Christmas is almost here! And celebrating this silly season won’t be complete without decking your house with all things festive and sparkly. With most of us staying at home longer, why not pass the time doing something fun, like making gorgeous DIY Christmas decor? Bring out your Christmas craft supplies (and creative juices), play some holiday music and set up your little workshop! These Christmas decorating ideas will have your home looking pretty and nice.

I know. Buying store-bought decor for Christmas is more convenient and less time-consuming. But homemade decorations are cheaper, and they are nothing like you’ll find at the stores. More importantly, holiday crafting is a great excuse to bond with the family. And even if everyone at home has zero crafting skills, there are lots of fun ideas that even kids can do. Here are a few to kick-start the DIY Christmas spirit in you.

1. Bauble Centrepiece

This one is ideal for your bare coffee or side tables. If you have one too many Christmas baubles to dress up your tree, you can always upcycle them into a DIY Christmas decor. All you need is a clear glass vase or trifle bowl. Even a white tiered cake stand or fishbowl will work. Then fill your container with your extra baubles. Pine cones or candy canes are great add-ons, too. It will look even better if you combine colours that match your theme.

TIP: If you plan to use the centrepiece for your dining table, you can stick big and small baubles to medium-size candle holders. When you can, use glitter-covered baubles for this project. They’ll give your Christmas table that extra festive feeling, especially when you light up the candles!

2. Christmas Branch Door Hanger

Here’s something you can use in place of the usual Christmas wreath. Ask your Santa helpers at home to gather some twigs or branches. Meanwhile, look for natural decor that you might already have: wooden ornaments, pine cones or evergreen sprigs. You can add dried citrus and cinnamon sticks, too. Then use twine to put your door hanger together. Alternatively, you can turn this DIY Christmas decor idea into a garland with wooden clothespins to clip your ornaments.

TIP: You can use long and thin twigs to make a makeshift Christmas tree or bouquet. Just gather enough to fill a tin or vase then arrange it as you would any floral arrangement. Decorating it with fairy lights and baubles can instantly turn it into a statement piece!

Simply Mumma_DIY Christmas Decor Ideas with Natural Ornaments

3. Orange Pomander Candles

Although a citrus pomander is a traditional DIY Christmas decor that represents winter, its scent is still fantastic during Australian summertime. So, take this clove-studded freshener to the next level by making it into a tea-light holder. Use a paring knife to cut the orange and make a hole big enough for the candle to fit in. This decor will keep your kitchen smelling nice before you even start your Christmas baking spree.

TIP: If you’d rather eat and enjoy the orange, cinnamon bark is another option. You can use twine or decorative ribbons to wrap the bark around your votive or pillar candles. Just make sure to place them somewhere safe and to take extra care when lighting them.

4. Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments

No talent for anything that involves a needle and thread? Don’t worry! You can still make something fabulous with felt. I especially like this fabric as it’s easy to work with and doesn’t fray. Plus, even rough running stitches should be alright with this sewing project. Search online for simple patterns or templates you can do. Then embellish your Christmas ornaments with buttons, sequins or beads. You can keep them monochrome or go all-out festive with bright colours!

TIP: Aside from tree decor, you can also make Christmas stockings, DIY wreaths, fridge magnets or garlands out of this material. It’s perfect for making DIY gifts, too.

5. Christmas Topiary

In case you have no room at home for a large Christmas tree, this DIY topiary is a great alternative. All you need is a branch, Styrofoam sphere, artificial moss, cinnamon bark and a glue gun. You can decorate your DIY tree with embellishments of your choice. Also, you can make it as small or big as you want, depending on where you’re placing it.

TIP: You can use this to decorate your foyer or entryway table. I would usually place a cookie jar or candy dish right next to it to welcome guests. Just make sure to refill it!

Simply Mumma_DIY Christmas Decor Ideas with Craft Materials

Christmas decorations don’t have to be store-bought or brand new every time. With a little DIY know-how, you can add a personalised touch to every corner of your home. Even your holiday presents can be fabulous without the extra cost. Check out this list for practical Christmas gift ideas.