Best Portable Blender Australia 2024 Reviews


Did you know that 94% of Australians do not meet their daily recommended fruit and vegetable intake? Sadly, it’s a nutritional problem despite local produce access and availability.

Dietitians agree that if we do not change our eating habits, it will only lead to increased obesity and health costs worth billions of dollars.

Good thing there have been constant efforts and education campaigns to combat this.

Moreover, you can be part of the solution with the help of the best portable blenders in Australia!

Top 5 Portable Blenders in Australia for 2024

ImageModelSize (LxWxH)WeightCapacityBest FeaturesWhere to Buy

Froothie Optimum Nutriforce Mini Portable Blender

9 x 9 x 29 cm550 g500 mlLightweight with large capacityCheck Price

PopBabies Smoothie Blender

8 x 8 x 26 cm770 g 414 mlDetachable parts for thorough cleaningCheck on Amazon AU

Nutribullet GO Cordless Blender

9 x 9 x 17.8 cm690 g384 mlVery compact and quietCheck on Amazon AU

Cuisinart EvolutionX Compact Blender

10 x 10 x 30 cm1000 g475 mlMultipurpose with sleek designCheck on Amazon AU

Blendaco Portable USB Blender

8 x 8 x 28 cm700 g450 mlStainless steel base and glass cupCheck on Amazon AU

I know. Nowadays, with everything so fast-paced, you barely have time to make a proper breakfast or a healthy drink. Having grab-and-go bars and snacks in the pantry is still more convenient.

And even if we have occasional servings of fruit, eating the same apple or banana can be tiresome. Many are not fans of eating whole vegetables, either.

Portable blenders can help change all that. These nifty blending machines may look small, but they are powerful enough to make delicious single-serve smoothies and shakes.

With one at home, it’s easier and more fun to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. It’s so user-friendly that even kids can make healthy blended drinks themselves.

Check out my top picks for portable blenders to learn more about this innovative appliance. Then, read further and pick up a few more pointers from my buying guide and FAQ section.

Froothie Optimum Nutriforce Mini

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Requires proper assembly for motor to work
  • BPA-free bottle has measurement markings
  • With non-slip rubber pads at the base
  • Powerful six-point stainless steel blade
  • Easy to charge with 4000mAh battery
  • Comes in different stylish colours
  • Single speed button with auto 30-second cycle
  • Excellent for shakes and smoothies
  • Allows self-cleaning mode
  • With 24/7 customer service
  • Lid lacks a built-in handle or carry strap
  • No blade cover
  • Not for hot drinks or smoothies with MCT
  • Not dishwasher safe

Construction, Design and Safety

You don’t have to look far and wide for the best portable blender in Australia because we have one right here – the Froothie Optimum Nutriforce Mini!

This Aussie-made three-part blending machine comes with a leakproof lid, a BPA-free plastic bottle and a motor base with a six-leaf stainless steel blade.

There’s also a spare lid. It has no built-in handle, though. But with it, you can take your blended drinks anywhere without the motor.

Plus, the brush and O-ring remover included should make cleaning a breeze.

The 500-ml bottle even comes with measurement markings, making it easier to follow recipes and avoid overloading.

When you turn the motor base upside-down, you’ll see four non-slip pads that keep the appliance steady while blending.

This good-quality blender will last a while for sure. Most of its parts are plastic, but it feels sturdy, and I like that it is not that heavy.

The Froothie website says that the product weight is approximately 550g. But with the bottle and motor alone, it is 513g based on my digital scale.

One thing that I find handy is its magnetic induction safety lock. This feature ensures that the bottle is aligned correctly with the base before blending.

Also, you have to press the power button twice to start the appliance. That way, it is less likely to turn on the motor by accident.

This blender also automatically stops after a 30-second cycle to avoid overheating.

Oh, and did I mention that the Nutriforce Mini is available in nine stylish colours? The unit I tried is a lovely pink shade called matte dried rose.

Watch a quick unboxing video here:


On top of being a lightweight appliance, the Nutriforce Mini is also rechargeable.

You can plug it into your laptop, power bank or car to recharge. And if you have a USB adapter, you can use any wall outlet, too.

