginners will have no trouble changing mixing speeds or beaters and lifting its head. Although it doesn’t have a lock, its hinge and motor keep the head upright and secure.

Compared with similar models, it creates minimal noise while mixing, too. The mixer’s direct-drive motor perhaps contributes to this. With this technology, the KSM160 can directly transfer power to its attachments with minimal effort or force.

The bowl shape, 300W motor and planetary mixing of the KitchenAid KSM160 make it easy to whip small amounts of cream or a single egg white. Large stand mixers allow volume mixing. But if you make a doubled cookie recipe one day and a small batch of frosting the next, then KitchenAid KSM160 gives you that flexibility.

This Kitchenaid stand mixer is one of the heaviest models available. At more than 10kg, it’s an appliance that requires a dedicated counter space, preferably close to your prep area. Though it limits mobility, the extra weight keeps the mixer in place when mixing light or heavy mixtures.

Lighter models tend to wobble around the counter, especially when kneading or fast whipping. Aside from being dangerous, it also prevents you from multitasking while your mixer is at work.

Cleaning up is also a breeze. Except for the wire whisk, all removable parts of your KitchenAid mixer are dishwasher-safe. Thanks to its enamelled die-cast zinc body, minimal crevices and rounded edges, the exterior only needs a damp cloth for quick wiping. The pouring shield and the slow-start feature also reduce the amount of flour or splashes that end up on your benchtop!

One thing to note, however, is the nylon-coated flat beater and hook attachments. Customers have previously raised issues of these beaters chipping off, especially their bottom edges, after some time. The problem is perhaps because of the beater scraping the bottom of your mixer bowl. While you can resolve this with recalibrating or purchasing stainless steel beaters, it’s something frequent bakers need to keep an eye on.

Kitchen pros who like custom-made and multipurpose appliances will be an instant KitchenAid KSM160 fan. For one thing, it’s king when it comes to colour options to match your kitchen interior or quirkiness!

You can also personalise your mixer with a decorative ceramic bowl or name engraving on its band. It’s power hub also makes it easy to fit a citrus juicer, food processor, pasta maker or sausage stuffer.

The benchtop mixer itself and its wide range of attachments are expensive, though. If you want to purchase them, it is best to choose accessories that you will use often. And considering its steep price, the KitchenAid KSM160 lacks a timer and overload protection. Professionals may also find its 300W motor too low for heavy usage or commercial use. Despite the drawbacks, it’s a time-tested appliance with long-lasting quality and reliable performance.

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Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer KMX754

best stand mixer australia - kenwood chef stand mixer

  • Heavy-duty model from an established maker
  • Includes a glass bowl with spout and measurement markings
  • Powerful 1000W motor and 5L capacity suit bread-making
  • Planetary mixing with unique fold function and defined speed levels
  • Easy-wipe exterior and dishwasher-safe parts
  • With splash guard, spatula and all-stainless-steel beaters
  • Stable when mixing heavy mixtures
  • Has covered outlet for fitting optional attachments
  • Reliable mixer brand at a mid-price range
  • Quite heavy
  • Height requires more vertical space
  • Pricey optional attachments
  • Simplistic design with limited colour options
  • The plastic lock is not as durable
  • Lacks a timer or overload protection

The Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer is among the best stand mixers in Australia for bread makers. Its 5L bowl size plus powerful 1000W motor make it very suitable for long kneading times and heavy dough mixtures.

It’s quite heavy at 9kg, but it will not bounce around your benchtop while mixing. More importantly, compared with the Kenwood Chef stand mixer brands series, the kMix range has more affordable stand mixers with almost the same mixing power.

But there’s more to this heavy-duty mixer than its power and capacity. For instance, the package comes with three essential attachments (flat K-beater, balloon whisk and dough hook) to work on all baking recipes.

It also includes a plastic splash guard with a large feed tube to keep the mess at bay plus a spatula for scraping. And like the KitchenAid model, the kMix has a covered attachment hub for fitting an optional food grinder, pasta roller and more. The range of accessories is not as extensive though and can add to cost.

The glass bowl that comes with the unit is one of its commendable features. Yes, it’s heavier and breakable, and when combined with the metal beaters, mixing can be noisier. High-speed whipping also raises safety concerns. However, with proper care and use, the glass bowl’s benefits outweigh its downsides. 

