No counter space for prep? Groceries all over the place? Clutter can easily make a tiny kitchen look even smaller. So, I decided to list down some practical small kitchen organisation hacks you can do!

With these ideas, you’ll be looking at clean and orderly cabinets, drawers and bench in no time. Your newly organised kitchen should help you be a more efficient mum and money-saver, too.

Ideas for Cabinets

1. Use the top, back, side and bottom of cabinets

Applying small kitchen organisation ideas means making the most of every unused space. Good thing your kitchen cabinets have lots! Here are some suggestions:

  • Store things on top. If you have large pots or appliances that you don’t use often, the top of your cabinets is the best storage spot. You can also use labelled baskets for storing knick-knacks to make things easy to slide or pull out.
  • Stick adhesive hooks on the inside. You can use those metal racks that you can hang on cabinet doors, too. This hack is ideal for lightweight items like dish towels, oven mitts, spice jars or cooking utensils.
  • Add a rack or row of hooks at the side. This one works for your tall, sturdy cabinets. Since it’s an exposed storage area, you can use this spot for hanging a wine rack or cleaning tools like brooms. I use this technique on my fridge, too, for my magnetic spice rack.
  • Install magnetic strips at the bottom. Do this hack if you have hanging kitchen cabinets at home. The magnetic strip should hold light jars with metal lids – perfect for organising dry herbs and spices!

2. Create levels using shelf risers

A common problem with kitchen cabinets is unused vertical space. While you can use stackable containers, it’s quicker, not to mention safer, when you can grab or pull things out with ease.

Putting shelf risers or inserts inside is a better alternative. This small kitchen organisation idea should double your cabinet space by giving it a second tier. It’s perfect for storing breakables, too, like dinnerware or jars.

You can also use shelf risers in the fridge or on your counter space. If you’re buying some, make sure to get the proper material (e.g., metal, chrome, acrylic) and size.

Simply Mumma_Small Kitchen Organisation Idea for Cabinets

3. Store pans and bakeware sideways

Do you create a mini avalanche each time you grab a pan or tin at the bottom of the stack? I do! Aside from the sudden clangs and bangs, nesting or stacking your metal wares will cause scratches and dents.

What you can do is install a tension rod inside your cabinet. Then use hooks to hang your frying pans and store them sideways. As for the pot lids, cutting boards and baking trays, organise them in adjustable cookware racks.

Arranging your pans in a neat file should increase your storage space and make things easier to find.

Ideas for Drawers

4. Make drawer compartments

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can make custom drawer dividers for your cutlery, kitchen utensils and other similar items. Having a place for everything is key to keeping your drawer neat and organised.

Plus, you get to avoid rummaging for that tiny peeler or your favourite coffee spoon. But if you’re not into carpentry stuff, store-bought drawer organisers work, too.

Like your shelf risers, make sure you’re picking the appropriate organiser material and size, depending on where you plan to use it.

5. Nest plasticware

Plastic containers and bowls are generally sturdy. So, you can safely stack and nest similarly sized plastic items to save space.

Alternatively, you can purchase a food container rack, then arrange bowls and lids in a neat file. I prefer the ones with adjustable dividers, so I can keep my containers secure no matter their size.

6. Fit in a wooden pegboard system

Do you have deep drawers in your kitchen? Here are small kitchen organisation ideas you can do. You can either buy or make a wood pegboard for your plates or stockpots.

The pegs should keep your tall stack of breakables secure. Plus, they double as dividers to prevent things from bumping onto each other. Alternatively, you can use adjustable plate holders as well.

Simply Mumma_Small Kitchen Organisation Idea for Backsplash

Ideas for the Bench and Backsplash

7. Install a pegboard on the wall

A pegboard not only works for drawers. It’s also ideal for your blank wall space or backsplash. This idea is great for freeing up cabinet or drawer space and hanging things like small kitchen tools or long utensils.

If you plan to have one for your backsplash, use it for items that you use often. For a kitchen wall pegboard, use it for hanging large pans, serving boards or colanders.

No matter how you use it, the spot can work as an accent wall or functional décor. And since you can adjust the pegs, you can reorganise items as you see fit.

8. Mount backsplash racks or baskets

A pegboard may be too much if you don’t have that many items to hang or put on display. A good alternative is to install a wire rack or baskets instead.

Use sturdy ones as they are more versatile. Once in place, these are excellent for corralling your coffee or cooking condiments, spice jars or spare kitchen towels.

Another small kitchen organisation hack is to put up a magnetic knife strip on your backsplash. Either of these ideas should make your kitchen countertop spacious and free from clutter.

9. Use a Lazy Susan for worktops

I love this idea for organising kitchen essentials like cooking oil, salt and pepper. You can position it somewhere near your stovetop for easy access.

This hack also applies to deep cabinets or inside your fridge. Since you can rotate a Lazy Susan, you don’t need to stretch your arm to grab things at the back.

10. Make use of the kitchen windowsill

A small ledge can work as extra storage, too. If you have one near your kitchen sink, use it for organising cleaning supplies like soap and sponges.

You can also put a slim dish rack here as extra space for drying plates. Seasoned home cooks can put their small pots of herbs or stacks of cookbooks on this spot, too.

Simply Mumma_Small Kitchen Organisation Idea for Dinnerware

General Small Kitchen Organisation Tips

Aside from clever kitchen storage ideas, there are also habits you can do to make your tiny space orderly.

  • Create kitchen zones. For example, assign an area for food storage, prep and cooking, plates and cutlery, and cleaning. This tip will make it easy to check your supplies and avoid overpacking your cabinets or drawers.
  • Avoid cookware and dinnerware duplicates. You do not need five coffee mugs or ten dinner plates if you’re only two in the household. You will save more space if you dispose of, sell or donate any overlap.
  • Buy multipurpose appliances. It will save not only space but also money.
  • Minimise packaging. Ideally, go zero-waste when grocery shopping. But, if it’s unavoidable, transfer the contents in airtight containers. Also, condense what you can and stick to pantry items you regularly use. The less clutter, the bigger your kitchen will look, and cleaner, too!