Having a storage cabinet for quick-relief medicine is reassuring for sure. But it’s frustrating when you see pills, ointments and bandages all over the place. Worse, you realise you’re already out of the meds you need. Skip the mess-induced headache and find the time to organise your medicine cabinet instead. With my doable suggestions, it shouldn’t take long to tidy up this small bathroom storage space!

Empty Your Cabinet

When you organise your medicine cabinet, the first step is to start anew. Get everything out, wipe down the shelves and the exterior, then sort the contents into two piles. One pile is for things you can keep and the other for those you need to discard. Items for disposal can be those unused for the past six months, expired, unlabelled or damaged.

Remember that you cannot flush unwanted medications down the toilet or sink as they can pollute our waterways. So, to be safe, take them to your local pharmacy so they can dispose of them for you. You can also read about the Return Unwanted Medicines (RUM) project to know more.

Sort Your Medicine into Groups

After decluttering, it’s time to turn your big pile of medical supplies into smaller categories. Of course, these depend on the medicines you use at home, but examples would be first aid items, prescription medication, vitamins for kids, cold and flu, allergies and pain meds.

You can be as broad or specific as you want for as long as you can remember them. If you’re also storing beauty and hygiene products in the cabinet, sort them out as well. Put tall or long items like toothbrushes in one group. This way, you’ll know where to put them when you organise your medicine cabinet shelves.

Simply Mumma_Steps to Organise Your Medicine Cabinet

Create a Place for Everything

Now, take a look at your clean cabinet and the things you want to store inside. Your goal is to plan and visualise where everything should go to make the most of every space. This step will also make it easy for everyone to put things back where they belong. That also means you won’t have to reorganise again in just a few short weeks! Here are some things you can do:

  • Measure your available shelf space. This tip will prevent you from buying a medicine cabinet organiser that is too big to fit inside.
  • Throw out bulky packaging or transfer products into smaller containers. It will free up more space and prevent things from toppling over. And if you use uniform storage solutions, you’ll be taking care of the visual bathroom clutter, too.
  • Reorganise cabinet shelves strategically. There are two ways to do this. One is to put frequently used items at eye level and use the bottom and upper shelves for other stuff. Or position everyday items at the very bottom, then work your way up based on the frequency of use. Choose whichever applies or is more convenient to you. Also, reserve the top shelf for dangerous substances and meds if you have any to keep them out of reach of children.
  • Find ways to store things behind your bathroom medicine cabinet door. Here, you can use hooks or mount a magnetic strip to hang lightweight items like nail tools, tweezers or bobby pins. There are also adhesive containers or caddies available. But when you use these, make sure you have enough clearance to close the door. Alternatively, you can also create a DIY door pocket organiser to store small and sharp objects in individual pouches.

Corral Items into Labelled Containers

We’re almost at the finish line! Prep your storage organisers and label them accordingly. Now, the choice of container is up to you. You can go plastic, acrylic or glass. Just make sure the shelves can support their weight. I prefer those that are easy to clean (in case of spills) and stackable.

As for the labels, you can use a label maker or be as stylish when you make them for as long as they are readable. Black text on white containers is best for a clean and organised look. But you’re always free to organise your medicine cabinet any way you want and give it personality. For instance, use colourful labels and containers, or line the cabinet backing with stick-on paper with a chic pattern.

After which, place all your medicine bottles, ointment tubes and beauty supplies like nail polish and lip balm in their designated containers. Next, arrange them on the shelves, then step back and admire your work!

Simply Mumma_Tips on How to Organise Your Medicine Cabinet

Keep Calm and Stay Organised

Occasional fevers, sudden pains or minor kitchen accidents are no fun at all. But with an organised system for your meds, it’s easier to stay calm even during such unwelcome surprises. An orderly medicine cabinet will also help you keep track of your medical supplies and avoid buying anything unnecessary.

And while you’re in organising mode, why not go all out and tidy up your entire bathroom? These bathroom organising tips should get your chaotic space ready for calmer days and nights!