Many parents will tell you how they hazily live with their newborns during their earliest days, live in isolation without sleep, invariably, “am I doing this right?” In those first few fevered weeks, the only thing that matters is to make sure the little one is OK.

How To Practice Self-Care As A Mother

When you’re a new mum, self-care is difficult, but it’s important too. Your needs for self-care are high, and you are busy with changes in newborn and life. Ironically, the most significant thing when you need self-care is when it is hardest to achieve! Here’s how you can become a mother in self-care.

●     Get acquainted.

Don’t let your busy schedule squeeze family and friends out of time. If weekly dates don’t happen, then at least try to schedule some time to connect regularly.

For example, make the first Friday night every month, or arrange a one Saturday morning-a-month coffee date with your friends.

Make it an objective to invite people to dinner at least once a month— and plan a pizza and a film with all the children, so you don’t feel the need for entertainment.

●     Please ask for help.

It can be tough for someone who is used to pleasing people. Guilt can crack in, but remember guilt’s purpose? And remind us of something we did wrong! It’s not wrong to ask people for help.

Acceptance of support gives others a chance to show their love for you. Let one of your friends drive a carpool or, when you’re sick, come and fold your laundry. Allow them to love you and your kids.

●     Have a quiet time.

Put down your phone. Telephones can be a great diversion, but also an anxiety and noise source. In another room, plug in your phone into the charger and leave for an hour.

If you feed your baby, concentrate on feeding your baby. Or let yourself dream. Enable your brain to relax for a while. Play trance songs or ocean waves and visual thunderstorms; whatever is soothing.

●     Give yourself a benefit.

It makes a big difference to have money set aside for you. Please include it in the budget. It is an act of love that makes you feel excellent to buy something beautiful for yourself.

It is far easier to say “yes” to fun activities, lunch dates, or evenings with friends if you have some money set aside for that specific purpose.

●      As a form of self-care, practice your hygiene routine.

Allow a morning or evening self-care time regularly. Sometimes you can’t get a shower, but you just don’t set aside the time. Make your day or night a part of essential self-care.

If you need to make a list to remember to wash the face and brush the teeth, make a list and post it close to your mirror in the bathroom.


Sometimes, we can’t take the time for self-care, but we don’t think it’s essential. But self-care is critical — for your baby and your health. Know that whatever you can do to improve your own mental and physical health has a positive effect on the well-being of your kid.