For instance, it lets you monitor your mixing progress. The handle and side spout make even heavy mixtures easier to pour. Its steep sides also help control splashing. It’s dishwasher-safe and has measurement markings, making it one giant dual-purpose measuring jug!

A simple push-and-twist action is all you need to lock the glass bowl into place. The plastic locking mechanism is not as durable, though, and the bowl’s plastic threading is quite delicate.

In terms of use, the kMix kitchen mixer has its pros and cons. One of its excellent features is its variable speed settings. The dial markings can be a little hard to read, but the speed levels are more distinct. This way, users can easily recreate their favourite recipes with better consistency.

Aside from the planetary mixing motion, its unique fold function delivers constant slow speed, so you can combine ingredients without deflating your mixture. This mode is perfect for bakers who love making meringues, sponges, mousses and soufflés.

Design-wise, some find its minimalist form very attractive, while others prefer a flashier finish with more colour choices. The kMix series comes in neutral black, cream and red. Though limited, these options allow users to have a mixer that stands out or easily blends with their kitchen interior.

This mixer may not be as customisable or multipurpose as other models. However, for users who prefer a unit with more power and a simple design, the kMix mixer from a trusted UK brand is 100% worth considering.

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Sage the Bakery Boss Stand Food Mixer BEM825BAL

  • Heavy-duty model from an established maker
  • Includes glass and stainless steel bowls in two sizes
  • With timer, retractable power cord and bowl light
  • Has task and accessory guides to assist first-time bakers
  • Quiet and straightforward
  • Comes with a flex-edged beater for easy creaming and scraping
  • With pouring shield and splash guard
  • Stable when mixing heavy mixtures
  • Available in five metallic colours
  • Expensive and very heavy model
  • No hub for optional attachments
  • Glass bowl is hefty and bulky to store
  • Splash guard and pouring shield are quite tricky to fit
  • Not all parts are dishwasher-safe

Sage is a well-known UK brand by Heston Blumenthal, mainly for its coffee-making appliances. Surprisingly, outside of the UK, we know its products under the Breville brand. And like its many other product ranges, the Sage Bakery Boss mixer is a state-of-the-art machine. It’s one of the best stand mixers in Australia, which also comes in five metallic shades.

This electric mixer may look like a regular tilt-head model, but the Sage mixer has more unique design features. For instance, it has a nifty handle on the head plus indent on its base so you can move it with a secure hold.

I especially like its retractable power cord that will keep your benchtop clutter-free. On its side, you’ll see a lighted task indicator to help you learn and select the right speed for any mixing job. There’s also an accessory guide to match.

Less experienced bakers will find the built-in timer of this stand mixer rather useful. With this feature, you can set the timer, mix for a specific duration and get consistent mixing results every time.

Also, you can confidently multitask without overmixing your cream or egg whites! In case you need to check on the texture of your dough or colour of your batter, you can turn on its light to illuminate the bowl.

The Sage Bakery Boss is a joy to have in the kitchen as it comes complete with all the baking accessories you need. Aside from the usual attachments, this mixer has an additional flexible-edged scraper.

I like using this when creaming butter and sugar or combining dry and wet ingredients, so I won’t have to scrape the bowl in between mixing. Clean-up is faster, too, with this creaming beater.

The package also includes a 4.7L borosilicate glass and 3.8L stainless-steel bowls (both with handles) for easy batch baking. With a spout and measurement markings on the side, the glass bowl can easily double as a measuring jug.

It is for handwashing only, though, and quite hefty even when empty. The stainless steel mixing bowl, on the other hand, is thinner and lightweight than usual. And with two bowls to think about, storage space may be a problem.

There’s also a pouring shield and splash guard included, though these are quite tricky to fit on top. All the rest of the accessories are easy to use and feel robust. The mixer itself is very heavy that you need to find a permanent place for it on your benchtop.

However, this weight also means the mixer remains stable even when mixing on a higher speed. And with the combined 1200W motor, 12 speeds and all-metal gears, the Sage Bakery Boss is reliable with both light and heavy mixtures. It works quietly, too!

Naturally, this high-quality appliance comes with a high-end price. Also, it requires more effort to clean as some of its parts are not dishwasher-safe. And unlike more multifunctional mixer models, this one doesn’t have a power hub or outlet for optional attachments. However, if you want a machine made for precise and effortless baking, then this user-friendly machine is your best match.

