My child’s bedroom is full of stuff: books, toys, stuffed animals – you name it. And while my goal is to encourage recreation and skill development, things all over the place can be headache-inducing. So, I want to share some of my kid’s room shelf ideas to help you create a more organised play space.

Have a Dedicated Shelf Space

It does not have to be big, though. You can use a small area in the bedroom or a corner next to a study desk.

The idea is to teach your child where his playthings are so he can put them back after use.

As for the shelf, choose one that is safe and stable. Ideally, it should match the height of your child. Also, go for a neutral-coloured shelving rack to make it easy to decorate and blend into the existing interior.

If you want, use wheeled carts or crates and plastic trolleys in place of a fixed bookcase. It works like a mini library or toy box on wheels.

These portable shelf ideas for kid’s rooms are best for tight spaces. They also suit children who prefer playing in different areas of the house.

Later, you can probably shift to wall-mounted or floating shelves to save floor space.

Sort and Add Books

With your shelf space ready and empty, it is time to style and decorate it next. You can start by sorting the books into categories.

Use this time to set aside books for donating, too. Ask your little one to help you sort, so you will know which ones are favourites or no longer needed.

Now, how do you arrange the books on the shelf? Here are a few kid’s room shelf ideas you can try:

  • Based on book type. You can put board books on one level, then make another section for animal or science books.
  • Based on size or colour. Your shelf will look more orderly when same-size books are together in one file. But if you are going for an artistic look, then group books with same-colour spines.

Simply Mumma_Storage and Shelf Ideas for Kid's Room

Put Toys in Storage Bins

Storage containers are excellent additions to your shelves. Aside from keeping small knick-knacks in one place, they can also double as bookends.

And if you pick out attractive organisers, you can instantly turn your child’s shelf area into a chic space.

Ideally, choose clever storage solutions that are light and soft. I also prefer containers with rounded corners. All these should help avoid accidents.

Baskets are the most ideal for a kid’s room. They are sturdy yet stylish. I also like canvas storage bins, especially collapsible or expandable ones.

Whichever container you choose, select those with side handles so the kids can easily lift or pull them out. Place large storage bins beside the shelf or at the bottom level to ensure safety.

You can label them, too, if you like. Have designated containers for blocks, dolls, toy cars and so on.


My favourite kid’s room shelf ideas? Those accessories we can add to spruce up the space! After making everything look neat and organised, accessorising should give your shelves character and colour.

Here are some decorating tips you can apply.

Add decorations that double as toys.

Kids generally like to grab, touch and play with everything they see on their bookshelf, including the accessories. And so, avoid putting an accent piece that’s too expensive, breakable or delicate.

Instead, nestle a few stuffed toys into corners for a cosy touch. Small pillows are also good alternatives.

Personalise the space with photos or artwork.

I prefer to mount picture frames on the wall to avoid accidents. And these can either feature family pictures, school trips or our outdoor adventures.

A garland-type photo display is also a great idea to do away with dangerous frames and glass. Does your little one like to draw? Save his best works and put them up on the wall, too!

Simply Mumma_Shelf Ideas for Kid's Room

Set up a sitting area.

This one is perhaps the most vital component of your shelf styling project. After all, comfy seating is the best invitation for little ones to grab a book or toy and get busy!

Now, the chair choice is up to your child’s preference and the room size. But, to give you a few ideas, you can add a swing chair. This option is excellent for kids who think swaying while reading is better than sitting still!

A classic armchair is also a good idea, but choose one that’s easy to clean. You can also lay a floor mat or rug with cushions. This one can double as a relaxing play area, too.

But for me, I prefer getting a study desk and chair that can grow old with my son. It’s a money-saving option, plus it’s versatile. Your child can use it for playing, reading, studying and more.


OK, I know what you’re thinking. I’m making this beautiful shelf space that will not stay orderly for long.

But similar to styling a room for adults, our kids’ rooms need thoughtful designing, too. They’ll surely be happy to have a spot at home they can call their own.

And an IG-worthy shelf is not a priority. Keeping a safe and functional space for fun and learning is more important.

When your kids become older, let them redecorate their shelf space and fill it with their favourite things.

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