Best Pressure Cookers Australia 2024


Pressure Cooker comes in many forms. Most of them function as part of a multi-cooker. Multi-cooker is a life saver dare I say. It is so versatile I can cook pretty much anything, and they will still taste good. A little bit about myself, my side of the family is about twice the size of Mr Mark’s. When it comes to family gatherings, I like to cook yummy and nutritious food for them so we would invite everybody to our home.

Lots of preparation needs to be done and when it comes to cooking meat, I love using pressure cooker. It cooks food quickly and makes the meat very tender. Not to mention, all I need to do is to chuck all the ingredients into the pressure cooker and let it do its thing. Easy!

A Guide to Buying the Best Pressure Cooker

Knowing there are many pressure cookers out there, it can be a daunting task to choose the best one for your need. Thus, I have short-listed several of the very best pressure cookers in Australia to make things easier for you.

ImageModel NameFeaturesWhere to Buy

Instant Pot Duo Nova Electric Multi-Use Pressure Cooker

  • Advanced 7 in 1 Multi-Use Pressure Cooker
  • Includes 14 one-touch smart programs
  • 3 Layered Stainless-Steel Inner Cooking Pot
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Breville The Fast Slow Pro Multi Cooker, Brushed Stainless Steel BPR700BSS

  • Hands-free steam release
  • 8 Pressure levels
  • 3 Way Safety System
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CrockPot Express Crock Multi-Cooker

  • 7 Fast Cook settings
  • A 5.7-litre non-stick cooking pot
  • It has an airtight locking lid
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Kambrook Pressure Express Cooker, Brushed Stainless Steel, KPR820BSS

  • It has a 4 Hours auto keep-warm function
  • Pressure cooker and slow cooker in one
  • Includes audible alerts including chimes to indicate lid lock
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1. Instant Pot Duo Nova Electric Multi-Use Pressure Cooker

This cooker is my very top pick because of its overall functionality. This is perfect for multitasking because it is a multi-function cooker with 7 types of cooking methods such as pressure cooking, slow cooking, as a rice cooker, steamer, saute pan, yogurt maker and just as a food warmer.

Not only it is great for multi-tasking, it is also time-saving as it cooks food faster than it would normally take in a traditional cooker. It is also very space-saving considering you do not really any of those appliances separately as it functions as one now. Great option for those who want more space in their kitchen.

The Instant Pot Duo Nova also has 2 Smart Programs for you to choose from when it comes to cooking. They are the Poultry Smart Program and the Meat/Stew Smart Program. Each to their own, these cooking programs make the meat so much tender and scrumptious with excellent texture within shorter amount of time. Can’t say I don’t love using it for large family events.

In addition, With 3 litre, 5.7 litre, and 8 litre capacity options you can choose from, this cooker is very easy and straightforward to use. It has very easy to read icons for choosing the best function you need. There is no need to flip through pages of instructions to find out what icon represents what function. Taking out all the guess work, it is as easy as that!

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2. Breville The Fast Slow Pro Multi Cooker, Brushed Stainless Steel BPR700BSS

The Breville Fast Slow Pro model may sound funny, but it is what it is, literally. It is capable of managing both fast and slow cooking very well. Precise pressure cooking can be done thanks to its dual sensor locating at the top and bottom of the cooker. These sensors can monitor the ingredients enabling it to automatically adjusts the time, temperature and pressure between fast and slow cooking.

Just like most multi cookers, this cooker can do five preset menu options. They are pressure cooking, steam, slow cook, reduce, saute and sear. All these functions can be easily done with a touch of button. It also has an interactive LCD display showing the information needed for cooking.

In terms of safety, the Breville Fast Slow Pro comes with a 3 Way safety system. They are safety locking lid, hands free auto steam release, and safety valve. It can be quite daunting cooking with pressure cookers when it comes to releasing of hot steam as it can easily burn your delicate hands.

This safety feature is quite handy because all you need to do is keep your hands out of the way and let it do its thing. Another feature of this multicooker is the easy cleaning and it is dishwasher safe.

With 6 litre capacity, overall, this cooker is a great appliance to add on to any one’s home as it makes life so much easier.

