Sprucing up our house at the start of the year is always a welcome project. But then again, repairs and adjustments can be costly. Well, in that case, let’s do plan B: home renovation on a budget!

Updating your home doesn’t require over-the-top and expensive changes. All you need are minor tweaks here and there to make a huge impact. Here’s my list to keep you busy and your renovation costs down.

Clean and Declutter

Dust, cobwebs and mess can make any house look old and worn out. And so, an easy way to brighten up your space is to tidy up and organise.

Make it a weekend routine, for instance, to pick a room or area to clean. Here are a few examples:

Cleaning can make your home look (and smell!) new. Yes, it can be tiring and time-consuming, but without the extra costs. Plus, you get a free workout!

Repair or Replace Broken Things

Anything that’s broken around the house indicates neglect. It also makes your home look shabby and less functional.

Good thing there are ways to solve these while sticking to your home renovation on a budget plan. Grab your toolbox so you can fix that leaky pipe or creaky door.

You don’t have to spend a lot on old and irreparable furniture either. You can shop at thrift stores or garage sales to find an affordable replacement.

Some homeowners also choose to resell building materials or fixtures at low prices. You can also search for salvage yards in your area to find reclaimed materials.

Simply Mumma_Decorating and Home Renovation on a Budget

Bring Nature Indoors

Sometimes, a little decorating is all you need to revamp your home. An indoor plant at the corner, some herbs on the kitchen windowsill or fresh flowers on the coffee table can make a difference.

Now, what if gardening is not your cup of tea? Well, you can always go for wall hangings. If your family loves hiking, framed snapshots of your walks and encounters with nature should be a perfect alternative.

Artificial plants or dried flowers are excellent home renovation ideas on a budget, too. These require minimal care and should look pretty year-round.

Change Your Electronics or Appliances

If you have broken or damaged appliances or home gadgets, now is the time to upgrade them, too. They only collect dust and take up space.

A new microwave or fridge can be the finishing touch to your sparkling clean kitchen, too!

Be smart when shopping, though. Aside from looking for a good deal, buy energy-efficient models as well. These will help cut your energy use and costs in the long run.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

A paint job is always part of anyone’s home renovation on a budget list. It’s easy, quick and cheap to do. Moreover, its uplifting results are instant.

You can even do the painting yourself to cut labour costs and save more money. Try this tip to brighten up the room, add an appealing contrast of colours or hide minor wood damages.

At times, I would repaint outdated things around the house, too. For example, instead of buying new hardware, I would spray paint an old doorknob or tarnished cabinet handles.

Simply Mumma_Lighting and Home Renovation on a Budget

Upgrade Your Lighting

Make the most of your large windows at home if you have them by opening your curtains or blinds. Let more natural light in to make your living space look big and bright.

The best thing is, you can do this without splurging on chandeliers and pendant lights. Plus, the sunlight can keep the home warm, especially during winter.

You can boost the effects by adding your freshly laundered curtains or brand-new blinds. I usually wait for sales to get new window treatments at the best price.

However, if your renovation budget allows it, I suggest investing in a dimmer switch. That way, you won’t need those floor and side lamps to set the mood.

Pick a Neutral Palette

Whether you are decorating or painting, I suggest going for neutral shades. Bold colours are great. But too much can make the room look dark and chaotic.

With a neutral backdrop, your space looks orderly, clean and welcoming. Greys, whites and browns also do not go out of style. They blend in with almost any furniture, fitting or appliance, too.

Once the stage is ready, you can use small accessories to add pops of colour. For instance, you can add brightly coloured cushions, rugs or runners.


Home renovation on a budget is possible when you have a goal and a plan of action. And it does not have to be anything big and expensive.

Don’t let a tight budget get you down. Keep things simple but attractive. Put cosmetic but effective changes together and give your house its much-needed makeover.