I like the LED indicator above the power button since it lets me know when the machine needs charging.

This portable blender also has a 4000mAh battery, which means powerful blending and fast charging (3 hours).

Another thing is that the Nutriforce Mini has a single-speed setting and runs at 150W with 18,000 rpm. Some similar blenders may have higher specs than these.

But what makes the Nutriforce better is the six-point 304 stainless steel blade. With the battery, power, and blade working together, each cycle is fast and smooth sailing.


I tested the Nutriforce blending power by making fresh orange juice with water (although I think I added too much water!).

Anyway, the markings on the bottle helped me estimate the amount of ingredients to add. Note that the manual says to put small food pieces up to 60% of the bottle capacity. Liquids should be around 80%.

Also, if you are using hard food items, like apples or bananas, it’s best to put your liquids first. I didn’t have any trouble doing it in reverse with my orange juice, though.

The blender was powerful enough to blend everything smoothly in one cycle. I was also amazed that there were no large orange pieces left.

I didn’t have to tilt or flip the machine over while blending or even complete the whole 30-second cycle. The blending process was not loud either.

All in all, the machine works well. And honestly, its performance exceeded my expectations, given that it’s a lightweight appliance.

Ease of Use and Versatility

The Nutriforce Mini requires ingredients in smaller pieces for effortless blending. Other than this extra prep work, the blender was easy to use.

The bottle opening is wide enough to avoid spilling. Also, it only has a single button, so the operation was pretty straightforward.

As for the things you can make with the Nutriforce, you can use it for protein shakes, baby food, slushies, cocktails and more.

However, this blender is not for hot food blending, so avoid putting ingredients above 65C. And while this appliance makes delicious smoothies, adding MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil or powder is a no-no.


There are two ways to clean your Nutriforce Mini. One is through the self-cleaning method. All you need is to fill the bottle with warm water, about two-thirds. Then add some dish soap.

Put the lid on and blend a full cycle. Dump the soapy water into the sink, rinse and allow to air dry.

You can also use the O-ring tool to remove the seal on the lid and around the blade for deep cleaning. Then, wash and rinse everything by hand.

None of the Nutriforce Mini parts is dishwasher-safe, though. But a small appliance like this should be easy enough to clean.


Small, light and affordable appliances often mean substandard performance. But I’m happy the Froothie Optimum Nutriforce Mini proved me wrong! This portable blender is perfect for daily blending on the go, with results that won’t disappoint.

Check Price

PopBabies Smoothie Blender

  • Comes in different attractive colours
  • Has a built-in handle and measurement lines
  • With non-slip rubber at the base
  • Easy to charge
  • Single speed button with auto 20-second cycle
  • Excellent for shakes and smoothies
  • Easy to clean with dishwasher-safe parts
  • Narrow bottle opening
  • Struggles when blending greens or large chunks of food
  • Limited battery life
  • Not for bulletproof coffee or hot drinks

Construction, Design and Safety

The popular PopBabies Smoothie Blender is a four-part appliance with a screw-on lid, a BPA-free plastic bottle, a four-leaf blade and a motor base.

The product also comes with a USB charging cable, silicone funnel and ice tray with 45 compartments for making 2-g ice cubes.

I like that this portable blender is available in different colours, and its lid has a handle for hanging.

The 414-ml bottle has a narrow mouth (about 4.8 cm diameter), which can be an issue during cleaning. However, it is a purposeful design to keep your ingredients small.

The funnel included comes in handy in this case for easy, spill-free loading. But what I like about the PopBabies bottle is its clear measurement lines to avoid overfilling.

Also, you can detach it from the motor base and drink your smoothie straight from the bottle.

If you turn the motor base over, you’ll see a rubber ring to keep the appliance in place on your bench while blending. There’s also a rubber flap covering to protect the USB port from moisture.


The PopBabies blender has a built-in rechargeable battery, which is great if you love blending on the go. If you need to charge, you can use the USB cable included and connect it to your power bank or laptop.

Or you can also connect the cable with the correct adapter and plug it into a regular wall socket.

Charging for the first time takes about 3-5 hours, but don’t worry. It should only take an hour to recharge it to full next time.

