Do you have any plans for your Easter celebration yet? If decorated Easter eggs are part of your festivities, then this list of decorating ideas is just perfect. Oh, and we’re skipping plain old painted Easter eggs for now. This year, put the family’s creative juices to work and add a twist to your traditional Easter egg hunt! Here are some unique and “egg-ceptional” designs to try.

1. Fairy Easter Eggs

This fun idea will turn your ordinary chicken eggs into rainbows! Prep a bowl of 100’s and 1000’s, craft glue, paintbrushes and some paper towels. Next, tell the kids to paint half of the hard-boiled egg with glue, then dip the sticky part into your bowl of sprinkles.

Let it dry on paper towels while working on the rest. Once set, continue covering the other half. The sprinkles make colouring Easter eggs a hundred times quicker but a thousand times fun! Alternatively, substitute the sprinkles with pieces of craft paper to make confetti-dipped Easter eggs.

2. Bunny Eggs

Easter holiday is not complete without bunny-shaped treats and décor. So, for your decorated Easter eggs, turning them into fluffy bunnies is a great idea! Prepare some white and brown hard-boiled eggs, then look for pom-poms and pipe cleaners of the same colour.

Shape the pipe cleaners into bunny ears, then use tacky glue to attach them to each pom-pom to form the bunny head. Once dry, glue the bunny head to the narrow end of the egg. Allow the bunny heads to dry completely before decorating them with bows or googly eyes. You can add bunny butts, too, if you like!

3. Wrapped Easter Eggs

For a less messy but extra crafty option, wrap your hard-boiled eggs with fuzzy pipe cleaners. You can do one with a single colour, then try making an ombre effect for the other. But I’m sure the kids will prefer sparkly and multicoloured wires for this egg decorating project.

Just remember to carefully wrap the pipe cleaners around the egg and put small glue dots as you go. If you don’t have enough fuzzy wires, you can use rolls of baker’s twine. These threads are thinner but easier to wrap around. Have fun trying all sorts of colour combinations!

4. Animal Eggs

Kids love pets and animals, so why not make decorated Easter eggs with ears, fur and whiskers out of craft materials? You can use paper, yarn and even muffin liners for decorating. For grown-up Easter eggs, you can cut out small butterflies or bunnies using a paper puncher, then stick them all over the egg with glue. But for the kids, go all out and create your mini zoo or circus!

Simply Mumma_Decorated Easter Eggs with Circus Troop

5. Pressed Flower Eggs

Decorated Easter eggs are not only for the kids. Grown-ups will surely appreciate getting one as a gift, too. Here’s an idea: make them extra dainty by covering your hard-boiled eggs with pressed blossoms and leaves!

Glue your pretty appliques onto the shell and allow them to dry. Once set, paint more glue on top of the flowers to seal. You can keep the eggs’ natural colour or paint them in pastel shades to make your pressed flowers pop.

6. Stamped Easter Eggs

If you got small rubber stamps in your craft box, they’re perfect for colouring Easter eggs, too. Just grab some edible food markers (you can get them from baking stores), colour the rubber pad, then stamp away! Stamp the eggs with mini hearts, flower, polka dots or any design you like. Small sketch rubber stamps are excellent, too. The kids can use the food markers to fill in the outlines.

7. Mosaic Easter Eggs

Easter egg mosaic patterns may look complicated to make. They do take some time and patience, but the results are stunning! Here, you’ll need clean and dry white eggshells (with membrane taken out), food colouring, vinegar, a spoon, craft glue and hard-boiled eggs.

In a glass bowl, combine water, some vinegar and food colouring. The vinegar helps the colouring stick to the shell. Put the eggshells into your colour mixture. Then leave them there for a few minutes until you get the shade that you want. Spoon them out and allow them to dry. When ready, smash them with a spoon, then stick the pieces to your hard-boiled egg with glue.

8. Garden Easter Eggs

The best design for me would have to be gathering some herbs or wildflowers from the garden and tying them around the egg with a string. It’s perfectly chic, romantic and eco-friendly! I especially like using lavender for its pretty purple flowers and sweet scent. But feel free to use any fresh flowers or greens for this gorgeous DIY project.

Simply Mumma_Decorated Easter Eggs with Flowers and Greens

9. Washi Tape Easter Eggs

Do you collect washi tapes? Put them to use this Easter! Cut them into small strips, and stick them around the eggs to decorate. You can cut them into triangles for a fiesta effect, create zigzag patterns or overlap the strips to make a collage.

If you want, dye the eggs first before decorating them with matching washi tapes. I love using the glittery ones, but you may need some craft glue to make them stick. Also, make sure to work with cooled hard-boiled eggs to make the tapes adhere to the shell.

10. Fruit and Veggie Eggs

Your kids may not like having veggies for dinner. But I’m sure they won’t mind decorating and colouring Easter eggs into carrots or radishes! Use food colour and markers to create your veggie body, then cut out strips of crepe or tissue paper to make the leaves or stems.

You can make egg strawberries and pineapples, too. Oh, and did you know that you can use certain veggies like red cabbage to colour your eggs? You can check out this article for a step-by-step tutorial. Happy Easter!