Saving money is not all about budgeting. It’s also about the things we choose to use in our everyday lives. And so, I made a list of reusable products that can help minimise your expenses.

Buy them once, and you’re good to go for several months or even years!

Reusable Products for Shopping

Grocery Bags

Does your favourite grocery store charge you for using plastic or brown paper bags? Most areas in the country also observe state-wide ban for this.

While this move aims to reduce household waste, bringing a reusable bag boosts cost savings, too. Some stores even offer small incentives for eco-friendly bag users.

I especially like those that you can fold or roll into a tight pack. But if you often visit your local farmer’s market, mesh string bags are better. These can stretch and hold a lot of weight.

A trolley bag that fits a grocery cart is another option. Whichever bag you choose, I recommend picking the type that will not tear easily.

Produce Bags

Forget about grabbing disposable plastic when buying fruits and vegetables. Instead, bring your stash of reusable produce bags the next time you visit the grocery store or farmer’s market.

These bags are long-lasting and machine-washable. Plus, they are perfect for keeping produce fresh for longer. And when you store food properly, that also means saving money.

If you want to keep your supplies organised, look for translucent bags that let you see what’s inside. Some even come with tags so you can colour-coordinate your fresh produce.

It’s like going green the Marie Kondo way!

Simply Mumma_Reusable Products for Shopping and Storage

Reusable Products for Food Prep and Storage

Water Bottles and Coffee Cups

Who needs bottled water when you can stay hydrated with a fancy-looking water bottle?

You can get them in clear or colourful plastic. But I prefer the more durable insulated ones that can keep my drink hot or cold for hours. You can get a matching insulated food jar, too.

Now, if you love coffee like me, having a reusable coffee cup will do your budget good. Cafés are even offering discounts when you bring your cup.

A KeepCup survey in 2021 also concluded that 59.9% of coffee drinkers use their reusable cups more than three times a week. This good news only means that reusing is now second nature for many of us.

Beeswax Wraps or Silicone Pouches

If foil and plastic wrap are often on your grocery list, swap them with reusable products like beeswax wraps. These will save money plus make your packed lunch look pretty!

You can check out the videos by Beeswax Wraps Australia to learn more about their uses. Resealable silicone snack bags are also an excellent alternative to Ziploc.

These bags are freezer-safe, dishwasher-friendly and microwaveable. You can use them for sous-vide cooking, too.

Your kids will surely love their healthy snacks in these colourful pouches.

Reusable Cutlery and Cloth Napkins

Eating with flimsy plastic cutlery spoils a good meal. So, rather than use these disposable products to skip dishwashing, opt for a reusable straw and cutlery.

These come in sustainable bamboo, stainless steel or silicone. The reusable cutlery set often includes a drawstring pouch for storage and a cleaning brush, too.

Slip it in your bag, so you can enjoy every bite, even when eating on the go. After eating, ditch your pack of paper napkins and clean up with washable cloth ones!

Mason or Glass Jars

Plastic food containers are excellent money savers. But if you want to save more, I suggest having a stash of glass jars.

I know. These jars are heavy and breakable. But if you take care of them, they will last for years, free from stains and odour. I like these reusable items as you can use them for cooking, pickling and canning, too.

Simply Mumma_Reusable Products for Dining and Food Prep

Permanent Coffee Filter

Here’s a money-saving swap to go with your coffee cup. If you’re skipping the café queue, you can always make your cuppa at home with a reusable coffee filter.

That way, you won’t have to buy paper filters anymore. And your freshly brewed coffee will taste better, too.

Just make sure to buy the right-sized reusable filter for your coffee maker. Also, follow the cleaning instructions to make it last longer.

Baking Liners

Do you love baking at home? Skip the baking aisle the next time you need more parchment paper, and use silicone liners instead. Silicone muffin cups and piping bags are also available.

Reusable baking mats come in various sizes to fit your baking trays. And with their non-stick surface, your baked goods should slide out easily.

The best part? Clean-up will be a cinch!

Reusable Products for Hygiene and Cleaning

Makeup Remover Pads

Are you still using disposable wipes or cotton to remove your lipstick and eyeliner? They may be inexpensive, but they still add up to cost and waste.

Using a reusable makeup remover pad is better for the environment and your budget. You can also buy similar reusable products like makeup eraser towels.

Looking chic doesn’t have to be expensive for sure! Check out my affordable fashion tips to learn more.

Cloth Pads and Menstrual Cups

Sanitary products like pads or tampons may not count as usual household items. But women at home still need them every month.

And compared with disposable feminine products, washable cloth pads are a better option. If you want to quit using pads and tampons, sustainable menstrual cups are also available.

Do you have babies at home? You can also save money from nappies by using cloth diapers.

Simply Mumma_Reusable Products for Hygiene and Cleaning

Spray Bottles

Reusable spray bottles are my all-around partner for house cleaning. You can skip a few store-bought chemicals and solutions with these at home.

These plastic bottles are perfect for my homemade deodoriser or bleach-based disinfectant. I use them for my DIY bug repellents, too.

Reusable Rags and Towels

Most of us would grab a roll of paper towels to clean up spills and mess. I guess it’s because these are easy to use and more familiar.

But buying single-use towels each month can be costly and wasteful. Reusable cloth is a more budget-friendly choice.

My favourite would be microfibre towels for kitchen and bathroom cleaning. I also use lovely tea towels for hand and dish drying.

Dryer Balls

There’s no need to buy dryer sheets and fabric softener when you have dryer balls at home. These typically come in plastic or wool and last for up to 5 years, depending on your laundry load.

With these nifty reusable products, your clothes will not clump in the dryer. They speed up drying time, too. These are also more space-efficient – perfect for tiny laundry rooms.

Try using some next time you wash your clothes.


These swaps may not instantly reel in savings as much as household cost reduction or water conservation.

But then again, any money-saving habit counts. And in the long run, these reusable items will help you save more and keep your budget on track. You get to reduce waste, too.

Need to ditch more single-use items at home? These zero-waste kitchen habits should do the trick!