Christmas is just around the corner, and before we know it, we’ll be greeting 2021 hello. A new year often coincides with a fresh start and, perhaps, spring cleaning for us mums. And what better way to welcome it than have the house all spic and span. The year 2020 may be a bit chaotic, but our home shouldn’t be! So, here are ways how to organise it and get rid of a year’s worth of clutter.

Clear Your Fridge and Cupboards

The kitchen is probably the busiest part of the house during the holiday season. So, aim for a clean kitchen by reorganising its every nook and cranny. Repurpose Christmas leftovers for your next meal plan, and use up condiments in half-emptied jars. Also, make sure to dispose of all expired food in tins or packages. Then transfer your herbs, spices and seasoning in clear jars. I like checking my cooking utensils and appliances, too, to see if I can donate, repair or resell some.

Check Your Staple Supplies

While it’s great to have a well-stocked pantry or bathroom, too many items create clutter. It’s harder to keep track of your supplies, too, and perishables may expire before you even use them.

So, do away with storage space problems and waste of money by listing down your household stocks. Arrange them to make it easier to apply the first-in, first-out system. Then tape your list at the back of your storage cabinet. This way, you can quickly refer to it come grocery time.

Have a Place for Everything

It is frustrating when you need something that you can’t find, be it your socks or the vegetable peeler. A foolproof solution on how to organise stuff, in general, is to put similar things together in one box or area. For instance, when you take down your holiday decorations, store ornaments and baubles in a labelled container, then use another one for your wreaths.

A drawer or wardrobe organiser should turn your closet into a cleaner and organised space. You can stash storage boxes underneath the bed or table to keep them accessible without getting in the way. You can vacuum seal your bulky blankets and seasonal clothes, too, so they will stay clean and compact.

Simply Mumma_How to Organise Your Closet at Home

File Paper Documents

When you’re too busy figuring out how to organise stuff around the house, small things like post and billing statements get missed out. One way to take care of this clutter is to opt for paperless billing. For other documents, I designate a filing cabinet or basket to keep them all in one place.

I like putting document containers by the foyer. You can use a console table or a small cabinet with shelves. This way, you can establish the habit of organising mail and other documents the moment you get them at your door. Before the year ends, check if there are documents ready for shredding and disposal.

Sort Kids’ Old and New Toys

Children grow out of toys as fast as they do clothes. And with opening Christmas presents over, now is the best time to ask them to pick a few old ones they can give away. Give your kids a box to fill with old books, games or toys that they wish to share or donate. You can do your toy box decluttering twice a year if you want.

Once it’s all clear, come up with easy home organisation ideas that young ones can learn and do. For example, use baskets with handles for storage. Place them underneath their bed or study table, so they can easily pull them out or slide back in after playtime. Segregating things by colour also makes stashing toys away like a mini-game rather than a chore.

Create a Shoe Hub

Mum, have you seen my shoes? Forget about being the resident lost-and-found person and find a way how to organise your and your kids’ footwear. A rack by the front door makes boots easy to access and keeps dirt from the soles of your sneakers at bay. You can also place the shoe rack by your children’s bedroom door.

Have the kids pick two of their favourite pairs to put on the rack. Then ask them to organise the rest in a storage bench or hanging shoe organiser. Stacking them in clear shoe boxes is a good idea, too. By making the kids participate in your organising tasks, they know exactly where their belongings are.

Simply Mumma_How to Organise Shoes at Home

Commit to a Recycling Habit

Household waste is a top clutter contributor not only at home but also in our environment. So, starting next year onwards, make a plan for how you can help out with reducing waste and recycling. Have the family help out, too. For example, you can put colour-coded bins for your dry and wet rubbish. Some waste bins even have built-in compartments for easy segregation. Then set a schedule when to take them to the recycling centre or your compost pile.

Aside from recycling, you can also apply zero-waste practices at home. Limiting the use of disposables helps avoid clutter and waste of money. Upcycling food scraps is also another eco-friendly, not to mention delicious, habit that’s easy to do.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Here’s my favourite finishing touch. When all things are clean and in order, I use my extra time to give rooms a new look. It can be as simple as laying a new rug or something workout-worthy like moving the couch closer to a garden view. A new year is a time to do some light renovation, after all, and to put those pinned Pinterest ideas to use!

Oh, and before applying these home organising tips, make sure to come up with a decluttering game plan. This way, you get to tick things off your to-do list without tiring yourself out. Have a blessed and clutter-free new year!