Pollen particles, dust, bush fire smoke and viruses are outdoor pollutants that endanger the air we breathe. Unfortunately, these can enter any indoor space. It’s a good thing that an air purifier can give us protection.

Because aside from clearing the air from cooking fumes or pet odour, this device can also repel allergens. Here are the many benefits of air purifiers for our household and workplace.

Residential or Living Spaces

Asthma attack prevention

According to an Australian Bureau of Statistics report in 2018, about 11% of the population is asthmatic. Common asthma triggers include outdoor and indoor pollutants, tobacco smoke, respiratory infections and chemical irritants.

And while cleaning and vacuuming can lessen these indoor allergens, some remain in the air. Others can cling to your clothes, too.

An air purifier with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter can help in this case. This filter has multiple fibreglass threads that can catch harmful particles.

Some devices even have replaceable pre-filters. These trap larger particulate to keep your house purifiers efficient in reducing asthma symptoms and risks.

Odour neutralisation

Tobacco smoke, cooking fumes and our pets are the usual sources of off-odour at home.

Our bodies naturally react to these smells and, in some cases, can lead to allergies. These can also expose kids to second-hand cigarette smoke and affect their respiratory health.

Having air purifiers with HEPA and activated carbon filters can prevent these from happening. The device can strain common airborne pollutants and keep your room smelling clean.

With an efficient air purifier, you can welcome guests minus the unpleasant odours!

Reduced insect infestation

While you can always use natural bug repellents, a residential air purifier can drive insects away, too. You see, off-odours in the air can attract mosquitoes and flies into our home.

As these air cleansing devices remove unpleasant smells, they also deter bugs in the process. In turn, we also get to protect our family from worrisome ailments like malaria.

Simply Mumma_Benefits of an Air Purifier at Work

Contaminant control

If your house is in the city, you get regular exposure to pollution. Chemicals like carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide can easily enter your indoor environment.

And once they do, you are increasing your chances of developing conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. People who use household cleaners are at risk of chemical exposure as well.

These agents may contain phthalates, ammonia and chlorine that can result in cancer, heart disease or neurological issues.

You can use an air purifier with activated carbon filters to control these chemical pollutants. This type is capable of capturing toxins and restoring indoor air quality.

Better sleep

Among other air purifier benefits, this one is a personal favourite! We know that lack of adequate sleep can make us less productive and irritable.

And a contaminated indoor air space can make our sleep issues worse. That’s because dust particles, fungi and bacteria can lead to runny nose, coughs and throat irritation. All of which can disrupt a good night’s rest.

HEPA air cleaners or purifiers can filter out these airborne allergens and keep your bedroom more sleep-friendly. Most devices produce a relaxing humming sound that induces sleep, too.

Healthcare Facilities

Reduced risk of disease transmission

Different people come in and out of health facilities that tiny pathogens can quickly accumulate and, eventually, spread. Thus, catching airborne diseases like the flu or common cold after a hospital visit is very likely.

However, placing air purifiers with HEPA filters in these places can lessen the bacterial and viral load. People who are already sick or with low immunity get protection as well.

Moreover, sick days among healthcare workers will become less frequent. We need healthy doctors and nurses, after all, to overcome an outbreak or pandemic!

Lower VOCs

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are high in medical facilities. Typical sources include ethanol, alcohol, aerosol sprays and air fresheners.

While these clean and disinfect establishments, constant exposure to these substances can affect our health. Patients and hospital staff can inhale them and experience nausea, allergic symptoms and rhinitis.

An air purifier can eliminate these VOCs, protect people and allow health facilities to disinfect every nook and cranny.

Simply Mumma_Benefits of an Air Purifier in Buildings

Schools and Buildings

Improved airflow

The COVID-19 pandemic may have affected school, business and office activities. But as establishments are gradually reopening, owners and operators need to implement extra safety measures.

Ensuring better airflow, for example, is a priority. And air purifiers can be a big help.

Old buildings, in particular, typically have no HEPA filtration systems in place. A high-grade air purifier can keep these places free from indoor air pollutants.

Enhanced productivity

Colds and flu are common during winter. While in spring, allergy symptoms are high. And if we work or study in a place with poor air quality, the effects are worse.

Students are likely to be less productive in school, while employees may call in sick more often. Workers may even experience itchy throat, skin irritation and dizziness, or the sick building syndrome.

An air purifier can then improve the ventilation of classrooms or office spaces. And when the occupants feel more comfortable, sick days and distractions are lower.

Elimination of harmful chemicals

Did you know that building materials like soil and rocks can emit a radioactive element called radon? Cracks on floors and walls release this colourless and odourless gas.

Old buildings may also shed over time and spread asbestos particles into the air. Breathing in either chemical can be dangerous.

That’s because radon and asbestos are carcinogenic. These can also cause cell and tissue scarring, swelling and lung diseases. Air purifiers can trap these toxins and reduce harmful effects.

Keep in mind that contacting professionals to seal cracks or remove asbestos particles is also key to creating healthier spaces.


Air purifiers are more than devices that help reduce indoor air pollution. These can also protect our well-being, so we can feel good and work productively. It contributes to a longer, happy life, too!

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