We often celebrate Mother’s Day by giving thoughtful gifts like crafts and flowers. While these are great ideas, I prefer making the occasion a family celebration. After all, we won’t be enjoying this incredible job as mums if not for our partners and little ones. So, I came up with a list of activities we can all do to make this day special.

Plan a Baking Party

Among many Mother’s Day activities to choose from, my favourite would have to be making something in the kitchen. I know it can get busy and messy, especially with kids around. But the truth is food and cooking make the fondest of memories.

You can prepare everyone’s favourite meal, or enjoy the usual breakfast in bed. But since it is autumn, I think it will be wonderful to spend the day baking all things yum in the oven.

How does homemade pizza sound? The kids will surely love making it with your favourite toppings. You can also bake mini pies or cookies to go with your at-home tea party. Thinking about the aroma of freshly baked goodies makes my mouth water!

Join Online Workshops

I like fun activities just as much as educational ones. It’s productive, and the whole family gets to learn something new. So, why not sign up for virtual activities that the children can enjoy? A flower arranging class will be a good idea if you and the kids love gardening. An art class on sketching, painting or ceramic making is excellent, too.

Now, if the kids enjoy being in the kitchen with you, you can join a cooking class and pick a new recipe or two. The best part is your kitchen can be your workshop area. All you need is to get the ingredients ready. But if fitness is your thing, you can look for kid-friendly yoga sessions and have the family enjoy a few moments of Zen.

Gather in the Garden

You can spend some quality time with the family here and have some fun in the sun. Do all sorts of Mother’s Day activities like planting some flower seeds or herbs in pots. You can also spend the day pruning, removing weeds or learning about insects with your kids.

If the weather allows it, you can cap your gardening time with a family picnic lunch. Sharing a homemade grazing platter while surrounded by plants is a great idea. Then have a fun scavenger hunt! But in case you don’t have a garden, planting at the garage plus an indoor picnic and board games are just as fun.

Simply Mumma_Gardening during Mother's Day

Make a Family Scrapbook

Here’s an idea to put a spin on the traditional Mother’s Day crafts and homemade cards. Bring out old photos of the kids and your family, then put them all together in a scrapbook. It will be great if you can share stories behind each photograph! You can personalise your scrapbook pages with stickers, dried flowers, printouts and other décors that you like.

You can also make something else like a memory box if you want. To do it, group your bunch of photos into memories. These can be photos of the kids at school, Christmas with the family, your adorable pets and more. Make sure to write a fun memory at the back of each photo, too. Then don’t forget to label your memory boxes. It will be great to look at these from time to time and take a trip down memory lane.

Go Shopping

Do you have a flea market near your home? Is there an antique shop you frequently visit? Or perhaps there’s a scheduled garage sale happening in your neighbourhood. You can take the family on a quick shopping trip and pick up some fresh flowers or produce on the way. Of course, ending the errand with a delicious brunch at your favourite restaurant is the highlight of the day.

Host a Karaoke and Dance Night

Mother’s Day is your chance to channel your inner pop star! Swap the typical movie night with a talent showdown with the kids. Turn your living area into a karaoke room and belt out your favourite songs. You can even dress up in flashy costumes and accessories.

And don’t worry if you can’t sing that well. Just make sure to keep the snacks and drinks coming (and it’s your day, anyway!). If you want, switch to dance party mode and show off your best moves to wrap up the night.

Create an At-Home Spa Day

It’s no secret that a relaxing day at the spa will make any mum happy this Mother’s Day. Well, I love to share with everyone at home why mothers love this treat. So, have the children spend the afternoon with you at home in soft robes plus bath bombs, candles and facial mask. Everyone loves pampering once in a while. Then you can end your spa day with a relaxing nap. Now that is the best gift of all!

Happy Mother’s Day to all mums!