Potassium and vitamin-rich celery juice is an excellent addition to your healthy diet. And with the best juicer for celery on your bench, you can make it at home fresh and free from additives!

But if I start making celery juice, which juicer machine should I buy? And what exact health benefits do I get in return? Read on to learn more about this superfood.

Best Juicer for Celery

Celery is a stringy or fibrous vegetable, making it difficult to juice with a conventional juicer. So, if you want to make fresh celery juice at home, I suggest getting a masticating or cold press juicer.

This type is the best juicer for celery because of its slower extraction process. It has this chew-and-extract action that’s perfect for working through all that veggie fibre. Also, cold press juicing does not produce heat that can ruin the nutrients present in celery juice.

When buying, look for a slow masticating juicer with a powerful motor and large feeding chute. It should work well with fibrous vegetables, wheatgrass and greens.

Some cold press juicers also include a sieve or filter screen. This accessory is a great add-on if you’re not a fan of foamy or pulpy juice.

My product review and buying guide for cold press juicers have more details to help you find the right juicing appliance.

How to Make Celery Juice

Is juicing vegetables difficult? Not at all, especially when you have a cold press juicer at home.

The cleaning process may take time, though, depending on your juicer model parts. But the juicing process itself should take only a few minutes.

When making celery juice, the steps and buttons may vary for different cold press juicers. But here are the basics:

  1. Chop off the root section of your celery. Then wash the individual stalks under running water.
  2. Cut the stalks of celery into 10cm sticks, or as suggested in your manual.
  3. After prep time, set up your celery juicer, pulp compartment and juice container. Use the juicing screen if you have one for less foam.
  4. Then start putting your celery sticks into the feed chute. In case of clogging, check your manual to troubleshoot.
  5. Drink your fresh celery juice immediately for optimum results and flavour. You can also make extra celery juice, store it in a mason jar, then refrigerate. Just make sure to consume your celery juice within two days.

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Benefits of Celery Juice

If you can get yourself the best juicer for celery, make sure to use it often. Because aside from making celery juicing easy for you, the result also gives you plenty of health rewards. Here are the benefits you get from every gulp.

It has antioxidants.

Celery juice contains phytonutrients that work as antioxidants. These reduce inflammation or oxidative stress in the body.

Studies also linked them to lower rates of some ailments like heart disease, obesity and some cancers. Coumarin is another antioxidant in celery that enhances white blood cell activity and stimulates our lymphatic filtration system.

To put it simply, celery juice is an all-around cleanser and detoxifier that keeps us away from illness.

It is low in sugar.

If you are looking for ways to control your sweetened drink intake, a glass of celery juice is a better alternative. One cup (240ml) only has approximately 5-7g of sugar. Less sugar means lower calories, too.

A study among elderly pre-diabetics even concluded that celery leaf extract was effective in lowering blood sugar levels.

It is healthy for the heart.

Celery juice contains a lipid-lowering compound that can control low-density (or bad) cholesterol levels in your blood. Moreover, its phenolic substances called phthalides can relax the muscles to improve mineral flow and lower blood pressure.

It is a nutritious drink.

Drinking celery juice gives you a lot of vitamins and minerals. The most notable of which are calcium, potassium and vitamins A, C and K.

Some claim that celery has skin healing properties. While there are no studies yet to prove this correlation, these micronutrients in celery are likely the secret for its skin health effect.

It is refreshing.

Celery is a water-rich vegetable, after all. But what makes it better is its apiuman content.

This pectin-based compound provides digestive tract support by improving our stomach lining and reducing the risk of stomach ulcers.

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Celery Juicing Tips and Tricks

  • Buy fresh celery in season. Firm celery is easy to process and produces better juice yield. Old celery stalks tend to be soft and rubbery that can clog or stop your celery juicer. Organic celery is better but not necessary. Just make sure to wash it thoroughly before juicing.
  • Drink celery first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Then, wait for 15 to 30 minutes before having a healthy breakfast. This habit should optimise celery juice benefits and keep you energised throughout the day.
  • Take 2 cups of celery juice (475ml) daily for good health. You can also start with one cup of juice, then gradually increase your intake. For people with chronic health conditions, drinking 3 to 4 cups is ideal.
  • Drink freshly made celery juice when possible. You can chill or freeze it in a sealed glass jar if you want. However, expect a slight deterioration. Also, the beneficial nutrients from fresh juice may diminish as well.
  • Add one apple or cucumber to celery juice to improve its flavour. Some find pure celery juice too strong. However, you can alter its nutrient yield if you mix it with anything else. If you want, sweeten it a bit by adding an apple or cucumber to train your tastebuds. Later on, try increasing the ratio of celery juice.