Lockdown due to pandemic? No need to panic! With so many possible ideas to do while staying at home, creative mums like us will always have some exciting things to do during quarantine. Don’t worry because in this case, I’m sure our kids will be more than happy to help us plan.

I know it’s not easy staying inside when your kids love playing sports outdoors or being with friends from school. And while you can always make them watch TV or their favourite shows on repeat, mums and dads can certainly do better than that. Quarantine may be distressing, but it’s also the perfect time to bond with our kids, do something fun and make happy memories.

Plan and Schedule Your Activities

Before you start getting your creative juices flowing, I suggest creating a time table first. It doesn’t have to be very detailed or specific. For example, you can set a schedule for study, art, sports and reading. Make sure to add a slot for free time, where kids have a few hours to do what they want.

This schedule will keep your kids on track and make them look forward to your daily activities together. When they get the hang of it, encourage them to fill in the time slots themselves. For us adults, a routine also allows us to work from home, take our minds of uncertain things and make every day just a bit lighter!

Best Things to Do During Quarantine

Once you have your schedule done, it’s time for some fun! Here are some of the best quarantine activities you and your kids can do while staying safe at home.

1. Go craft crazy.

Kids love getting their hands dirty, and I’m sure most mums would agree. So, if you have spare colour paints at home, let your kids use them to do all sorts of hand paintings. You can also ask them to make greeting cards for loved ones who live far away. Through a video call, the kids can show their artwork to grandparents or cousins they dearly miss. It’s as good as giving a big hug!

Have you spotted rainbows in people’s windows lately? Kids currently enjoy making these, too. Things can be a little gloomy outside, and these lovely decorations can surely make passers-by smile. Give your kids crayons, cardboards or art paper to work with and let them add pops of colour to your windows.

2. Do cooking classes.

Why settle on online cooking shows when you can have one in your kitchen? Let your kids play the audience, while you take the hosting stint. If you have toddlers, I suggest you start with simple recipes that don’t need a stove or oven, like building sandwiches or decorating store-bought cupcakes.

For older kiddos, you can ask them to assist you in making something yummy like fried ice cream. Quarantine is also the best time to try something new in the kitchen, like baking. Your kids can help you out with the measuring and mixing. It’s one way to make someone’s birthday at home more memorable, too!

3. Get fit and healthy.

No playground? No problem! With a backyard, you can always organise all kinds of fun activities for kids. Make use of those hula hoops, beach balls, jumping ropes or frisbees to build a mini obstacle course for your kids. Indoor parkour with cushions and blankets is also a good idea. Have the kids build make-believe bridges to get to the other side without stepping on the floor.

You can have a mini race or sports tournament, too. Let the kids reach the finish line with their bikes or skateboards. If you opt to say inside, a dance competition is a great alternative. Play your kids’ favourite song and bust out your best moves! Who cares if you got two left feet?

4. Watch movies.

You don’t have to own a movie theatre. A TV, laptop or tablet will do. Have bowls of popcorn and your favourite treats ready before showtime. You can also make this activity more educational. Google Earth, for example, allows your kids to go on a virtual trip to various cities in 3D. Discovery Kids Australia also has some exciting line up of shows about science, animals and technology.

5. Learn essential life skills.

Your list of things to do during quarantine doesn’t have to be limited to fun and games. You can also use this time to have kids learn practical life skills. Make them help you out when setting the table, preparing a meal, doing the laundry, cleaning the house and gardening. Children are like sponges and easily absorb all the good things that you teach them. Ideally, we teach them while they’re still young, so they grow up to be great mums and dads in the future!

Do All Things Fun During Lockdown

There are so many things to do during quarantine, from sports games to educational activities. Moreover, it allows us to discover new skills and strengths. And with our kids around, it is easy to switch any challenging time into something bright and fun!