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3. CrockPot Express Crock Multi-Cooker

Similar to the Breville Fast Slow Pro, the CrockPot Express Crock also has a 5-in-1 function. They are pressure cooking, saute, slow cook, steam and as a rice cooker. Of course, they are time and space saving since it replaces most of the traditional appliances you have at home.

Besides those functions, the CrockPot also features 7 one touch meal setting. These are super handy for those who are running short on time or just having a pure laziness creeping in. The cooker also cooks up to 70% faster compared to when using traditional cooking appliances.

In addition to being dishwasher safe, the CrockPot Multi Cooker has another feature that you would not want to miss. When it comes to safety features, the CrockPot Express Crock inventor surely have thought this through since the airtight locking lid remains locked until pressure is released. You can use this pressure cooker with ease knowing the lid will not get unlocked unless the pressure has been properly released.

All in all, this cooker is good as a basic pressure multicooker.

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4. Kambrook Pressure Express Cooker, Brushed Stainless Steel, KPR820BSS

The Kambrook Pressure Cooker is also good for those who want a basic pressure cooker in the kitchen. It has all the required functions such as pressure cooking, slow cooking, saute and keep warm. It also has a digital control panel with pre-set cooking functions. The pre-set cooking times are easily customisable too because they can be adjusted manually to your liking.

It’s auto keep warm function works up to 4 hours, which is great if you had prepared a meal early and let it stay warm until dinner time. Another feature of the Kambrook’s, it has audible alerts to indicate the locking of lid. I think it is quite useful for the user to know if the lid is fully locked or not for safety reasons when using the pressure cooker.

When it comes to safety, this cooker has 3 levels of safety elements in placed during cooking process. Firstly, the lid will stay locked during cooking and cannot be opened during that time. Next, it has a steam release valve that controls the degree of pressure and steam release. Lastly, in case the steam release valve is unable to release pressure due to blockage, the pressure safety valve will be activated to release pressure.

Like other multicookers, the Kambrook Pressure Cooker’s cooking bowl is also removable and safe for dishwasher.

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8 Things to Consider When Buying a Pressure Cooker

There are a lot of similarities with pressure cookers on the market, but there are a few essential variations and features you should keep an eye on. I have listed several things to keep in mind when shopping to help you find the right pressure cooker for your needs.

  • Safety Measures

Every pressure cooker that you purchase should have a clean and secure lid and sturdy handles that are easy to grip, which ensures that you risk not dropping it. Your pressure cooker should also be fitted with precision valve pressure regulators that provide that enough steam is released and regulate the inner pressure during cooking.

You also want to find a pressure cooker with the lid locking mechanism for your peace of mind. If you remove the cover from a pressure cooker, you will probably end up with a few burns from the splattered food and steam while cooking.

  • Capacity

You will remember two main things when thinking about the size of your pressure cooker: how much food you want to make at once and how much room you have in your kitchen. The latter is a little easier to handle with a cooker, which can usually be packed with your cups and pans.

Though an electric pressure cooker is a bit trickier because of you need to have enough counter space for it. The cooker’s efficiency is generally measured in quarters. These can range from small to extra-large, like most kitchen appliances.

  • Valve

The pressure control valve on your cooker is an essential part of making its use safe. Nevertheless, different pressure cookers offer wide range of valves for this reason. The spring valve is an emergency valve which helps you to know the level of pressure.

It is available on the most superior pressure cookers and is valued by many consumers because it is the quietest option and less energy consumption. You may also find pressure cooker models with weighted valves or adjusted weighted valves, but both do the job, but through rocking motion, you are aware of the pressure levels, which can become noisy and require close attention.

  • Price

There are many explanations for the price differences. Some of the leading products use higher quality material from which the pressure cooker is made, its scale, its prestige, and the corresponding accessories.

Electric pressure cookers tend to be a bit more costly, although this is not a hard and fast rule. Before you go to the cheapest option, study, in many cases, spending a little time researching on your pressure cooker will save you money on energy costs over time.

  • Material

Pressure cookers are more costly and more substantial in inox steel but are known for their durability. Aluminium versions are lightweight and have a lower price, but the weaker material supports their shorter life cycle.