PopBabies has a single-speed setting and runs at 175W with 17,300 rpm. These are good specs, but they may not be enough to blend hard or leafy foods.

These ingredients take time to process. That means your charging station should be ready or keep the blender plugged in.

Also, if you prefer fine-textured drinks or purees, you might have to press the blending button several times to get your desired consistency. That’s because the blender automatically stops after 20 seconds.

But you can also stop and restart the blender before the cycle ends for pulse-mode blending.


After testing PopBabies with a few usual smoothie ingredients, I can say that it works better if you keep the food in small pieces.

The extra prep work can be tedious, I know. But if you follow this, the motor will not struggle as much. And you’ll get a smooth consistency faster (saving your battery charge).

Also, it helps if you turn the blender upside-down and tilt it from side to side while blending. Doing this prevents food from getting stuck on the blades. It also speeds up the blending process and gives a more even texture.

It takes some work each time you start, but it should be smooth sailing after a few minutes of blending. The whole process is not loud either.

Can the PopBabies blend ice? Yes, it can, but only if you use the ice cubes from the mini tray provided. Also, note that it won’t give that snowy-like results.

Ease of Use and Versatility

Because of its blade, narrow bottle opening and limited battery life, PopBabies works best only for small and soft ingredients.

The one-button operation makes it easy to use. But it requires more prep work to operate without issues.

Also, this portable blender is not for making bulletproof coffee or hot drinks with temperatures higher than 60C.

Still, you won’t have any problem if you plan to have this appliance for shakes, power drinks and smoothies.


I like that you can unscrew the bottom of the PopBabies bottle and remove the blade.

It makes it easy to clean and brush hard-to-reach corners when necessary. Also, you can pop both bottle and blade into the dishwasher.


Compared with similar portable blenders, PopBabies is a bit more expensive. It requires more prep work, too. However, its attractive design, user-friendliness and high portability make up for it. It’s an excellent add-on to your fitness routine, especially for power shake and smoothie lovers!

Check on Amazon AU

Nutribullet GO Cordless Blender

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Available in various stylish colours
  • Has anti-slip pads at the base
  • Comes with a blade cover
  • Requires proper assembly for motor to work
  • Single speed button with auto 30-second cycle
  • Operates quietly
  • Works with Nutribullet ready-to-blend smoothie pouches
  • Excellent for frequent travellers and small households
  • Not for blending in large portions
  • Low motor power
  • No measurement markings
  • May require frequent charging
  • Produce lumpy smoothies
  • Not for blending frozen food or ice
  • Not dishwasher-safe

Construction, Design and Safety

If your best portable blender in Australia is lightweight, space-saving and safe, then consider the Nutribullet GO. It’s stylish, too, and available in red, white, black or silver.

I love that it’s tiny and fits any gym bag, tote or even the palm of your hand! The plastic construction may not give it a premium feel, though.

But it surely boosts its portable quality. Also, the base has anti-slip pads, so you don’t have to hold it down while blending.

Its small 384-ml BPA-free bottle may not be for blending in large portions. However, I prefer its wide-mouth opening as it is easier to drink from or load ingredients. The screw-on lid also has a nylon carrying strap.

This blending machine has a four-leaf blade attached to the motor base. And you can screw on the blade cover provided to protect it – perfect for worry-free travelling. Also, the Nutribullet GO motor won’t start without the correct assembly for added safety.


The Nutribullet Go has a 70-W motor and a 2000-mAh rechargeable battery. These are considerably lower than other Nutribullet models or similar portable blenders.

So, it might not be for you if you prefer fast and powerful blending. Also, you might need to do multiple cycles to make a fine-textured smoothie. Charging may be more frequent, too.

Still, this blender only has a one-speed setting. So, it’s not complex to restart and blend your mixture.

But note that its instruction manual advises limiting your consecutive blending cycles to two.


To start blending with the Nutribullet GO, press its button twice to make it blink blue. Afterwards, it will run for 30 seconds before shutting off automatically. It is a pretty good duration to make one serving of smoothie.

Repeat the cycle if you prefer a smoother blend, but do not expect refined results. Drinks from the Nutribullet GO are good but a bit lumpy and pulpy.

