Who needs luxurious dinners or expensive flowers when you can set the mood with DIY Valentine craft projects? And I know exactly how to make your household love-month ready.

Here are some of my ideas that can work as décor and even gifts, all made with love, of course. Let’s get crafty (and cheesy!).

1. Love-vender Sachets

If you’re not that good with sewing but have scrap felt or cotton cloth lying around, this DIY Valentine craft idea is for you.

  1. I use my pair of pinking shears (or regular scissors) to cut my fabric into hearts.
  2. Then, I sew the front and back together using a contrasting-coloured thread. Running or blanket stitches along the edges will do. Make sure to leave the top open, though.
  3. Now, stuff each fabric heart with enough fibrefill and dried lavender.
  4. Cut a strip of ribbon, fold it in half, and position it on top between the two heart pieces.
  5. Finally, sew the sachet close, together with the ribbon for hanging.

I like to put these all over the house to keep rooms smelling fresh. Try putting some inside cabinets, too.

Also, you can use any scented dried herb or flower as a filling. Make your sachets as many or as big as you like!

SImply Mumma_DIY Valentine Craft Candy Jar

2. Jar of Hearts and Sweets

Here’s something I am sure your kids will love. Find some Mason or clip-top jars in the kitchen.

Fill each with pink and red lollies, then tie a ribbon around the edge. Place it by their bedside while they sleep to surprise them on Valentine morning.

If you have guests coming, here’s how to level up this idea.

  1. Find one large glass vase and one smaller glass container that can fit inside.
  2. Fill the smaller container with water, then place it in the larger vase.
  3. Carefully fill the space between the two containers with some candy hearts or chocolate.
  4. Next, arrange some fresh flowers inside the smaller jar. Then, tie a ribbon around the larger vase.

Place this DIY valentine craft idea by the entryway to welcome your Valentine guests. They can take some home, too, as they go out the door!

Simply Mumma_DIY Valentine Craft Hearts

3. Be Still, My Yarn-Wrapped Heart

Do you have balls of yarn or string at home? Here’s a perfect craft idea for them.

  1. Get your red, pink and white yarns. Grab some cardboard paper (or old shoeboxes), tape and scissors, too.
  2. Next, make heart cut-outs using your cardboard. If you want, print a heart template, then use that for creating uniform heart shapes.
  3. Now, tape the end of the yarn at the centre of the heart cut-out. Wrap the wool yarn all around the cardboard until it is completely covered.
  4. Cut the yarn, leaving enough length for looping or tying. Trim the excess.

Repeat the same steps for the rest of the cardboard hearts. Finally, place the heart ornament in a bowl, and use this DIY Valentine craft project as a table centrepiece.

You can also use this for hanging or as gift tags if you like.

Simply Mumma_DIY Valentine Craft Cup Cosy

4. Cup Cosy and Hot Tea

Are you looking for eco-friendly, DIY valentine craft ideas? Gather up those old sweaters from decluttering, then make a cup cosy or two.

  1. Lay your cup on the sweater sleeve, then use a marker to mark your measurement.
  2. Cut the sleeve to size and turn it inside out. Next, put some fabric glue along the cut side and fold to make a clean edge.
  3. Turn the sleeve right side out. Finish your cup cosy with buttons, bling or any embellishment you like.

And yes, you can make this from scratch or use the sewing machine to join the edges. It’s up to you.

I only prefer the quick and easy way. I do recommend using your cup cosy with home-baked cookies or tea cake, though!

Simply Mumma_DIY Valentine Craft Garland

5. Family Valentine Garland

We’re used to seeing paper hearts for Valentine-themed garlands. So, let’s make it a little personalised this time around.

  1. Prepare some heart-shaped felt fabric. Then create picture frames out of craft or construction paper.
  2. Glue or slip your favourite family photos on each handmade frame.
  3. Next, gather enough mini wood clothespins. Then cut a piece of rope or string for hanging.
  4. Clip the felt hearts and photos in any order you like.

Hang your garland where you plan to have your Valentine dinner. Add string lights, too! It’s the best decor to start conversations and laugh at fun family memories.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be over the top. After all, what’s important is we celebrate it with people we love.

And whether it’s a gift idea or decor, handmade crafts make any occasion extra special! Now, if you like to keep things simple and affordable, these Valentine Day ideas should control the urge to splurge.