While stainless steel is widely considered the superior model, it is more evenly cooked by aluminium. Many stainless steel models come with a layered base, so you’re looking for a model with this feature if you use stainless steel.

  • PSI

PSI is the indicator of how much pressure you can cook with your pressuriser. The unofficial pressure-cooking standard is 15 PSI–most of the recipes you find are here to use. Ideally, a pressure cooker up to 15 PSI is to be found.

Many stovetop pressure cookers can reach that level, but there is only 10 or 12 PSI on many electric pressure cookers. With these, the advantages of a pressure cooker are still available in contrast to other cooking types.

  • Brand Matters

All pressure cookers will eventually wear and tear over time, and parts must be replaced. For example, a silicone ring in the inner lid usually lasts 18-24 months–more rarely smaller components of a safety valve will also have to be replaced.

Buy your pressure cooker from a long-standing company with a reputation and customer service so that you can track and purchase these wear components when necessary. Don’t store these pieces–even though they are not used, they age.

  • Pressure Settings

At least two pressure cooking modes should refer to a pressure cooker. “High pressure” on meats, legumes, and whatever is dense and “low pressure” on fish, ovens, and al dente veggies and pasta for a long time to cook.

Most pressure cookers have a deck switch to pick the cooking settings; others have several rings to choose from, while the electric pressure cookers allow you to push a button for the pressure settings.


  • Why would you use a pressure cooker?

A cooker reduces cooking time to 1/3 (or more). In 20-40 minutes, a roast, which usually takes 2-3 hours, is ready, soaked chickpeas take only 13 minutes, and more! It also conserves 50% more nutrients. Research showed that pressure cooking preserves more vitamins and minerals than pressure-free steaming and microwave cooking!

Get details about the nutrition of pressure cookers. A pressure cooker uses 70 % less gas, electricity, and water.  The energy efficiency of pressurized stoves is equivalent to the energy savings from switching to energy-saving bulbs.

So, it’s time to change your cookware if you improve the lightbulbs of your house to save money! There are no more glitter and sprinkling. Cooking in a sealed container ensures that no discharges need to be collected from the stovetop or oven.  Therefore, most cooker bases are suitable for dishwashing.

  • What is the difference between a pressure cooker and a slow cooker?

Slow cookers and pressure cookers are excellent hand cooking devices. These efficient appliances lift slowly to braise and stew hard cuts of meat, cooking beans, and so much more. What separates these two machines is the speed at which food is cooked. Find a pressure cooker as a fast cooker, as opposed to the slow cooker.

These very different cooking methods mean that the recipes produced for each tool are not directly translated. While the same recipe book may be provided in each unit, certain variables such as liquid quantity and cooking time must be changed. It means that both a slow cooker and a pressure cooker can be used.

  • Does pressure cooking destroy nutrients?

All cooking methods minimise the nutritional quality of food to some degree, but research provides reasons for and against pressure cooking. Because the cooking is not using much higher temperature and the cooking time is reduced, nutrient losses take less time.

Pressure cooking can, therefore, help retain nutrients than other cooking methods. It has advantages other than merely keeping nutrients. Pressure and cooling potatoes turn starches into’ resistant’ materials that the body uses, such as fibres, contributing to lower fats and blood cholesterol.

Pressure-cooked foods are also more delicious as they contain more vitamins and nutrients. Therefore, cooking pressure destroys bacteria that cause foodborne diseases. Finally, pressure cooking makes frozen meats safe to cook.


Even experienced cooks are usually somewhat intimidated by pressure cookers. The word “pressure” can discard some, and others just don’t know how to use it to pressure cook food.

Nonetheless, understanding what a pressure cooker is and how to cook properly with it will open a whole world of kitchen opportunities. Such flexible devices can make all kinds of stews, cakes, and curries.

Eventually, not all pressure cookers are identical, but it’s not hard to shop for the right one.

If you have been searching for “best pressure cooker Australia” in Google, I hope after reading the reviews above, you can decide which one is the good fit for your home and offers value for money.

Ellie Marks