Expectant mums go through many body changes, from a growing baby bump down to our two sore feet. Then there’s the hormonal swing that makes us extra sweaty. And while we can shop for new comfortable clothes, we can also opt for more cost-efficient alternatives like a maternity dress for hire. The GlamCorner maternity collection and membership plan are perfect for mums looking for fashionable pieces suitable for everyday wear or a special occasion. Read on and find out how its dress hire service in Australia can help mums-to-be get that chic look for less!

Why opt for a Maternity Dress for Hire?

Being pregnant doesn’t mean we have to resort to wearing oversized shirts and sweat pants. With all the body discomforts we have to go through, the last thing we want is to feel and look even more unpleasant. But considering that you only get to wear maternity clothes for a few weeks or months, shopping for new ones doesn’t seem ideal. With a baby coming plus a lot of incoming lifestyle-changing expenses, mums need to make smart buying choices.

A maternity dress for hire solves this dilemma. It’s a cheaper and more sustainable alternative that still brings out the stylish mum in you! And if you’re wondering which dress hire service in Australia to try, GlamCorner’s online maternity collection is worth checking out. Aside from thousands of maternity clothes to choose from, signing up for its membership plan will make your shopping experience even better.


What Is the GlamCorner Membership Plan?

With the GlamCorner membership plan, members can enjoy a monthly box of clothes at an affordable rental fee. Customers get the convenience of browsing clothes online, picking out selections that suit their taste and lifestyle, and having them delivered right at their doorstep.

The good news is, this membership plan now includes GlamCorner’s maternity collection so mums can join in the fun! Signing up gives the customers two options:

  • Choose this plan to create a box of 3 items from the membership wardrobe that you can swap every month. It’s perfect for mums interested in trying out a set of stylish maternity dress for hire.
  • Choose this plan to create the same box of 3 items that you can swap for unlimited times each month. This one’s the ultimate fix for all fashion-forward mums ready to hit the runway!

Why Sign Up to be a GlamCorner Member?

You get more than comfy and fashionable maternity clothes when you become a member of the GlamCorner membership plan. Here are the extra perks that come with the box:

1. Big savings

Choosing to wear a maternity dress for hire lets you do away with the unnecessary expense of a brand-new wardrobe. GlamCorner even wants to step up your savings with its current TRIAL30 offer. For a limited time, customers can avail its maternity membership plan with $30 slashed off its original subscription fee for the first three months. At $69 per month, mums can enjoy their box of clothes with no lock-in plus the choice to pause or cancel at any time.

2. Convenience

Shopping in-store is a lot of fun but not when you’re pregnant. The time spent on choosing clothes and waiting in long queues is too much for your sore legs and feet to take. With GlamCorner’s online store, clothes shopping is not only convenient. It’s also easy to navigate and comes with all these handy filters to quickly find the clothing style you need. After checkout, all you need is to wait for your box delivery. Shipping is no problem either as GlamCorner directly delivers Australia-wide to any residential or business address, be it in a major city or rural area, so you can look fabulous no matter where you are!

3. No-frills service

The best thing about getting a maternity dress for hire at GlamCorner is that you can send it back after use, hassle-free. Your box of clothes comes with a prepaid return satchel for returning your rental item, which you can drop at the nearest post office or yellow express post box. Everything is quick and customer-friendly from start to finish. If you’re a member, the GlamCorner membership plan automatically renews every month based on your payment method, so you do not have to worry about it. Also, customers are welcome to call, email or chat its customer service for inquiries. You can check out their very informative help centre, too.

4. Flexible options

With over 1500 clothing styles included in the maternity membership collection, you’ll never run out of items to put together with your wardrobe staples. I especially like how GlamCorner has versatile options that you can mix and match or confidently wear to most events. The clothes also come in different fabrics, textures and colours, so there’s something for every mum. To make your selection easier, just use the item filter and tick the size, style preference or season of your choice.

GlamCorner offers items from over 200 designers, so you get to wear high-quality clothes (and a handful of compliments, of course). Some of my favourites are the bump-friendly jeans and work skirts from Soon Maternity, blazers and midi dresses from Pasduchas, and the very feminine kaftan and wrap dresses from Camilla. Expectant mums can choose to be comfy one day and ultra-chic the next without the guilt! And just to entice you more, here are my top GlamCorner picks that you can check out:

  • Maxi dresses. Loose floral maxi dresses are light and very comfortable. They’re perfect for lunch dates or night-time gatherings. They also make expectant mums look beautiful and feel confident.
  • Cocoon and nursing dresses. I love how the ruching along the sides of cocoon dresses stretches to adjust to your chest or growing baby bump. GlamCorner has a lovely range of nursing dresses, too, that should make you feel comfortable when you have to breastfeed your little one in public.
  • Sweaters and jersey dresses. Knitwear another excellent choice as it is stretchable. It’s also versatile and easy to pair with a lovely skirt or casual pants. Soft and breathable jersey dresses, on the other hand, should keep you comfortable and less sweaty all day long.

5. Instant stylist

If you’re having a hard time selecting the items to put in your GlamCorner box, reading the website’s informative product description is a big help. Product details including fabric material, body fit, size, colours and the occasion each item is best suited for will make your shopping so much easier. Some clothes on offer even include make-up tips and styling recommendations to get that perfect look with the right accessories. You can also check out the review section for feedback and first-hand experience of previous customers. Mums will surely enjoy browsing each item page while getting that much-needed fashion inspiration.

And just in case you need further assistance, you can always arrange for a styling session with one of GlamCorner’s stylists for free. All you have to do is to fill out a personal style form, send it via email and wait for a stylist to help select the perfect box for you.

6. Extra wardrobe space

Thanks to this dress hire service in Australia, mums don’t have to fill their closets with maternity clothes they only get to wear a few times. No need to find another expectant mum to pass them on to either.

7. Eco-friendly style

In Australia alone, about 6000kg of textile waste goes to waste every 10 minutes! Manufacturers also use more than 2000L of water just to produce a single cotton shirt. By getting a maternity dress for hire, you’re saving not only money but also our environment. BCorp-certified GlamCorner even took its eco-friendly ways up a notch by using recyclable materials for its cardboard boxes. It also works in collaboration with TerraCycle for recycling its plastic return parcels. Now we have even better reasons to flaunt out maternity outfit GlamCorner-style!

Are Occasion-Based Maternity Dresses Available?

Finding a comfortable dress for special events can be challenging for pregnant women. GlamCorner solves this by including maternity dresses into its collection. Now you can look fabulous at any event. Here are some great options I found from the site:

  • Chiffon dress. Floral print and light fabric make the perfect number for a garden wedding, high tea or bridal shower.
  • Wrap dress. A form-fitting dress with a loose skirt is just what you need to look stunning for your date night, cocktail party or work function.
  • Mermaid gown. For a formal or black-tie event, a mermaid-cut, off-shoulder gown is a classic favourite. And GlamCorner has it in various colours!

What’s more, is that you can opt for the one-time rental plan if you need the dress for a short period. GlamCorner also offers a convenient Back-Up Dress system, so you can hire a second dress for a lower fee and wear the one that fits you best.

Ready to shop? Find the perfect maternity dress for hire at GlamCorner and sign up to avail their limited time offer. Happy shopping!