Mums lead busy lives striving to be well-rounded as they look after their families and their homes. Wouldn’t it be great if mums who have other things to do had cleaning hacks? We might take all this energy and use it for other things, such as spending time with our families and friends.

For those of you who want to save time and want to get your exercise at the gym or with your mates, here are some strategies to help you to have a clean house with less time and effort.

Make every day a bed-fixing day.

Getting your bed up is an easy win every day. It takes only about a minute or two to make a bed but makes your entire room look cleaner. Have you noticed how you feel dirty and gross about returning to a bedroom with an unmade bed?

When you come home from work or a busy day, when you see that your bedrooms are not entirely wrecked and your beds are neatly made, you will feel a little better. You are going to come home and see a mess if you don’t make up your beds every day. Unmade beds look like a big mess.

Teaching your children to make their beds is also an excellent discipline for children every day. We all have everyday routines. Let’s make your bed one of our kids ‘ daily habits. If you don’t make your bed every day, it’s a great time to start. Don’t underestimate the difference when a clean bed comes home from work.

Clean the toilet.

To keep the drains dry, add 1⁄2 cup of baking soda and 1⁄2 cup of white vinegar to drain. Don’t be alarmed; it should be foaming up. Let sit down and pour the boiling water into the drain for 5-10 minutes. To clean the tap, take paper towels and wrap them around the taps in white vinegar. Give them an hour, remove it, and wipe away the grime quickly.

Fill a bucket with 1/2 cup of white vinegar per 3.8L of water to clean bath toys. Soak the toys for 10 minutes in the water and massage gently with a sponge. To remove rings of hard water from the tank, pour 1 cup of white vinegar into the vessel. Just let it sit for 1 hour.

After 1 hour, rub the ring with the toilet brush easily. To extract stubborn mildews from the corners of the bath, plunge cotton balls into bleach and let them sit in the corners while you scrub the rest of the tub. Replace the cotton balls when you are finished, and the mildew should be gone.

As soon as it is dried, put away the laundry.

Washing stacks up quick! You could even load every day. If the laundry is not done the same day you do the laundry, it just starts to pile up all over your house. Make it a habit to take only 10 minutes to put the laundry off every time you load (you’ll feel better, and your children will be ready to wear tomorrow).

The elimination of the laundry also reduces stress! Most of the time you can’t find a garment, you need it because it is in a clean laundry stack. Give yourself a break and leave it whenever you load.

After cooking, do a quick wipe down.

You can find everywhere cleaning hacks, but this one is the simplest out there! Will you know how unavoidable spillage is when you cook on the stove? It is just so irritating, especially when you just cleaned the stove-top a little earlier.

That said, I suggest you keep a disinfectant wipes bottle nearby. In this way, any time you cook, you can just clean your stove easily. Be sure to keep it away from your food and the reach of your children.

Don’t leave a sink full of dirty dishes.

If you do not wash or put them in a dishwasher, dirty dishes will pile up quickly when you eat. Start training your children as soon as they are old enough to wash and load their dishwasher. After every meal, clean up the kitchen for 10 minutes.

Take a quick walk through the kitchen before you go to bed every night and be sure that you do not have dirty dishes. Next morning you can thank me when you have a clean counter and sink.

After you have added the night’s last dirty dish, run the dishwasher and get clean dishes for the next day. You don’t need to save the dirty plate, because tomorrow you’re going to need clean dishes.