If you’re wondering what to put in Easter baskets other than chocolate bunnies and eggs, read on! I’ve rounded up a few affordable and “egg-citing” stuffers your kids will love.

I know. Sweet treats are the quickest basket filler ideas that little ones will appreciate. But all that sugar can make us parents worry.

Plus, Easter fun is short-lived once the kids finish unwrapping the goodies. So, keep the sweetness and happiness balanced. Here are a few Easter basket alternatives to candy made for healthier snacking and hours of fun!

Easter Snacks

Snacks can quickly win any toddler’s heart. But don’t limit them to lolly and chocolate. Add these basket filler ideas instead.

Easter Trail Mix

Not sure what to put in Easter baskets when you’re in a hurry? Try mixing sweet and savoury treats in a bowl, portion them into paper cups, then wrap them in treat bags!

I love putting pretzels, cereals, chocolate chips and mini marshmallows for this idea. When you can, shop for pastel-coloured snacks to stick to the Easter theme, too.

It’s perfect when you need to make a batch of Easter baskets or prep last-minute party giveaways. Also, you can store the extras in an airtight container, which can last for a few weeks.

Carrot Snack Bags

Get some regular treat bags, then form them into cones. You can use small piping bags, too.

Next, fill each bag with cheddar popcorn, orange fruit snacks and other nibbles. Cut out a few strips of green paper and insert them at the top.

Finally, use a twist tie to close the bag. Then curl the paper strips a bit to make them look like a carrot top.

And, ta-dah! Even fussy eaters won’t be able to resist this “vegetable” snack.

Cookie Packs

If you are into baking, you won’t have trouble deciding what to put in Easter baskets. After all, kids love cookies!

A batch of oat or chocolate chip cookies wrapped in Easter-themed bags should fill up the baskets in no time. But if you have time for kitchen play, go ahead and make beautifully decorated egg and bunny-shaped cookies.

Now, for your budding baker at home, why not gift your little one with a baking-themed Easter basket instead? Wrap the tools and ingredients for a basic cookie recipe, then bake together on Easter.

Simply Mumma_What to Put in Easter Baskets other than Candy

Easter Activities

Things to put in Easter baskets don’t always have to be food. You can also add fun activity items.

Homemade Playdough

Playdough is excellent for bringing out your kids’ creativity. It’s a long-lasting gift that children can play with even after Easter.

While it’s easy to buy from the store, making homemade playdough is as easy. I like making different coloured playdough and putting them inside plastic Easter eggs.

Add bunny, chick or egg moulds and cutters, too, if you like. Little hands will surely love squishing their clay into different figures with these extra tools.

Gardening Tool Set

Does your child follow you around to help with garden work? Train his green thumb early and gift him a starter gardening set.

You can also put pots and seed packets, then use a watering can in place of the usual basket. Small herbs, succulents and indoor plants are excellent examples.


Is your little one a voracious reader? If yes, then make sure to put a book or two in the basket.

Books are excellent in holding your child’s attention. Giving a board or activity book to your toddler, for example, is also an ideal high-chair activity.

Even if he cannot read yet, pictures can stimulate his visual skills. You can add Easter-related books, too. Just make sure you are giving age-appropriate books.

Musical Instruments

Kids into music will surely appreciate getting a small tambourine, maracas or castanets from their Easter basket.

These educational gifts should keep them busy plus teach them various skills. If you want, add a music lesson book that suits your child’s musical level, too.

Colouring Books

These are the best stuffers if you’re thinking of what to put in Easter baskets for artistic kids. They are generally inexpensive, and you can even print the pictures for colouring if you like.

You can add crayons or coloured pencils to the basket, too. But for toddlers, egg-shaped or palm-grip crayons are best.

Simply Mumma_Things to Put in Easter Baskets

Easter Toys

No Easter basket is complete without small toys to play with, correct? Let your child know some bunny loves them with one of these basket ideas.

Fidget Toys

Colourful fidget toys in various shapes and sizes are perfect for keeping little hands busy. The kids can bring them to school, car rides or doctor’s appointments to past time, too.

Older kids and even adults would also love these to reduce stress or anxiety.

Lego Set

Here’s a non-candy Easter basket stuffer little boys will like. This classic toy will help develop their motor skills and creativity in one go.

You can store loose Lego pieces in plastic eggs, then let your child create a figure he likes.

Stuffed Animals

Children love getting a plush chick or bunny on Easter. But you don’t have to limit it to Easter-themed stuffed toys.

Pick something that suits your child’s age and interest. Finger puppets are excellent alternatives, too.

Pet Toys

Do you have dogs or cats at home? If yes, make a pet-themed basket! You can use a pet bowl, grooming essentials, toys or treats as your basket stuffers.

Your children will surely enjoy getting gifts they can use to spoil their furry mates.

Fill Your Easter Baskets with Love

It’s not that hard to decide what to put in Easter baskets. And your options should not be limited to sweet treats either.

All you need is a list of things that your children love. Pick out toys and snacks that you’ll both enjoy. Easter is, after all, best spent with the entire family.

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