Laundry time is perhaps every busy mum’s most dreaded day of the week. I can practically hear our united sighs of despair at the mere sight of dirty clothes piled up high. Helpful laundry basics and tricks should help make this chore stress-free and less daunting.

Laundry Basics to Lessen Load and Time

Doing the laundry can easily take away our precious me-time. But with a few laundry tips, there’s no need to spend the entire morning or afternoon washing clothes:

  • Pick a laundry schedule that works. Having a laundry routine lets you work more efficiently. Ideally, wash your clothes clean once a week when you don’t have any plans for the day. It is calmer and more relaxing that way.
  • Hang bath towels properly. Air-drying towels after use should keep them fresh for a week. This way, you don’t have to wash bulky towels as frequently.
  • Reuse sleepwear when you can. If you change to school or work clothes immediately in the morning, chances are your pyjamas are still fresh and clean. Hang them to air dry so you can wear them again when you’re ready for bed.
  • Use a mesh bag for washing socks. Clip the bag to your clothes basket, then ask everyone to use it for dirty socks. When it’s wash time, zip the bag close, throw it in the machine and voila! No need to spend hours hunting down missing pairs!
  • Ask your kids to help out. Use laundry time to teach household chores to your little ones. Assign the job according to their ages. For example, toddlers can put in and take out clothes from the washer. Three to five-year-old kids can collect dirty laundry and help put away clean clothes. Older kids can fold their clean laundry and help their younger siblings.

Laundry Basics to Save Money

Busy mums often centre their budgeting on food, transport and utility expenses. But you can also minimise costs while washing your clothes. Make the most of every wash load with these money-saving tips:

  • Choose your washing machine wisely. If possible, use a front-load machine 4-star WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards) rating to reduce your water usage. Also, repurpose wash water whenever you can. Check out our other water conservation tips that you can easily practice at home.
  • Use cold water when cleaning clothes. A low water temperature can help control energy use as well as minimise clothing shrinkage and fading. Our other energy-saving tips can work wonders in your monthly bill, too.
  • Check your dryer vent for clogs. Remove lint and other items that collect here to keep it in good working condition. Better yet, set up an outdoor clothesline to hang and dry your clothes under the sun.

Simply Mumma_Laundry Basics and Tips for Mums

  • Buy generic laundry products. You can try using natural bleach and liquid detergent, too. Lemons, for instance, can whiten clothes and work as a stain remover! You can also combine it with water and baking soda to make a paste and remove sweat stains.
  • Wash on a full load. If you’re not filling up your machine, you’re only wasting water, electricity and effort. Plus, you’re also consuming extra detergent.

Laundry Basics to Preserve Clothes

Ruining clothes in the washer can be costly. Use these tips to limit the need to buy new ones and preserve everyone’s favourite shirt:

  • Segregate your clothes into separate piles. Use labelled baskets, so everyone at home knows how to sort lights from darks.
  • Empty pockets to prevent snags and holes in the fabric. Also, wash in a slow spin cycle, and avoid mixing clasped or zippered clothes with delicate items.
  • Use a liquid fabric softener. Adding liquid softener during the final rinse cycle helps remove odours and keeps clothes looking their best.
  • Treat stains immediately. Check out our stain-removing tips to handle all sorts of stubborn stains, from chocolate to juice spills to mud!

Tips for an Organised Laundry Space

Washing clothes can be relaxing in a neat and organised laundry room. So, instead of making it your catch-all place, garage extension or storage closet, clean up the area and take out anything unnecessary. Here are some tasks you need for your makeover checklist:

  • Wipe and rearrange appliances. Position your washer and dryer in such a way that you can move around with ease.
  • Have a place for everything. For example, put all cleaning supplies near the washer for quick access. You can use clear jars or dispensers to keep your station clutter-free. Then corral and group small items in open and labelled containers.
  • Install open shelves, hooks or hanging wire baskets. Make use of your walls to increase your storage space. You can also do the same thing to your main door or cabinet doors. This step can make a small room feel more spacious.
  • Stick to laundry essentials. Laundry time is less burdensome when you have everything you need in one spot. Aside from organisers and baskets, you might want to install an extendable drying rack in the room, too. You can also allot a storage space for a small ironing board or steamer. A table for folding clothes is also a great addition.

Having a game plan can surely help us mums get through the most mundane tasks. Now, even Mt Laundry is no match for your newfound washing tricks! Try applying the same organised cleaning tactic for decluttering your home, too.