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Tower Stand Mixer T12033

  • Affordable model from an established maker
  • Includes a 5L metal bowl with large handle
  • Powerful 1000W motor and planetary mixing action
  • With unique pulse function and six-level speed settings
  • Built-in whisk guard to make splashes easy to clean
  • With anti-splatter shield and all-stainless-steel beaters
  • Lightweight with built-in suction feet to keep it in place
  • Sleek black exterior with rose gold detailing
  • Reliable mixer for both light and heavy mixtures
  • Plastic housing not as durable as metal ones
  • Attachments are not dishwasher-safe
  • No hub for optional attachments
  • Limited colour options
  • Manual needs to be downloaded
  • Lacks a timer or overload protection

The Tower Stand Mixer strikes the perfect balance among cost, weight, capacity and functionality factors. So, if you’re looking for value-for-money appliances, then consider giving this model a second look.

Its 1000W motor alone gives you the flexibility to work on light cake batters or heavy bread mixtures with ease. Aside from its six-level speed setting, you also get a unique Pulse function to enjoy complete control and precise results.

Along with this powerful machine, the over-sized balloon whisk, dough hook and paddle attachments let you achieve the right texture or consistency. The beaters are easy to fit and switch, but they require handwashing, though.

On the other hand, I especially like the built-in whisk guard. This way, you can quickly wipe splashes away (especially after whipping light batters) and prevent food residue build-up. Ingredients don’t end up on your benchtop either, thanks to the clear anti-splatter shield included.

If you love baking goodies for sharing, then the Tower stand mixer won’t disappoint. With a 5kg bowl capacity, you can effortlessly double your favourite recipes without wasting energy and time. It’s also perfect if you’re baking for a large household.

The large handle of the dishwasher-safe bowl also has smooth, rounded edges so you can pour with a comfortable and secure grip. With the addition of its planetary mixing action, you can work quickly no matter the mixture volume, too.

The best-selling point of the Tower Stand Mixer would have to be its reasonable price. Most stand mixers are expensive, and it’s quite rare to come across a feature-packed unit that’s also budget-friendly.

Of course, it would have been better if the mixer also has a timer or a power hub for optional attachments. The plastic housing also raises durability concerns, and the lack of a printed manual may be inconvenient (as you need to download it).

However, for users dedicated to baking, it’s undoubtedly a good buy. The Tower brand is also a trusted name that has been in the industry for over 100 years. More importantly, I wouldn’t mind paying less for a powerful machine with a sleek black finish and elegant rose gold detailing!

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AEG UltraMix Stand Mixer KM5560-U

  • Heavy-duty model for all-around mixing and baking
  • Comes with lightweight stainless-steel bowls in two sizes
  • Includes a flex-edged beater, splash guard and proofing cover
  • Powerful 1200W motor and planetary mixing action
  • With built-in LED bowl light
  • Seamless dial operation
  • Stable and reliable for both light and heavy mixtures
  • With unique pulse function and ten-level speed settings
  • Has a covered outlet for fitting optional attachments
  • Expensive and heavy model
  • Built-in LED light location needs improvement
  • Splash guard is quite tricky to fit
  • Not all parts are dishwasher-safe
  • Lacks a timer or overload protection
  • Limited colour options

I see the AEG UltraMix Stand Mixer a cross between the KitchenAid and Sage mixers. I like how the best features of these models where smartly put together into this unit. It is undoubtedly a well-thought-out machine, from construction to performance.

It is one of the few stand mixers that include all the necessary attachments that a busy home baker needs. Aside from the traditional beaters, it also has a flexible-edge paddle, a splash guard and a unique proofing lid for bread-baking.

The two stainless-steel bowls are also stackable for easy storage and perfect for mixing in small or large batches. Except for the wire whisk, all removable parts are dishwasher-safe. The mixer’s glossy exterior also makes splatters and grease easy to wipe away.

In terms of performance, the AEG UltraMix is reliable even for more challenging mixing tasks. Thanks to its 1200W motor and variable speed settings, all-around bakers can do all sorts of recipes like a pro.

Compared with other stand mixers, this one is a bit lighter. However, it still has the heft to stay stable when you lift its head or switch to a higher speed. Also, the non-slip feet keep it secure on the countertop.

Aside from the easy-to-use speed dial and spring-loaded lock mechanism, the machine has a built-in LED bowl light, too. This feature comes in handy for all-day mixing and bread dough monitoring. However, the light is at the back of the beater screw. So, it can only illuminate a portion of the bowl while mixing.

