It’s time to bask in the crisp weather and enjoy the golden outdoors yet again. My favourite family bonding activity this season? Hunt around the yard and make autumn leaf craft things with my little one!

We love gathering colourful autumn leaves and, of course, getting some exercise and sunshine on the side. A little family competition for finding the best-looking dry leaf is part of our bonding, too.

It’s even better when we sit down at home, admire our collection of leaves and get creative. These autumn leaf craft ideas should inspire you to start hunting and playing with leaves, too.

1. Autumn Leaf Crown

Kids adore pretending as kings and queens with their playmates. Naturally, they need a proper headpiece to complete the look.

So, let the kids gather enough dry leaves for their DIY leaf crown. Meanwhile, you can prep the glue, stapler and strips of cardboard.

Make sure the cardboard is long enough to wrap around your child’s head. When ready, start sticking the leaves on the cardboard.

Use berries, acorns or pine cones, too, if you like. Let the glued pieces set. Then, measure your child’s head and staple the board to size.

Now, let your kids try on their golden leaf crowns and prance royally in the backyard!

Simply Mumma_Autumn Leaf Craft Crown

2. Superhero Leaf Mask

Aside from playing kings and queens, kids love superheroes. And their flowy cape must have a matching eye mask!

You can make this out of freshly fallen leaves like maple. First, make an eye mask cutout using a cardboard or paper plate.

Punch out two holes on either end of the mask, then add the strings or rubber bands. Now, it’s time for the fun part: decorating the leaf masks with colourful leaves.

Using your hot glue gun, start sticking leaves onto the cardboard cutout. Ideally, put the larger leaves around the outer edge.

Then, fill the inside and centre with the smaller leaves. Use your scissors to trim any excess, especially around the eye holes.

Put the superhero leaf mask on your child and enjoy saving someone else’s day with your leafy hero!

3. Leaf Rubbings

This autumn leaf craft project is something that mums can make in advance for their kids to work on later. What you’ll do is look for uniquely shaped leaves of various textures and sizes.

Next, get pieces of paper and tape. Then, tape the leaf edges onto the paper, enough to keep the leaves in place.

I make a handful of these leaf rubbings and store them in a folder. During our car rides or doctor’s appointment, I grab some together with a box of crayons.

I then turn the paper over with the taped leaves underneath and let my son colour over the leaves to keep him busy. It works like a charm every time!

Your kids will surely enjoy seeing crayon leaf print emerging magically on paper, too.

4. Fun Leaf Animal Pictures

I like autumn leaf craft ideas that stimulate children’s imagination. And forming animals out of fallen leaves is one such leaf project.

It’s super easy to do, too. All you need are some construction paper, glue, scissors and markers.

Next, have the kids get to work! Ask them to make an owl, butterfly, hedgehog or their favourite pet using a handful of leaves.

Try to clean up the leaves a bit before starting this fun leaf craft idea, though. That way, they will stick better on the paper. The children can then add the details of their work (e.g., eyes, spots, beak) using the markers.

Allow the artwork to dry up before placing a heavy book or object on top to flatten. I love framing these pictures or putting them on the fridge.

Simply Mumma_Autumn Leaf Craft Animals

5. Autumn Paper Lantern

This autumn leaf craft may need some work to finish. But I like the idea of making purposeful items out of scrap materials. Plus, autumn paper lanterns make a fantastic decoration.

To make one, you’ll need colourful leaves, greaseproof paper, tape, flat iron and flameless candles. Lay one sheet of wax paper on the table, then arrange the leaves on top.

Make sure not to overlap the leaves too much for a better glow later. Next, cover the arranged leaves with another sheet of wax paper.

Lay a piece of thin cloth on top before ironing it in a medium setting. The iron should fuse the paper and leaves.

Use scissors to trim the edges and cut the paper lantern to your desired size. Then, roll it into a cylinder and join the ends with tape.

Finally, light the flameless candle and place the lantern over it. The best thing about this DIY fall leaf craft is that it looks pretty even in the daytime.

6. Mandala Leaf Art

Do you know what mandala art is? Mandalas are repetitive swirls, dots and similar designs arranged in circular patterns.

You can transfer this concept into beautiful fall leaves, too. Your kids can use coloured paint or awesome paint pens to design as much mandala leaf art as they like.

They can also write short messages or quotes, aside from leaf doodles. Once dry, use a foam brush and mod podge to seal the painted designs.

When the leaves are thoroughly dry, use tape or mounting putty to stick the leaves on a bare wall. The kids can use this leaf project for their bedroom walls, too.

Alternatively, children can also paint a leaf and stamp it on paper to make gorgeous leaf imprints.

Simply Mumma_Autumn Leaf Craft Art

Enjoy Autumn

There’s so much to love about fall. And it doesn’t take much to enjoy the season with your kids, too. All you need are lots of leaves and creativity.

Happy crafting!