It’s funny how we like decorating our house for the holiday season but find it stressful to take it down. Well, stuffing your collection of ornaments and wreaths in random boxes can be a pain. So, let’s make it hassle-free from now on with these Christmas decoration storage hacks!

1. Storage Hacks for Delicate Wreaths

Holiday wreaths are easy to crush, bend and deform. Here’s what you can do. Slip one into a garment bag, then hang it inside your closet.

You can hang your crush-proof wreath case on a separate clothing rack, too. If you do not have enough garment bags, use wire hangers instead.

Hoop your artificial wreath over the neck of your coat hanger. Then cover the entire wreath in plastic and hang it in your basement, garage or attic for storage.

2. Storage Hacks for String Lights

No holiday decorating is complete without bunches of string lights. But their tangle-prone power cords and breakable bulbs call for proper Christmas decoration storage solutions for sure. Here are some ideas:

  • Use washed coffee cans. Make a slit on the plastic lid to secure the plug end, then wrap the light strand around the exterior of the can. I like to label the cans, too, so I’ll know where the lights will go the next time I decorate.
  • Use strips of cardboard. If you don’t have coffee cans, you can wrap your fairy lights around cardboard scraps. Or, if you’ve been saving paper towel cardboard tubes, you can use those, too.
  • Use pillboxes for spare bulbs. Each new pack of lights comes with a few extra parts, bulbs or fuses. Pillboxes have the ideal compartment size for storing these items. Now, you know exactly where to look the next time a bulb burns out.

Simply Mumma_Christmas Decoration Storage for String Lights

3. Storage Hacks for Artificial Trees

Some artificial trees are a hassle to assemble. And I think it’s a waste to cover the entire tree in plastic wrap to protect it from dust and cobwebs.

So, I opt to dismantle it and store it back in its original box. Then I apply these Christmas decoration storage tips:

  • Use old belts to secure the branches. Old ties work, too. Either will cinch your artificial tree parts and make them easier to fit back in the storage box.
  • Use labels for faster reassembly. Assign coloured labels for each tree section, so you’ll know where each part goes the next time you put it up.
  • Use scrap fabric to make a tree cover. If your fake tree box is too old and worn out, you can sew a tree storage bag instead. Try upcycling dust sheets or drop cloth for this.

4. Storage Hacks for Ornaments

Gather all baubles, balls and similar holiday ornaments. Group them according to type, size or colour if you like. Then apply one of these Christmas decoration storage ideas:

  • For fragile ornaments: Look for egg cartons, apple containers or holiday cookie tins. Then line them with tissue paper or coffee filter paper, and voila! These cushioned containers should keep your thin plastic baubles or glass ornaments safe, all set for next year.
  • For ornaments that crumple: Find a big plastic storage bin, then cut a piece of cardboard that will fit inside. Next, use a hot glue gun to stick plastic cups onto the cardboard. Put the board inside the bin, then fill each cup compartment with bows or artificial flowers.
  • For small and light ornaments: I store them all in transparent bins with dividers, so I won’t have to remove the lids to see what’s inside. Ideally, group them by colour or theme for easier decorating.
  • For beaded garland: Drop it in an empty plastic water bottle. This bead garland container should keep it organised while you get to reduce waste. When you’re ready to use it, tilt the bottle to make the beaded strand slide out.

Simply Mumma_Christmas Decoration Storage for Holiday Ornaments

5. Storage Hacks for Gift-Wrapping Supplies

Wrapping paper and ribbons are not holiday decorations, but Christmas can’t be without gift-giving, correct? So, it will be good to protect them from being crushed or wrinkled, too.

One way to do that is to corral your rolls of gift wrappers in a garment bag. That way, you can hang them and keep them dust-free.

You can also use a plastic bin, then store them in a closet. If you have lots of gift bags and greeting cards, I recommend filing them in magazine holders.

As for your ribbons, I arrange them in a plastic basket with holes in them. I then slip the ribbon ends into the holes to keep them neatly spooled. No basket? Use an old shoebox to make your makeshift ribbon dispenser!


Christmas decoration storage doesn’t always call for store-bought bags, bins and organisers. You can easily keep things neat and orderly with some resourcefulness and upcycling.

You don’t have to buy new décor year after year either. Reuse your existing decorations, save money and come up with something uniquely beautiful! Check out my DIY Christmas décor ideas for inspiration.