Any home cook would love a kitchen with the best appliances, like a stand mixer, but is it worth the counter space and money?

Let’s be honest. Stand mixers are expensive. It will be a waste if your new mixing machine only collects dust in the kitchen.

So, before buying one, it’s vital to assess your kitchen goals first and identify how a stand mixer can help you achieve them.

Here are some reasons and considerations you might want to think about.

Reasons that Make a Stand Mixer Worth It

Not sure if you should start saving for a stand mixer? These considerations might help you decide.

1. You want to try baking from scratch.

I love baking, and my interest started with boxed cake mixes, frozen pie crusts, and ready-to-bake dough. Eventually, I wanted to try something new from the baking recipe books I’ve read.

Baking from scratch is hard work, though. It’s challenging to cream butter or whip egg whites by hand, even more so if you’re used to instant baking mixes.

Getting a stand mixer, in this case, is worth it to ease you into the world of baking. Learning various baking tasks with a machine helping you out will be easier.

More importantly, chances of baking success are higher when you’re not too tired from all the manual whipping and mixing.

2. You want to bake homemade bread.

Bread needs simple ingredients, but making it for the first time can be difficult. You should knead the dough well to develop gluten, allow it to rise for volume and flavour, and then shape it for baking.

Following the steps of bread-making should be easier with a stand mixer. You won’t need to exert as much effort, and you can make a big batch if you want to.

Baking bread from scratch is also a good idea to save money from store-bought specialty bread, like multi-grain or gluten-free loaves.

If you prefer bread-making with a machine, my list of the best bread makers has more info.

Woman Making Cookies with a Stand Mixer

3. You want to level up your baking skills.

You probably tried baking from scratch with a bowl, spatula, and whisk. However, these basic tools can limit your baking know-how to simple recipes.

You want to learn more and get better baking results.

So, if you want to be a pastry chef or make more impressive baked products, having a stand mixer in your kitchen is worth it.

Its adjustable speed and interchangeable attachments should help you bake beautiful cakes or artisan bread like a pro.

Also, the strength of your hands and arms is no match to a stand mixer’s sheer power and force. Whipping lots of meringue or making a perfectly aerated buttercream is easier with a stand mixer.

4. You want to reduce the mess you make when baking.

It’s hard to keep the kitchen clean when baking. Before you know it, the sink is full of dirty mixing bowls and tools.

A stand mixer can help lessen the mess and clean-up time. You don’t need multiple bowls for a simple baking recipe when you can mix everything in one stand mixer bowl.

Some stand mixer models also include a plastic shield you can slide on top of the bowl to prevent flour from getting all over your kitchen.

Most removable stand mixer parts or attachments are also dishwasher-safe.

Read this stand mixer cleaning guide to keep your baking clean-up a breeze.

5. You want multipurpose kitchen appliances.

Some hesitate to buy a stand mixer, thinking it is only for baking and will take up so much space.

However, stand mixers are versatile appliances that you can use for making mashes and dips, no-churn ice cream, and meat mixtures.

If you gradually equip it with optional accessories, like a chopper, juicer, or pasta maker, your stand mixer can be a space-efficient, multifunctional appliance.

A stand mixer is 100% worth it to speed up prep time and simplify kitchen tasks.

Woman Decorating a Cake with a Stand Mixer

6. You plan to start a food or baking business.

A stand mixer should be on top of your shopping list if you wish to put up a bakery or café soon. Making baked goods for a crowd should be easy with a large-sized mixer.

Some high-end models also have features that stop automatically or mix for a set duration, which is helpful in a busy commercial kitchen.

You can multitask and achieve consistent mixing results with a heavy-duty stand mixer.

It’s easy to accept large orders or expand the business in the future with a stand mixer helping you out, too.

Final Thoughts

Being creative in the kitchen is a fun and rewarding activity. However, getting the right appliances, like a stand mixer, is worth it if you want to be creative and productive at the same time.

With this mixing machine, you can improve your beginner skills, try more challenging recipes, produce better baking output, or give professional baking a go.

While a stand mixer and its extra accessories can be pricey, you can limit your initial purchase to tools that you need first. Then, gradually grow your baking arsenal as you progress.

Check out my stand mixer reviews to learn more options that suit your budget.