It can tackle fibrous ingredients, but it is best to chop larger chunks into smaller pieces. Also, considering its power level, refrain from using this blender for hard food items.

Despite some blending issues, the cycle throughout the Nutribullet GO is surprisingly quiet. I assume its tiny size helps reduce the usual blending noise.

So, if you love blending in the office or gym, this is an excellent option that won’t disturb people nearby.

Ease of Use and Versatility

Nutribullet is an expert brand for blending food and making nutrition easy. So, aside from your favourite recipes, the manufacturer also offers a range of ready-to-blend smoothie pouches.

Although the Nutribullet GO struggles with crushing ice, frozen fruit or tough foods, the smoothie pouches should give you extra tasty options.


None of the Nutribullet GO parts is dishwasher-safe. But the blade and bottle are easy to wash by hand. Plus, the blender is tiny, so cleaning takes no time.

Processing sticky ingredients can make cleaning tricky, though. So, make sure you have a cleaning brush. Also, cleaning the parts immediately after use should make stuck-on food easier to wash.


While it’s small and light, the Nutribullet GO may not be for some users, especially those who like blending ice and frozen fruit. It’s not for large-capacity blending, too. However, if you travel a lot, are short on space and prefer simple smoothies, you’ll enjoy taking this tiny, quiet blender anywhere.

Check on Amazon AU

Cuisinart EvolutionX Compact Blender

  • Sleek design with heavy-duty feel
  • Suits blending in larger capacities
  • Includes a flip-top lid with carry handle
  • Powerful motor and stable battery life
  • Fast charging with LED light indicator
  • Single speed button with auto 1-minute cycle
  • Gives a smooth smoothie consistency
  • Can process ice, frozen or sticky ingredients
  • Makes salsas, sauces, dips or dressings
  • Top-rack dishwasher-safe parts
  • Fingerprint-proof motor base exterior
  • Accessible spare parts and after-sales service
  • Too heavy to be fully portable
  • No measurement markings
  • Not powerful enough for chunky ingredients
  • Expensive

Construction, Design and Safety

I consider the Cuisinart EvolutionX one of the best portable blenders in Australia because of its ultra-sleek look and robust feel. Its graphite-like and chrome base exterior is eye-catching for sure.

It is slightly heavy but feels durable. And with the extra weight, your blender will not bounce around the bench when blending. However, it will be a bit taxing to bring it anywhere.

On top of the motor is a generous 475-ml BPA-free plastic cup. It would have been nice if there were measurement markings, though. Still, it suits blending in larger capacities or drinks to share.

A screw-on four-leaf blade attachment goes with this large cup. Once put together, you flip and lock both into the motor base. After blending, remove the blade attachment and drink or cover it with the tight-seal flip lid with a built-in carry handle.

There’s a USB charging port at the back with a rubber cover for protection.

And aside from the USB cable, the blender package comes with an adapter, so you can plug it into a wall outlet if you like.


The Cuisinart EvolutionX has a built-in lithium-ion battery with 7.4 V power. It also works with a one-speed setting. When fully charged, it can work on cordless operation for 20 minutes.

That means you can whip up several smoothies before it’s time to recharge. I also like that the battery is stable and not affected when processing hard ingredients like ice.

As the battery life decreases, one of the three blue LED lights on the motor base will start to flash. When two light indicators are flashing, that’s your signal that it’s time to recharge.

It’s an excellent indicator feature, so you’ll always have enough battery each time you use it. But keep in mind that you can also use this blender while charging.

Charging it to full takes 60 to 90 minutes only, too.


This portable blender may not be for people on the go. But the Cuisinart EvolutionX is best when it comes to actual blending performance.

After pressing the speed button twice, the machine will start working and complete a 1-minute cycle before automatically shutting off.

It’s quite a long blending time for most smoothie recipes. But with it, you can multitask while the blender makes your morning drink.

After 1 minute, you’ll get a smoothie consistency close to full-size blender results. It has no problems processing ice, frozen or sticky ingredients or nuts.

However, you do need to add enough liquid for a smooth-sailing blend cycle. And this is where I thought the measurements on the bottle would have come in handy.

