Easter celebration in Australia has become almost Christmas-like. Shoppers hunt for gifts, food, décor, clothes and all things that add up to expenses. While it’s okay to overindulge for a day, you can always celebrate Easter on a budget.

We want this occasion to be fun for our kids, of course. And so, I’ve rounded up a few suggestions to keep this holiday frugal yet egg-ceptional!

1. Take Advantage of Coupons or Sales

Remember, Valentine’s Day comes before Easter. And most stores would offer Valentine’s candy on clearance before the next big holiday. Coupons and bulk discounts should also be available in the weeks leading up to Easter.

So, take advantage of these and grab all the chocolate you need. If you want, purchase chocolate bars for melting and shape them using bunny or egg moulds.

For your table essentials and non-perishables, I suggest buying them after Easter. By then, prices of holiday items would be considerably low. You can then stock up and use them for next year!

2. Be Practical on Easter Clothes

I know. Those bunny and chick onesies are too adorable to pass up. But then, the kids will probably get to wear them once. Also, clothing only plays a minor part in the whole celebration.

If you plan to stick to an Easter-on-a-budget plan, go for simple dress clothes that your kids can wear on other occasions. Apply the same shopping tip when buying shoes and accessories.

Better yet, skip retail clothing and shop at local consignment stores, garage sales or online sites. Time your shopping trip, too.

Check out clearance racks or wait for end-of-season sales. My tips to save money on kids’ clothes might be of help.

Simply Mumma_Gifts for Easter on a Budget

3. Personalise Your Easter Baskets

Pre-wrapped baskets are super convenient, especially when you’re in a hurry. However, you’ll likely pay more than these baskets’ contents.

So, why not create one yourself? Instead of plastic or wicker baskets, find a toy box, a small tote or a gift bag for your gifts.

Then, scour discount stores for small necessities like toys, art supplies or shirts. The idea here is to turn items your kids need for school or play into basket goodies.

You can still add traditional chocolate eggs and bunnies, of course. But for Easter on a budget, it’s best to focus on basket ideas other than lolly.

4. Decorate Some Easter Eggs

Here’s a cheaper and healthier alternative for chocolate eggs. Grab some chicken eggs from the grocery, hard boil them, then paint!

You can tie-dye or sponge stamp them, too. Let the kids use markers or craft supplies to decorate the eggs. Check out my Easter egg-decorating article for more ideas, too.

Make a handful of hand-painted eggs, then share them with other kids in the neighbourhood. Better yet, hide a few in your yard for a fun Easter egg hunt!

5. Make DIY Easter Decorations

Like clothes, decorations are not exactly the highlight of your celebration. Rather than spend a lot on seasonal décor, spend your money on something more valuable.

Decorations do make things extra festive, though. So, the best way around it is to make DIY Easter décor!

Print a few egg templates and ask the kids to colour them. Then use small wooden clips to make a great-looking garland.

Buying a fresh bouquet is okay. But it can also add to your expenses. If you don’t have a garden to pick flowers from, go for silk flower arrangements.

These won’t wither, and you can use them year after year.

Simply Mumma_Feast for Easter on a Budget

6. Set Up an Affordable Feast

Your menu should be your focus when planning an Easter on a budget. And there are many ways how to do it. For example, stick to the basics with one main dish, starch, vegetable side, bread and dessert.

Overloading your Easter table will mean working for hours in the kitchen and less time to enjoy the festivities. Moreover, having lots of leftovers can only result in food waste.

Another tip is to host a potluck. Invite a few family members or friends, then ask them to bring one of their specialties.

Also, instead of an Easter family dinner, why not serve brunch? It’s the eggiest meal, after all! Plus, you won’t have to cook expensive meats or fancy desserts.

7. Go Baking

Easter in Australia falls in autumn – perfect for hanging out in the kitchen and keeping the oven busy. Of course, Easter won’t be complete without the aroma of hot cross buns filling the entire house!

I also love making cookies for decorating (or midnight snacking). Brownies with sprinkles and homemade loaves are also a favourite.

This activity not only saves money on food and gifts. It’s also the best excuse to bond with the family and do something productive together.

It’s like hitting two chicks with one egg, I guess!

Final Thoughts

Easter or any celebration doesn’t have to be grand. Celebrating with the entire family is far more valuable than expensive meals and gifts!

Also, don’t feel guilty about being wise spenders. After all, we become one for our children’s better future.

Do you need more money-saving tips? Read on my top budgeting apps or cash envelope guide next.