Parents at times get too preoccupied with work and managing the home that we spend less time with our kids. So, I came up with these easy ways to bond with children that you can also do at home or add to your routine.

After all, connecting with our kids does not need to be a well-thought-out plan. Simple everyday things are all it takes to make them feel secure and loved.

How to Bond with Children

Establishing a secure attachment bond with my child is like putting coins in a piggy bank. At least, that’s how I see it! I try to save as much time for us to connect so he can be a good person and fabulous parent one day.

You see, every positive experience or memory with our children is an investment for their future. It’s also my way of fortifying trust and confidence and making my little one feel valuable.

Bonding teaches children how to build healthy relationships as well. As they grow older and go through tough times, our parent-child bond will make it easy for us to communicate and overcome problems together.

And as I’ve said, our time savings to bond with kids does not have to be big or extravagant. A smile, word of encouragement or even a lunchbox note goes a long way! Here are my other suggestions.

1. Plan fun surprises

Is it a house rule not to eat in bed or stay up late? Break your rigid rules from time to time, perhaps during special occasions.

Then, surprise your kids and have breakfast in bed on a lazy weekend. Or maybe have pizzas and popcorn on a Friday night.

You can also organise a mini slumber party in your backyard, with their favourite snacks, of course. Do fun things that you don’t usually do at home, and let your kids know it’s okay to loosen up once in a while.

Simply Mumma_Bond with Children by Sharing Interests

2. Try a new hobby

Do you love to bake or sing? Or perhaps gardening is your thing? Whatever your interest or passion is, use it to bond with children.

Chances are they’ll enjoy it, too. That’s because kids, in general, love doing things with mum and dad.

What I like about this idea is, you get to teach your kids something new, make them productive and have time to chat all in one go. It’s one way to learn what your little ones are good at as well.

3. Say hello before bedtime

Make it a habit to cap your child’s day with storytelling or a quick snuggle time. Because just like in newborn babies, skin-to-skin or eye contact is an effective way to bond with children.

As your children grow older, use this time to talk about their day. For instance, ask them how school was or if they made new friends.

Make sure to tell them about your day, too, or the challenges you’re going through at work. Doing this sends them the message that you trust them enough to confide in them and that they can do the same.

4. Eat meals together

Plenty of studies have established the connection between eating together as a family and positive child development. These include better eating habits, social skills, emotional health, school performance and overall behaviour.

Well, even adults find it easier to bond with others over coffee, right? It’s the same with our children.

So, despite your busy day, squeeze in mealtimes with your kids every day, or try to do it as often as you can.

And it doesn’t always have to be dinnertime. Having breakfast or snacks together is just as effective.

If you find mealtimes with kids too stressful, one trick I do is to ask my child to help me prepare. It can be as simple as beating eggs or putting flour into the bowl.

You see, kids will like to eat the food they help prepare. It will be a little time-consuming, I know. But the outcome is worth it, plus you’ll have the extra time to bond.

Simply Mumma_Bond with Children through Playtime

5. Have time for play

I know kids nowadays are into video games and gadgets, but nothing beats an actual ball game in your garage or backyard. It’s fun, exciting and engaging. Best of all, it teaches teamwork and sportsmanship.

If your kids are not into outdoor sports, don’t worry. Playtime with board games are just as fun and educational. You can also substitute active sports with a kid-friendly workout routine if you like.

6. Assign some chores

If you barely have time to bond with kids because of clean-up or Mt Laundry, then ask them to help out! My mini-guide for age-appropriate chores should help you know which task to give your children.

It will be an ideal opportunity to teach your kids basic housework and how to be responsible. It will bring you two closer and get things done faster, too.


Creating a strong bond with children promises lasting happiness and positivity that they can carry over into adulthood. So, show your kids how much you love them every day and start building that unbreakable loving bond!