But you can always eyeball, blend, and then stop to adjust. I also found out that, like other portable blenders, the Cuisinart EvolutionX is not powerful enough for chunky ingredients.

A big piece of fruit could get stuck between the blade and the side of the cup. So, despite the wide bottle opening, cut your food into reasonable sizes still.

But is smoothie all that this powerful blender can do? Not really. This portable blender can easily replace a traditional blender or food processor.

It does a great job making breadcrumb toppings, salsas, sauces, dips or dressings. But remember that some potent ingredients can transfer lingering odours into your blender cup.

Ease of Use and Versatility

This blender is one of the most versatile models available, considering its ability to process other recipes besides smoothies.

It’s a high-end unit, but it works like other regular appliances of the same price range.

Another thing that I like about Cuisinart EvolutionX is the ease of access to spare parts. Also, the brand has an office in Australia, which gives users peace of mind.


The blender cup, blade attachment and lid are all top-rack dishwasher-safe. That means clean-up is a breeze.

But you can also wash it by hand for thorough cleaning. With its wide opening, you can scrub the bottle with any cleaning brush or sponge.

After working on a sticky or extra thick recipe, clean-up is easier when you fill the cup with warm water and dish soap.

Screw on the blade attachment, fit it into the motor and run it for a few seconds. Afterwards, rinse the parts with clean water.

Once in a while, remove and clean the O-ring on the blade attachment, too. Food and powders can easily stick and build up on this part.

As for the motor base, the fingerprint-proof exterior (except for the chrome trim) only needs a quick wipe with a damp cloth.


The Cuisinart EvolutionX is perfect if you’re looking for a portable blender that you can use for more than your morning smoothie. It’s pricey, but it is still of good value if you like cordless and space-saving appliances. With its stable power and battery life, this blender is ideal for outdoor entertaining with freshly blended drinks for a small group.

Check on Amazon AU

Blendaco Portable USB Blender

  • Glass cup with generous capacity and measurement guide
  • With six-leaf stainless-steel blade
  • Includes two lids and long charging cable
  • Stainless steel base for stability
  • Available in various stylish colours
  • Requires proper assembly for motor to work
  • Has a 5000-mAh fast-charging battery
  • Works with a 126-W, 7.4-V Japanese carbon steel motor
  • Single button with two blending modes and auto 45-second cycle
  • Comes with a cleaning brush and spare O-ring seal
  • Made in Australia with optional accessories available
  • Breakable glass adds weight and travel risk
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Lacks a blade cover

Construction, Design and Safety

The Blendaco Portable Blender is among the best in Australia because it’s Aussie-made!

This blender is no different from other similar models, though. However, some features make Blendaco at par with the more popular brands.

For example, rather than the usual BPA-free plastic cup, this one has a generous 450-ml bottle made of borosilicate glass.

Yes, it is breakable and adds weight. But with proper care, this material can last longer, is more eco-friendly and easier to wash. Honestly, I prefer this glass cup over plastic as it is non-absorbent and stain-resistant.

There are also clear measurement markings on the side, so you can easily stick to your strict diet or follow your recipes to a tee.

Another improvement I noticed is the blade. Instead of the usual four-leaf cutter, this one has six.

The package includes two lids, too. One is a plain lid for blending, and the other comes with a carry strap for easy transport.

You can use the plain lid for drinking straight from the jar right after blending. Or flip the machine over, remove the motor, cover the other end with the second lid, and enjoy your drink anywhere.

Also, I love the slim motor base. Aside from its variety of colours (white, black, rose gold and silver), the stainless-steel construction gives it stability. Wiping it clean is also a breeze.

And for safety, your Blendaco blender won’t start if the bottle is not attached to the base. The USB charging port is water-resistant, too.


Blendaco does not only boast high-quality construction. Its blending power is equally impressive, too.

Instead of a 2000 mAh rechargeable battery, this one has 5000 mAh with 16,500 rpm. It charges fast and lasts longer, too.

The USB cable is also a metre long (1000 cm), so it is easier to find a convenient charging spot. There’s no USB adapter included, though.

But with a cable this long, you can use your laptop, power bank or car charger without issues.

Plus, it works with a 126-W, 7.4-V Japanese carbon steel motor for powerful and quiet operation. And you can shift to its nifty pulse mode if you want to add 50% more power to your blending cycle.


