If you have spare time after your day job or over the weekend, why not make the most of it by earning some extra money? With many work from home ideas available, not to mention the booming gig economy, there’s a part-time option or side hustle for the techie, kitchen pro or creative you. Time to put your other skills and talents to good use!

The best thing about work from home jobs is that they help you save more. Boosting your savings helps relieve worries and avoid financial strain in the future. Plus, the extra money is perfect for your healthcare investments, future business venture, dream vacation, new home and even early retirement. A secure life is a 100% happy life!

Best Work From Home Ideas to Try

There’s an income-generating side gig for everyone. You don’t even have to invest so much effort or time for it. All you need is to look, research and open yourself up to new opportunities. Here’s my list of work from home ideas to help you get started.

1. Put up an online business store.

Having an Internet connection and laptop at home makes reaching out to targeted markets so much faster and less expensive. You can easily create a website, or use marketplaces, to start up your online store. Make sure to pair informative product listings with attractive images. Then check out the cost of items you intend to sell for competitive pricing. Finally, impress your interested buyers with excellent customer service: be friendly, helpful and responsive.

What are the things you can sell to make money online? Here are some ideas:

  • Pre-loved belongings. Did you know that in a Gumtree report, about 89% of Australians have unwanted items that they can turn into over AUD$5000? So, if you have unwanted clothes, shoes, electronic goods, furniture, appliances, gardening tools or sports equipment at home, don’t let them collect dust. Sell them online!
  • Artwork and handicrafts. If you’re the artistic type and love making things with your hands, be it paper art, jewellery or needlecraft, turn your hobby into money. Paintings, photographs and custom-made T-shirts also sell well. Try using Etsy to display your works of art.
  • Succulents. Put your extra time and green thumb together and grow on-trend succulents for selling. These adorable spiky plants are easy to grow and propagate from cuttings. Plant them in rustic pots or mason jars. Or, to attract more enthusiasts, go and sell stunning terrariums.

2. Make use of your computer skills.

If you want a job that you can do right at the comfort of your couch, then these work from home ideas are for you:

  • Virtual assistant. This work opportunity is best for the ultra-organised people who ensure that things run smoothly for their bosses or clients. Duties typically include scheduling meetings, responding to emails, editing documents and booking flights or hotels.
  • Transcriptionist.  If you have exceptional listening and fast typing skills, then you’ll make an efficient transcriber. Here, you’ll be turning audio-recorded meetings, interviews or reports into text format. This work from home job is also best for individuals with knowledge of medical or legal terminologies.
  • Data entry professional or encoder. Tasks for this job can be as easy as converting a PDF file to a Word document to more complex like making company reports with tabular presentations.
  • Website tester. When user experience is your forte, consider offering your expertise to start-up businesses. They’ll be more than happy to pay you for your consultation services and views on user-friendly navigation, colour schemes, menu design and more.

3. Showcase your social media know-how.

For advertising pros who know their Instagram and Facebook well, why not work from home as a social media consultant or manager? Australian and international companies are often on the lookout for people who rock social media platforms, can maximise market reach and keep followers engaged. You can also check out Udemy for relevant online courses to learn more.

4. Use your web design expertise.

If you’re a graphic artist, capitalise on your knack for design and help non-techie people make their websites shine. You can also use your skills in designing logos. With the thriving digital industry, this work from home idea can be a very profitable opportunity. Impress potential clients with your portfolio and competitive rates.

5. Look for freelance writing or editing jobs.

Back in 1996, Bill Gates coined the phrase “content is king”. And it couldn’t be more true today in the world of digital marketing. So, if you’re good with words, has impeccable grammar or knows the basics of SEO (search engine optimisation), then working as a freelance writer, proofreader or copywriter is for you. Websites like Fiverr offer vast work from home opportunities for word artisans. If you’re an excellent content planner and creator, you can launch a blog, too.

Bilinguals can also make the most of their language skills by working as a part-time translator. Or if you want others to find and secure a job, why not help them write their resumes? Use your writing talent to sell other people’s skills and make them stand out from the rest.

6. Become an online tutor or teacher.

Learning doesn’t have to stop in school. University students, teachers, professors or subject matter experts can continue to teach at home through webinars or online courses via Tutor Hunt, Udemy or Teachable. Aside from academics, there are skills that others are willing to learn and pay for:

  • Arts and crafts. If you’re a painter, photographer or pottery maker, share your knowledge through online workshops or classes.
  • Music. Spread your love for the piano, guitar or flute by conducting music lessons.
  • Language. Help others improve their English-speaking skills, or make them fluent in French, German or Chinese.
  • Health and fitness. Teach yoga or cardio exercises to fitness enthusiasts who can’t go to a gym. The best part is, you’ll be staying healthy while earning extra money.

7. Start a food delivery service.

Most work from home ideas only need a computer and Internet connection. But, if cooking is what you do and love, you can always combine the two and put up a home-based food business. Compared with other work from home jobs, this one will take more time, effort and capital, depending on what you want to sell.

So, if you have a day job, I suggest starting small. Offer your famous cookies to colleagues or try catering for mini parties and events within your neighbourhood. Then, if you think you can do this full time, consider advertising online and offering delivery services. Ask your loyal patrons for reviews to help you attract more customers.

Here are other work from home ideas you can do as a fabulous cook:

  • Cooking class. If you’re a home baker, make an online course centred on teaching the basics like baking cupcakes, decorating cakes or making delicious pies.
  • Meal prep delivery. This service can help working mums or fitness enthusiasts achieve their healthy eating goals even when strapped for time. Consider specialising on special diets, like vegan, body-building or gluten-free meals, to serve a more specific clientele.
  • Private chef services. Make the most of your culinary expertise and cater to private dining occasions. Ask clients to place orders in advance, so you can promptly deliver without affecting your work as a restaurant chef or instructor.

Ready to start on your dream work from home job? Make sure to handle the extra money wisely. Check out this article on how to manage your savings to keep yourself on track.