Still, it’s a great add-on, plus the power hub allows for optional attachments. The splash guard is just as useful, especially for minimising benchtop mess. Using it with the larger bowl can be difficult, though, as you need to lift the head a specific way to fit and remove the cover.

The AEG UltraMix Stand Mixer belongs to the high-end range and is quite an investment. Others may find this downside a deal-breaker, considering that it also lacks a timer and wide range of colour options. However, for a seasoned baker, the price may not be an issue as it has all the useful mixing attachments, which are optional in other models. And while some of its features need improvement, it is still one strong contender, performance and design-wise.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Stand Mixer

You don’t need to have a big kitchen to own a stand mixer. And even if you don’t frequently bake at home, this versatile machine can come in handy. You only need to find the mixer with all the right features.

Here are the things you need to know before buying one.


A stand mixer takes up space, and you will likely need a large benchtop to keep it accessible. The larger the mixer, the heavier it will be, too. So, before buying the largest machine available on impulse, plan where you want to store it. Take measurements if you need to. If you have hanging cabinets in your kitchen, you might want to measure the benchtop height as well.

Aside from kitchen space, you need to factor in your family size, too. How much food will you usually make with your mixer? Will you be baking for a lot of people? If yes, then a large stand mixer is best. This way, you can make big batches in one go to save time and energy. For smaller households, a medium-sized stand mixer is more fitting.


Bowl capacity is another relevant feature to your stand mixer size. Large mixing bowls may be bulky and, at times, heavy, but they also let you double your recipes with ease. Most units have 4L mixing bowls. But the best stand mixers in Australia can have mixing bowl capacities up to 6L. Some models even include a spare mixer bowl in the package, or you can purchase one separately. Of course, the choice is dependent on your family size and usual recipe requirements.

Construction and weight

When buying kitchen appliances, most of us go for the portable, miniature and lightweight options. But with a stand mixer, you need to take the opposite path. Stand mixers are workhorses. They do a constant beating action, and a solid built allows them to withstand wear and tear.

So, if possible, choose a stand mixer with a stainless steel or titanium body plus all-metal attachments. Aside from being durable and rust-resistant, metal parts are easy to clean and unlikely to snap when mixing heavy dough.

Stainless steel, ceramic or glass are the usual mixer bowl materials. However, the two last options are heavy and prone to breakage. Motor gears also make up your mixer’s construction. All-metal gearing is also more durable than plastic ones but can produce loud noises. If you prefer a quieter machine, stand mixers with nylon gears are your best alternatives.

Generally, choose well-built benchtop food mixers that will not bounce as much on the counter when mixing. A 10kg mixer should work well. But if you’re not storing it on your benchtop, go for a robust but lighter model.

Planetary action and speed

Planetary action sounds so scientific, I know. But this feature only refers to how the beater of your mixer can scrape the sides of the bowl, ensuring optimum bowl coverage and even mixing. It is also crucial to avoid overmixing your cake and quick bread batters. The best stand mixers in Australia have this feature. However, some models may call it with a different name.

Variable speed settings go hand in hand with mixing action. And generally, the more speed options you have, the better your final product will be. All-around bakers can easily match the right speed with more complicated baking recipes. For instance, speeds 1 to 5 are perfect for cookies and cakes, while speeds 6 to 10 suit bread, creams and meringue.                       

If possible, look for a model with a slow-start setting, too. This way, you can mix dry ingredients without having dry ingredients all over your kitchen.


One mixer may struggle when working on heavy bread dough, while others deliver the same power no matter the mixture type. Wattage defines this stand mixer ability. A higher wattage then means a more powerful motor and stable mixing. So, look for stand mixers with at least 300W. If you plan to make homemade bread often, choose a machine with a higher wattage.


Finding the perfect stand mixer colour shouldn’t be a problem. With so many mixer colours available, you’ll probably have a more difficult time choosing which one to get! The shiny finish will surely add glamour to your kitchen, but a matte exterior is just as elegant.

What you should take into consideration, however, is whether your chosen mixer is a tilt-head or bowl-lift type:

  • Tilt-head design. This mixer type is more compact, but you need enough vertical space to tilt the mixer head and remove the bowl. It lets you change mixer attachments with ease, but the hinged design may loosen over time. Also, moving the motor section might eventually result in technical issues later on.
  • Bowl-lift design. This one has a built-in crank that allows you to lower or raise the bowl. It has a fixed but higher height, so ample vertical space is vital. Changing the attachments and removing the bowl can be tedious. However, this design is more stable and, in some models, has better mixing power.