The powerful motor, battery life and six-leaf blade make the Blendaco blender one reliable and versatile appliance.

This portable blender runs a 45-second blending cycle before shutting off automatically. And it has no problem processing pre-cut fruits or vegetables and ice.

These ingredients suit the Regular mode, which works by tapping the blend button twice. For hard ingredients like nuts, the Pulse mode can add extra power to your blending cycle and prevent clogging.

All you have to do is to long press the blend button for 2 seconds and wait for the white light indicator. Once activated, fill your bottle as usual and blend.

The appliance will stay on Pulse mode as you keep using the blender. It will automatically revert to Regular mode after 5 seconds of inactivity.

Ease of Use and Versatility

Like other portable blenders, the Blendaco unit is very user-friendly. It’s easy to set up, operate and recharge when needed.

I like that it comes with two blending modes, too. It boosts functionality and makes it more adaptable to different food types and textures.

The Blendaco website is a treat for blender enthusiasts, too. Aside from the blender unit, the company also offers powder supplements that can power up your regular smoothies.

Useful accessories like a reusable straw set and insulated tote are also available.

But my favourite would have to be the optional hot lid accessory. This one releases the pressure that builds up when preparing hot blends.

With this lid, you can safely make cream soups, gravies and bulletproof coffee with the same blender.


The best way to wash your Blendaco unit is through its self-cleaning feature. Just fill one-fourth of the jar with water, then add up to two drops of dish soap.

Put the lid on and blend for 4 to 5 seconds. Dump the soapy water, and repeat the process to rinse. Then set the parts aside to dry.

For thorough cleaning, you can also handwash the parts and use the brush included for scrubbing tight corners.


If you want a mid-priced portable blender with premium features, consider getting a Blendaco unit. It’s powerful, versatile and easy to clean. The glass jar may be a travel risk, though. But with proper packing and care, this blender should give you lots of tasty blends for a long time.

Check on Amazon AU

Things to Consider When Buying a Portable Blender

I may have given you an idea of some of the best portable blenders in Australia. But ultimately, the best model should match your needs and preferences.

So, before picking and buying one, here are the portable blender features you should know.

Construction material

Portable blenders come in various attractive designs. But if you plan to use your blender often, you need to pay more attention to the quality of its parts.

For instance, most mini blenders have a BPA-free plastic cup or container. It is food-grade and durable. This material also makes the appliance lighter and less expensive.

But go for a glass cup if you prefer quieter blending and ease of cleaning. Note that this can affect product weight and cost.

Still, with proper care, it will last longer than its plastic counterparts.

Another thing you should check is the blade. Most tiny blenders come with durable steel blades, but they vary in grade, which affects strength and lifespan.

The number of blades is more crucial, though. Some have four, while others have six. And this can influence how fine your blended drinks will be or how well your blender can crush frozen ingredients.

Weight and dimension

While most portable blenders are travel friendly, some are larger or heavier than others. And it depends on their size and construction.

Light and compact blenders are for you if you like blending on the go. Ideally, choose one that allows you to bring the motor base along and drink directly from the blender.

However, a slightly bigger portable blender is better if you prefer to make smoothies at home.

Usually, these models have a detachable blending cup, so you can cover it with a separate lid and bring your drink anywhere.


The amount of ingredients your portable blender can process also dictates the size and weight. Typically, manufacturers measure the capacity in ounces or millilitres.

The choice depends on how much drink or food you want to make in one go.

But remember. You’ll work on solid foods in your blender, which can take up space.

And since you cannot fill the cup to the brim, you’ll likely produce drinks or smoothies less than the maximum capacity.

So, keep that in mind when choosing your blender and trying out recipes.

Power source

Portable blenders are for blending food wherever you are. And so, aside from their compact size, most models also have lithium-ion batteries that you can recharge through a USB cable connected to a laptop or power bank.

It’s more convenient, and you don’t have to worry about power voltage or adapters, especially when travelling abroad. You can even use a rechargeable blender in a campsite or wilderness.

Still, there are portable blenders you can plug into a wall socket. While their electric cords add clutter, wall-powered blenders typically have a more heavy-duty and stable motor.

