Going on an outdoor adventure is more exciting with the whole family. But, if you’re travelling with your baby, one thing you should not forget to pack is a camping high chair.

It’s different from regular high chairs as its construction and design suit various terrains. However, there are several outdoor chair options available.

If you plan to buy one, this brief guide should help you find the perfect tiny throne!

Why Get a Camping High Chair

Now, you might be wondering whether you need to get a camp chair or not. If you enjoy going on a family camping trip, having a beach day or spending time at the park, then a chair for babies is a must.

For one thing, an adult chair is too big and unstable for infants or toddlers. With a baby seat, your tiny tot doesn’t have to sit on the ground or your lap.

A baby camping chair with straps protects your child while you set up the tent or do camp chores, too.

Of course, mealtimes with a view are better and less stressful with this outdoor gear. It will also come in handy every time you dine in a restaurant or visit Grandma.

Things to Look for in a Camping High Chair

Regular high chairs typically suit level hardwood or carpeted surfaces. Outdoor terrain, however, is uneven and unpredictable.

That’s why you need to match your chair for camping with your preferred adventure. Its construction, design and features should adapt to varying situations as well.

Here are some factors that can help you choose and decide.

Simply Mumma_Camping High Chair Type

Type of Camping High Chair

The following are some types of chairs that suit most outdoor venues.

Plastic booster seat

A booster seat needs to be strapped safely to another chair. This option is non-foldable and can be bulky, too.

But, if you love camping, having picnics on the grass or sitting on a sandy beach, then this one is ideal. It’s stable on the ground and provides good back support.

I like that it’s easy to clean, too. This durable camping chair also gives the most value for money as you can use it indoors.

Folding camp chair

This type is like your regular camping chair for adults, only cuter and baby-sized! Its fabric seat and back make this choice light, compact and easy to wipe clean.

I like that there are models with a built-in or detachable tray. Some come with cup holders, too. The only problem with a folding chair is that the fabric can sag, pulling the food tray to the side.

If you’re getting a foldable seat, look for one with a 5-point harness to keep your baby safe.

Portable high chair

Are you after versatility? Then a portable seat is the best type for you as it suits indoor and outdoor use.

Also, some options come with extra features that match your baby’s specific needs. Ideally, choose one with four legs for stability.

Assembly can be time-consuming, though. It’s not the most compact chair type, either. Plus, it typically includes several parts, making clean-up a bit tedious.

Age Compatibility

This factor is vital as babies grow up fast in just a few short months. Their camping chair must then provide ample head and neck support plus match their height.

A portable or travel bouncer, for example, is excellent for infants. On the other hand, a seat with a food tray suits weaning babies.

Ideally, choose a camping high chair that works for your child up to toddler age. That way, you won’t have to buy a replacement each time your little one outgrows his old one.

Simply Mumma_Camping High Chair for Infants

Weight Capacity

Your baby will quickly gain weight once he starts eating solids. And he needs a sturdy chair to support his tiny growing body.

So, check the seat’s maximum weight limit as well as its construction material. While age is a reliable gauge, keep in mind some babies are heavier for their actual age.

To be sure, consider both age and weight factors when choosing.

Stability and Safety Features

Both age and weight capacity indicate how stable a baby camping high chair is. But you need to check other product details, too, to ensure safety.

The straps, for example, will protect your baby from sliding out or falling off his seat. Some will have a 3-point harness with straps for the shoulders and legs.

Others will have a more secure 5-point harness that secures your baby’s hips aside from his shoulders and legs. Make sure to base your choice on the seat type and your child’s mobility.

The feet and legs of the seat are also crucial points for safety and stability. Check whether both have good traction on most surfaces.

Lastly, ensure that the camping chair meets the Australian Standards.

Size and Portability

A compact chair is easier to pack and fits most cars or tents. It’s even better when it takes no time to assemble.

Babies can quickly become impatient when it is time to eat. So, you would want a portable chair that’s up and ready in seconds.

If you frequently travel with your baby, look for a lightweight option that is easy to grab in a hurry, too.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning up outdoors can be a hassle. So, choose a product that is wipe or hose-down-friendly to tackle those spills and smears.

Assess the design as well. Steer clear of seats with lots of hard-to-reach nooks. These are only prone to food or dust build-up.

Keep in mind that anything that requires frequent and thorough cleaning will likely degrade faster.

Simply Mumma_Camping High Chair Cleaning and Maintenance

Value for Money

Go for a quality camping chair if your baby spends most of his time outdoors. On the other hand, mid-range options are ideal for your just-in-case and one-off trip.

Make sure to match the seat with your baby’s usual destinations, too. If I were to choose, I’d buy one that I can use both indoors and out. How about you?

Final Thoughts

Our babies won’t stay little for long. So, when you can, bond and spend time with them outdoors.

A safe and comfy camping high chair is what you need to make the most of this momentous phase!

Is your little one showing signs of high-chair readiness? Read on this review and buying guide next to check your options.