Ease of cleaning

Most removable parts of a stand mixer are dishwasher-safe. However, some attachments require handwashing. There are also mixer models that are difficult to put back together because of their many small parts.

Make sure to read customer reviews about the mixer unit that you intend to buy. You can also go through its online manual to see how to assemble and clean it after use. Demo videos are even more helpful. You may want to check if protective covers or sleeves for your mixer are available to keep it clean while on your benchtop.


The best stand mixers in Australia are kitchen investments. Depending on their brand, capacity, features and attachments, they can cost a couple of hundred dollars or more. If you’re on a tight budget, there are less expensive options. However, if you plan to use your mixer often, I recommend saving for one with durable construction.

Some say well-made stand mixers can outlive us. They’re that powerful! And if you think about it, it will be great to own such a dependable appliance that you can pass down to future bakers in the family.

FAQs About Stand Mixers

Stand mixers are one of the best kitchen inventions. But is this wonder item necessary to own? This FAQ section should help you decide whether this appliance is for you.

Why are stand mixers expensive?

The quality, ease of use and durability of stand mixers make them pricey. Superb product research, designing and engineering can be costly, after all. And in turn, we get a machine that can mix, make ice cream, create pasta, grind meat and more.

With their high functionality, the manufacturers also need to use top-notch construction materials, so mixers can last long enough to be passed down. Expensive stand mixers are also typically from well-established brands. History and heritage build consumer trust and warrant a higher price tag.

What can a stand mixer be used for?

The interchangeable beaters of a stand mixer make it one multipurpose machine! For example, its wire whisk attachment can may stiff Swiss meringues and fluffy French buttercream in minutes. You don’t need to whip heavy cream by hand either. With these whipped mixtures, you can make pro-level soufflés, pavlova and all sorts of frostings for your cakes.

The flat beater is just as versatile. With it, creaming your butter and sugar to make cookies or cakes is a breeze. Its wide and flat blades let you combine ingredients evenly minus the effort (or mess!). The holes within this attachment also make it easy to emulsify ground meat for burgers or meatballs without cutting through protein strands.

And then there’s the all-important dough hook for bread-making. This attachment makes it effortless to knead sticky doughs like ciabatta or focaccia or high-fat ones like brioche. Gluten development in bread doughs also takes time and labour.

However, with a stand mixer, the machine can tirelessly do it for you while you get to multitask. Yes, you can knead by hand, but a stand mixer helps avoid overheating and over kneading. Even distribution of add-ins like nuts and dried fruit evenly distributed is easy, too.

What can I use if I don’t have a stand mixer?

A stand mixer can do most baking recipes. But if you’re not into bread-making, for example, you can always go for less bulky or inexpensive alternatives. One of which is to do it manually. Mixing by hand can be tiring and time-consuming, but you only need simple tools to do it.

You can also opt for a hand mixer. This appliance is more lightweight and portable than a stand mixer. But it can make a slight mess and is often limited to simple mixing tasks. If you have a food processor at home, it’s interchangeable blades can also chop nuts, knead the dough and mix cake batters.

Is a stand mixer better than a hand mixer?

A hand mixer is best for people who prefer more space-efficient appliances and don’t bake often. It can deliver similar mixing results without having to spend a lot. But for passionate home bakers, a hand mixer may not withstand frequent bread dough kneading. You can do other tasks while your stand mixer does its thing, too.

So, if you prefer multipurpose appliances, then investing in a heavy-duty stand mixer shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you’re having a hard time deciding which one to choose, some manufacturers offer models with features of both a hand and a stand mixer combined.

Final Thoughts

As a kitchen enthusiast, I prefer investing in an appliance that I can use for a long time and will grow with me, skill-wise. And I believe the KitchenAid KSM160 meets these requirements.

With this mixer, you may be spending a lot the first time, but it’s an investment with great returns in the long run. And while its attachments are just as expensive, you always have the option to purchase them based on your needs. More importantly, I like the idea that it is durable enough to be passed down to other keen bakers or cooks.

The list of the best stand mixers in Australia is long and growing, though. And the best one for me may be different for you. So, when choosing, always base your decision on your requirements and skill. Do your research and study your options. After all, with so many models available, there’s a perfect stand mixer for every baking adventurer like you!