The minutes before you juggle the breakfast routine, shuffle homework, and remember gymnastics are semi-organised chaos. There are lunches to prepare, which can sound like a simple mission. While we haven’t yet figured out how to make luncheons on our own, we have an idea to help streamline the busy mornings: meal plans.

An Essential Step for Meal Prep

It is easy to search the internet for recipes and menus before you go to the food shop, based on what the children eat for dinner — taking frozen or cooled food last, just before going to the cashier, to stay cool longer.

Make sure the perishable items are stored in your refrigerator or freezer within two hours of your food shopping.

A Helpful Guide for Your Kid’s Week-Long School Lunch

These recipes for food preparation back to school will get you through your children’s lunch one week in advance. Don’t waste more exhausting days here!

●     Egg or Ham Pinwheels

Stick some cucumbers in this lunch-friendly package in advance (which can be packed and wrapped in foil the night before). Use whole-grain tortillas or cotton wraps. Finish the meal with an entire piece of fruit and yoghurt. Children of all ages enjoy these simple pinwheel sandwiches.

●     Wrap Crunchy Brunch

Use the leftover whole-grain tortillas from Monday’s lunch to make this soft and crunchy package, of course. Replace the peanut butter with the sunflower seed butter to make it allergens-friendly. Serve for frying with a side of vegetables and hummus.

●     Healthy Bagel Sandwich

I love the idea of a bagel buffet line to include children in lunch box planning. New Veggie Bagel Sandwich Hold the fun children’s sandwich accessible by swapping the brown mustard and hummus you made during your dinner.

With mini whole-grain bagels, you can adjust the portions according to your appetite. Pack this with grapes and an extra protein hardboiled egg.

●     Bites For Lunch

For a fun snack, send the children with a choice of finger food— this is a great way to use all the perishable foods of the week, like ham, prepared vegetables and hummus. For complete the dinner, add crackers, cheese and fruit.

●     Pizza in a Mini Bagel

Who does not enjoy Fridays? We recommend you use Tuesday morning bagels to make Simple Mini Bagel Pizzas that can be baked the evening before and eaten cold at lunchtime. Alternatively, steam them in the morning and put them in hot water thermal bath.

●     Instant pot Green Salsa Chicken

This Instant Pot Salsa Verde Chicken can be created in an instant pot or a slow cooker. It is a pot of green rice made of tomatillo salsa, which is then filled with avocado, cilantro and jalapenos!

You’ll love this salsa verde chicken with rice and beans–a spicy, tasty meal and a beautiful classic dish, all made in one pot for easy cleaning and, of course, for your meal preparation needs.

●     Sandwich Chicken Club Lettuce Wrap

Low-carb Lunch concept, a wheat wrap with a lettuce wrap. Chicken Club Lettuce Wrap Sandwich Just five ingredients and less than ten minutes to make!

In reality, most bagel shopping and delis will make you a wrap of lettuce to swap with salad and fill it with all the things from tuna salad, egg salad, cold cuts, you name it!