Playpen, stroller, clothes, nappies – for someone so tiny, babies need a lot of stuff, don’t they? But if you ask me, I’ll be adding the best portable high chair to the list, too.

I know. Babies grow up fast, and they’ll be too big for a high chair in no time. However, this baby product has several benefits for you and your little one.

Oh, and who says a portable chair is for feeding babies only? Here are the other reasons why this piece of furniture is worth the investment.

1. Feeding Friendly

With a high chair at home, mums can serve store-bought or homemade baby food in one place. This way, babies can sit still and safely swallow without mums having to run after them!

The mess after eating is all in one place, too. It’s a feeding time stress reliever and time-saver for sure, especially for busy parents.

The removable tray on a portable high chair also makes self-feeding possible. As babies grow, they’ll develop a natural urge to do things independently.

Infants will eventually start grabbing and swallowing solid food by themselves. And a portable seat supports this vital learning process.

Aside from eating skill development, high chairs also help babies become more used to various food flavours.

When they eat on their own, they can freely explore and taste different items. In turn, our children are less likely to become fussy eaters.

2. Family Inclusive

Letting my child be part of family mealtimes or celebrations is probably my favourite benefit of a portable baby chair. I like the thought that simple furniture can make our children feel included.

But the benefit here is beyond your child enjoying his meals with everybody at the dining table. You see, babies cannot communicate yet, but they learn by seeing.

If we eat together with babies, they develop communication skills and behaviours early. Making constant eye contact with them also help lessen social awkwardness.

Simply Mumma_Easy to Clean Portable High Chair

3. Easy to Clean

Babies are messy eaters. We know that. But we shouldn’t stop them from eating by themselves or playing with their food because that’s how they learn.

What we can do, however, is get them a baby seat. That way, you won’t have food smears and drips all over the place.

Also, consider placing a splash mat underneath the chair or using an old newspaper as a liner for a quicker clean-up. Alternatively, look for a high chair with a washable seat pad, removable cover or dishwasher-safe tray.

4. Versatile

Baby high chairs are easy to move from room to room. You can take it to the kitchen during mealtime, then carry it to the living room for play.

If you’ve picked a chair well, you can use the same furniture from infant to toddler years. That’s perfect for teaching them all kinds of activities, like drawing, scribbling, painting or solving puzzles.

Now, if you prefer camping high chair options, you can use yours for picnics, barbecue or beach time!

Ideally, choose a light and compact chair model if you go outdoors often with your baby.

5. Safe and Secure

A temper tantrum is inevitable with children. And so, a sturdy and stable high chair for babies is best if this happens during mealtime.

Now, if you need to do chores and look after your baby, your best portable high chair is also your go-to. Just place it where you need to work and use the adjustable straps to keep your baby safe. Then finish cleaning up or folding the laundry.

Just make sure not to leave your little one on his chair alone, though. Always keep a close watch as you will never know what clever stunt he’ll pull!

It’s a good idea to give him a book, soft toy or building blocks while you work. That way, mum and baby can be productive together.

Simply Mumma_Safe Portable High Chair

6. Comfortable

Of course, it’s not enough that we have a chair to keep the baby safe. Aside from its safety feature, it has to be ultra-comfy, too. Good thing the best portable high chair comes with add-ons for stress-free sitting.

The recline features of some models, for example, ensure your child’s delicate back has ample support. Soft cushion pads for the back and seat also take the whole sitting experience to new heights.

Excellent high chairs also have enough room for those little legs plus adjustable height options. Their corners are smooth or rounded as well.

If you want, you can pair your baby seat with a matching footrest for added comfort and good posture development.

Is It Worth Getting the Best Portable High Chair?

Considering all the benefits of this baby furniture, it’s undoubtedly a worthwhile investment. And if budget is an issue, all you need is to research the right portable seat that will grow with your child.

You might even find one that’s heavy-duty enough for your next baby to use!

But before buying, the question is, when is your little one ready for the high chair? Here are some tell-tale signs he is.