Including paper, zip-top bags are some of the best multifunctional developments in the human race. We’re positive that you use them in your oven, travel bags, or handicraft items for storage. But you should know that some clever hacks will leave you wondering why you didn’t think about it a lot of time ago.

Creative Ways To Use Your Zippered Storage Bags

Here are some clever shortcuts that help you optimise the use of your zip packs!

  • Streamline the fridge.

Save freezer space by storing food flat in plastic bags for quick staking instead of using a hard plastic tub. It even works for soup— just don’t get heavy before it sets.

However, as the food cools quicker when the freezer reveals more air, this is also helpful for ice cream production. The sooner it chills, the sooner you can relax with a freshly churned ice cream bowl on your sofa.

  • A DIY Zip bag

Use an empty water bottle and a pair of scissors to make your storage bag version. If you open a sugar, rice, or beans box, it may sometimes be covered by a clip or knot cord. There’s a different way to seal it. Split a water bottle from the top and retain about 2 inches of plastic under the lid.

You should cut the entire top surface of your food package off and then curl it into a stick shape. Thread the curved section through the mouth of the tube, facing the angled part of the water bottle downwards. Open the curved section of the bag and screw the top of the bottle cap.

  • Keep it clean and green.

Not the most environmentally friendly containers are plastic bags. We are thinking about the other green type: fresh herbs. When not appropriately stored, herbs tend to brown quickly, especially vulnerable ones such as basil. Wrap any party in a moist paper towel, bag them up, and leave the top unwrapped to allow the plants to respite.

  • DIY Sorbet Maker

Perhaps one of the simplest ways of using these bags. You have to double them to create a forthcoming sorbet/slush factory with ice and salt, but the effect is quite refreshing. Pour your favourite juice in one bottle–chocolate milk would also work great! –a small bag or a big bag. Clean out all the airbags and tie them.

Inside a giant zip-top bag, put the bag and fill it with ice. Like an ice cream maker, you should add salt to the ice to make it ultra freezable. Open the bag and shake for 10 minutes or more. Take the bigger bag from it and wipe it clean. The texture of your liquid should be slushy. Serve and appreciate the sorbet you just made!

  • Bag for DIY pastry.

If you’re a dedicated baker, you’re unlikely to have a specialised pastry bag supply. You can flash one up with a plastic bag and a pair of scissors. Also, the trick can be adapted to any baking features you want to accomplish. Cupcake molds filling? Cut off half the bag. A long-winded letter of birthday? Only snip the corner off.