Learn how to easily organise your bathroom for calmer mornings and evenings.

The bathroom is where we first usually head off after we move our sleepyheads from the bed in the morning and when we want to wash ourselves off after a long day in the evening. But what if your bathroom looks like a typhoon and hurricane-affected area (especially when you have kids in the house)?

If you are a morning person, an organised bathroom would definitely help you speed things up especially when you are in a hurry to go to work, school, anywhere. Imagine having a comfort station that literally gives you the comfort you much deserve.

Starting and ending the day doing your regimen relaxingly in your washroom is the most heavenly feeling next to sleeping and eating.

Take Note of These 8 and You Won’t be Late

You can follow these 8 easy tips to having a synchronised bathroom:

1. De-clutter Items.

You surely have items in your bathroom you no longer use like empty bottles of hair products, skincare products, medicine, nail products, perfumes and colognes, towels, bathroom cleaning supplies, cosmetics, hair accessories, bath toys, first aid supplies, beauty appliances, cleaning supplies, and personal care items.

Sort them out and throw away the items you have no use for. You can’t actually organise things that no longer have a purpose in the bathroom.

2. Storage Counters.

If you have cabinets in your washroom, then you can use the cabinet doors to store some items. You can free up space and at the same time, make your washroom look tidier without all the mess scattered all over. If you have no cabinets, then plastic containers could be used too.

3. Bathroom Counters are Not Baggage Counters. Keep it Clutter-free.

Fewer items in the counter could really make it look cleaner and neater. It would also make it easier for you to find the things you need the most on a daily basis.

4. Assign Individual Containers to Family Members.

Every family member should have their own caddy to put their belongings in. It would make your family bathroom more organised-looking since your items are sorted out.

5. Drawers and Dividers to the Rescue.

Small items are the cause of disorganised bathrooms most of the time. They easily get lost and when the time comes one needs them, that is when the clutter begins. So to solve this, it would be essential to invest in drawers and dividers to keep those little things intact in one place.

6. Put Hooks in the Bathroom.

Another problem is the towels hanging everywhere. They make the bathroom look like a laundry house. They can be annoying so make sure to put hooks on the bathroom instead of towel bars. It is more convenient to hang them up on the hooks plus they dry better.

7. Laundry Bins are Mess Savers.

Do you often wonder why we leave our clothing items in the bathroom? Only you can answer that. But let’s admit that we do this on some occasions and this adds to the messiness of the bathroom. Put a laundry bin or two in the corners. Dirty towels and clothes belong there.

8. Never Forget the Labels.

Labeling is to organising. Put labels on items and corners of your bathroom so you can save your bathroom but total chaos when you are looking for your essentials. Labels teach us where to get the items and where to put back the items.

Your bathroom can be the only place in your house where you can have personal space. Keep it organised!