Being a mum is not all about career, family and housework. Sometimes you need to destress and do things that make you feel good about yourself, like dressing up. I know. It’s not a good idea to splurge on clothes and shoes when you need to worry about other expenses. But these affordable fashion tips might help you get that chic look and much-needed uplift!

Shop Your Closet

I like doing this before I hit online clothing stores. Aside from digging out hidden closet treasures, it motivates me to declutter and organise. Paring down your wardrobe also lets me know which ones to keep, give or discard. That way, you get to save money on clothes and avoid buying similar pieces you already own.

You can also sell clothes in mint condition if you like. The extra money will be good for your family budget. Organisations like Australian Clothing Recyclers can also help you clear out your closet, share clothes with others and reduce fashion industry waste.

Get Creative

After purging your closet, all that’s left are your trusty staples and well-loved items. Now, bring out the stylish mum in you and create one IG-worthy look after another! Check if that favourite shirt works with this skirt or pants. Will it look good with sandals or sneakers? Can I dress it up with a cardigan or blazer? Creating multiple outfits from a few basics you own is not only fun but also economical.


When it comes to affordable fashion, even tiny details can make a difference. The right accessories let you elevate old clothes and pull off a well-thought-out look. So, aside from your clothing cabinet, check if you have jewellery, watches, scarves, hair clips or caps to go with your created outfits. Your gold or silver pieces, for instance, will complement anything. Use brightly coloured ones to add interest to plain clothes.

Simply Mumma_Pair Affordable Fashion Items with Accessories

Refresh your Wardrobe

With your closet now clean, it’s time to replace discarded pieces with new ones. But don’t shop till you drop just yet! We love new things to wear, but remember, you are shopping for items at a reasonable price. Try these tips to help you stay on the affordable fashion track.

1. Make a shopping list.

It’s like your weekly grocery run, only this time you are listing down inexpensive clothing that you need. Of course, you won’t have to do this every week. Clothes shopping once a month will do.

2. Prioritise timeless pieces and everyday basics.

These may include T-shirts, denim items, a pair of jeans, trousers or skirts, a black dress, coat or sweater, and button-down shirts. For shoes, you may need a pair of sneakers, dress shoes and flats. Make sure to create a list according to your lifestyle.

3. Go for solid and neutral colours.

Pick out fashion choices that you can easily mix and match. This way, you won’t have to shop for as many clothes. Whites, greys, blacks and browns, for example, go with almost anything. These colours also make it easy for you to dress up or down.

4. Select print and fabric types wisely.

Some materials can may you look chic or posh without spending a lot. Examples are chequered, plaid and houndstooth. You can also invest in expensive fabrics like satin, silk or tweed, then pair them with your other inexpensive items.

5. Shop at the right store and time.

Outlet stores have a wide range of budget but quality clothing. Online clothing stores also frequently offer discounts and free shipping promos. Patronise the Australian label when you can, too, to support our small entrepreneurs. But if you find an item that you like from a regular retail shop or favourite brand, you can always wait for it to go on sale. Try to apply this tip when saving money on your kids’ clothes, too.

Check Thrift Stores

If you don’t mind wearing second-hand clothes, then swing by the nearest thrift shop in your area. Try to look for good and organised shops, though. Visit those that offer a wide range of quality pre-loved items.

Also, don’t shop for every budget clothing item you see. It’s no use cluttering your closet with things that you’ll only wear once or twice. Check the zippers or buttons and if there are tears or stains. Make this your affordable fashion mantra: be thrifty but choosy!

Simply Mumma_Shop for Affordable Fashion Items on Sale

Consider Clothing Swaps

Here’s a tip for fashion-forward mums who love wearing lots of clothes but are saving wardrobe space. With clothing swap shops, you can rent items for a fee, then return them afterwards. It’s also an effective money-saving technique for your occasional events like weddings. Dress-for-hire shops like Glam Corner even have a maternity collection so you can look your best while showing off your baby bump!

Pay with Cash

I know this may sound outdated now. However, it’s also a foolproof way to be price conscious and stay on budget when you shop for clothes. Paying with cash works like an alert of how much you’ve spent and when to stop. Steer clear of credit cards whenever possible. Looking stylish is excellent, but it is not exactly an emergency. It’s not something worthy of going into debt, either.

So, there you have it. Now, you have no excuse not to look and feel good while trying to save and skimp. One final piece of advice I’d like to add is to take care of your clothes. Wearing properly washed and well-ironed affordable clothing is also key to buying less and looking fabulous. Make these laundry basics a habit to preserve your fashion picks!