Rechargeable batteries can only power your blender after a few blends. But you can opt for a blender with a higher mAh rating for longer battery life.

Wattage and RPM

The power of your blender blades depends on the appliance’s wattage and its revolutions per minute (RPM). Both factors suggest how fast the blades can spin and their ability to process hard ingredients like ice.

These also determine how long a blender can turn solid food into a fine blended drink or puree.

A portable blender with at least 250W is good enough to blend or crush small chunks of ice. An appliance with higher wattage will, of course, perform better.

Lower wattages can still process ice, but it will take longer.

As for RPM, this can range between 10,000 and 15,000 on the low end. High-end models usually have 35,000 rpm.

Safety features

Portable blenders are generally safe. Their design suits constant moving around and transport, after all.

But there are extra features that make these compact appliances better and safer. Some examples are:

  • Motor base with suction cups. Portable blenders are lightweight. And while in use, the blending vibration can make them move around, causing your delicious smoothie to spill. Having suction cups at the base or non-slip pads should keep your appliance (and drink) safe.
  • Auto shut-off. Mini blenders typically cannot blend for a long time as they tend to overheat and damage the motor. A machine that turns off automatically after some blending or idle time should solve this problem.
  • Sealed mechanical and electric parts. Smoothies can be messy to make. And without protected blender components, spills and splatters can ruin your appliance. So, check your blender options for water-resistant parts or rubber protection.
  • Blade attachment. Unlike full-size blenders with exposed blades, most portable ones have blades attached to the cup or container. So, there’s little to no risk of injury. Still, check how the blades are attached to ensure they won’t fall off or harm you easily.

Price and warranty

You can get a quality portable blender for $50 and below. More expensive ones can cost around $70 to $100.

But then again, high-end blenders are not always the best buy. Cheap blenders that do not last long are a waste of money, too.

So, choose something that suits your budget from an established manufacturer with good warranty coverage.

Ideally, pick models from local brands or those with an accessible office for easy after-sales service.

Mango LassiFAQs About Portable Blenders

Still unsure if a portable blender is for you? Perhaps, you’re wondering how to clean it or if it can make other things besides smoothies.

This FAQ section got your enquiries covered. You can also check out this article for other questions about this trendy blender.

What can I do with a portable blender?

Portable blenders are not only for making healthy smoothies and shakes. You can also use it to whip up homemade cream soups and salad dressings in small batches. They also make good bulletproof coffee, frozen dessert mixtures, and baby food.

Can a portable blender blend ice?

A high-powered portable blender can crush ice. This model typically works at 250W and 35,000 rpm. But generally, it is not advisable to do this in a mini blender. Rock-hard ice cubes can dull the blender blades and potentially scratch or damage the blending cup. Check your manual and this list of foods you shouldn’t put in your portable blender to make it last longer.

What are the benefits of portable blenders?

Portable blenders make it more convenient for you and your family to eat healthily by boosting your fruit and vegetable intake. These appliances also let you make homemade drinks, dressings and purees to save money or reduce packaging waste. They are also quieter and more affordable than a full-size blender – perfect for smaller households.

How do I clean a portable blender?

Start by filling your blender cup halfway with warm water, then add one to two drops of dish soap. Next, put the blender lid on and run it for up to 20 seconds. Dump the soapy water out, refill it with clean water, and then run again to rinse. Dump the water out and lay out the blender parts to air dry.

Is a portable blender better than a cold-press juicer?

Cold-press juicers remove the fibrous components of your fruits and vegetables, giving you nutritious juices that are not filling. On the other hand, portable blenders process the flesh and fibre of your ingredients, creating creamy and more filling beverages. The choice then depends on your kitchen needs and preferred food consistency.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best portable blender in Australia can be difficult, given the many models and brands available.

However, an in-depth evaluation shows that each has unique features and qualities to suit specific users.

There are compact portable blenders with limited blending abilities or capacities.

High-end models are pricey but typically more heavy-duty. Some suit travelling, while others work best in tiny kitchens.

Ultimately, your choice should depend on your needs and preferences. A little research should help you find the portable blending machine you’ll love using every day!